As September Ends…

I’d name this entry “Wake Me Up When September Ends”… but I’m holding onto that just in case something oddly specific happens with that song that’s worth writing about.

Ever since putting together my summer playlist and starting to figure the music I like to listen to during certain seasons, I’d been thinking of putting together more playlists.
I already have part of one together for a certain figure skater I love πŸ˜‰ but I’m not here today to talk about him.
Although he is a big reason why I was looking so forward to the end of September… it brings me closer to when I can watch figure skating whenever I feel like without it being completely out of season. I’ll watch “Ice Princess” (first time since I bought it ) on October 17 and I’ll find some of his junior performances to watch shortly after… it’s the perfect transition after watching all these junior grand prixes πŸ˜› and getting ready for the senior grand prix following week…

but first things first πŸ˜› I have some music to discuss.

I have my go-to albums, of course, for fall. Several, in fact. But I figured I’d go into which albums work with each month so I can start compiling a list of highlights for a potential mix CD.

September is the first month of the season. So much of it is spent reminiscing about summer, missing the season and saying goodbye.
I don’t know why, but country music kinda fits in the fall in my mind. Maybe because it’s the time of the harvest. And when there’s the harvest, there’s straw and pumpkins- therefore we have Halloween with scarecrows and jack-o-lanterns.
The only country I have with my music is Scotty McCreery, Carrie Underwood and of course Taylor Swift. Not that I need an excuse to listen to Taylor, but listening to her albums this time of year has been a tradition of mine since 2009- listening to “Fearless” on my way home from work in the dark with the end of daylight savings.
But I am getting ahead of myself… very much so… because daylight savings ends NOVEMBER 1ST… so I will be hanging with Taylor’s first album longer than I anticipated.

A solo discussion of that will be coming soon. The first time I’d listened to it in a couple years [focusing so much on the past several albums- plus her new releases], I realized how good she was even back then.
Not only did I want to go back to this album for reminiscing purposes, but I also remembered a lyric in the first song “Tim McGraw”

“I was right there beside him all summer long and then the time we woke up one day to find that summer gone.”
and talking about September seeing a month of tears.

Scotty McCreery’s first album I like to bring out for September because of “Out of Summertime”- talking about a summer fling between a boy and girl.

But honestly I spent most of the month listening between three albums because they were brand new… I couldn’t very well let them linger in storage because I tend to have a bad habit of letting new albums sit before I actually listen to them. And it’s hard for me to justify getting more music if I don’t know very well the ones I already have.

“Beneath the Skin” has a lot of the same nuances Of Monsters and Men brought to “My Head is An Animal”… but it feels like a darker record… there weren’t any standout singles like “Mountain Sound” or “Little Talks”… but it has its moments of making me smile.
It was also a good album to hang out with when I was feeling particularly angsty about stuff. I’m in a happy period right now where I’m pretty much smiling all the time- a lot of it while listening to music πŸ˜€ but early on… I was going through some personal stuff, but also finding some rather disappointing news- it was good therapy.

Alex Preston’s album will probably become another of my autumn albums simply because it has a great outdoorsy vibe to it- thanks to the fact he recorded it on a retreat in the middle of nowhere πŸ˜› it’s about a musician, his instrument and his craft… but because of the ups and downs of relationships discussed, it can’t work as a spring album- which is about creation, new love and renewal.
[Because I followed Alex during and after his “American Idol” journey- this is another album I will discuss on its own at a later time]

And of course the “Jersey Boys” soundtrack… one day, I’ll go through all the songs and opine about whether I prefer the remakes or the originals. The actor who played Frankie Valli… omg… the first time I heard him sing- I hadn’t been that head over heels for someone’s voice in a long time.
It’s just been good fun and I can’t wait to listen to again- hopefully tomorrow.

But I also have some very specific songs and albums I like to listen to in September- I went through both these past two days.

Daughtry’s album “Leave This Town” was one I listened to a lot a couple Septembers ago… it came into play after seeing Robert Pattinson’s movie “Remember Me”- which ends with him dying in the Twin Towers on 9/11… as well as “New Moon” where Edward leaves Bella.
Several songs just reminded me of scenes from the book/movie.
“Everytime you turn around”- Jacob telling Bella that she can count on him not to let her down like Edward did.
“Ghost of me”- Bella having a nightmare and Edward reassuring her that everything will be okay and he won’t leave her again.

And “Open Up Your Eyes”- the lyrics hint at something entirely different- about moving on and being stronger after an abusive relationship ends with the death of the boyfriend… but when I listen to it, I think of Tyler Hawking’s girlfriend being at his funeral and struggling to move on without him.
This year, after watching “Remember Me” for the first time since 2010, I played that song… as well as watched Depeche Mode’s video of them performing “Enjoy the Silence” on the Twin Towers.

Yesterday was the first time I listened to the singles: “No Surprise” and “Life After You” in several years… with Daughtry, I typically am not crazy about their singles- at least not as much as I am about other songs on their albums that never make the radio. And I really got into both of them.
“No Surprise” was the one song I remembered listening to several Septembers ago… one of the worst days of my life… so it’s very poignant and touchy for me, but I still love it so much.

Lastly- there’s a song called “September” on the album so listening through it is kind of a must… and no it is not a cover of the song by Earth Wind and Fire.

Then today I listened to “American Idiot”… and it was interesting to say the least…
maybe it’s because I’m incensed at Green Day slamming W and the conservatives (particularly at a time where I want a Republican running our country again)… or it’s because I’m too happy to really get behind the rebellion in the lyrics the way I once did.
Mind you, I still have my favorites that I enjoy no matter what’s going on.
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and I have history… when I was lonely in college and still didn’t have many friends… it summarized how I felt.
I enjoy the “Whatshername” story arc because they’re part of a massive list of songs that is inspiring the girl power story I’d been writing since 2012.

Then of course the song I had to listen to today… I wish I had listened to “Wake Me Up When September Ends” more than just now πŸ˜› because I was really getting into it… now it’s kinda pointless to bring it back out of again because September ends in less than 3 hours from now.
… maybe it is time to take this album off my iPod… it’s always been a fixture there, but now I feel like I’m better off with just my favorites- and just putting the rest back on for this month.

So in summary… here are some of my September songs…

Out of summertime- Scotty McCreery
Enjoy the Silence- Depeche Mode [9/11]
Open Up your eyes- Daughtry [9/11]
Ghost of me- Daughtry
September- Daughtry [“In the middle of September… reflecting on how things could have been, it was worth it in the end”]
No Surprise- Daughtry [Sept 21st]
Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Tim McGraw- Taylor Swift
Wake Me Up When September Ends- Green Day [Sept 30th]

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