That one time Prince answered me on Twitter…

Before anyone scrolls too far, I am not including the actual tweet Prince sent me on this post.
Thanks to notifications, his “mention” of me wound up on my inbox before he could delete it from his page. You’re just going to have to take my word for it… or not.

Starting around 4pm yesterday, Prince went on a Twitter spree where he was tweeting, his followers [on Twitter and/or of his career] were sending him questions and he answered a bunch of them.
He was doing this to kill time before the LiveStream at Tidal began. As well as, according to one exchange, making us smile and laugh. There were several great reactions to his tweets and he had a couple that made me literally Laugh Out Loud.

The funniest- somebody asked him to stop tweeting so they could go to bed. Prince’s response moments later was something like “wait a minute! it’s only 4pm!”
It was almost like an exchange Christopher Tracy and Tricky would have if “Under the Cherry Moon” took place in 2015.

I started thinking maybe I should tweet him a question or something and maybe he’ll respond :shrug: it took me a good 10 minutes before I came up with what he deemed to be a good question– obviously because he responded to it.

I asked whether he discovered Judith Hill (his newest protégé) while watching “The Voice” or the Oscar-winning back-up singer documentary “20 Feet from Stardom.”
His response to me: neither- it was an interview.

Considering the George Lopez interview where Prince talked about watching “American Idol” with Espranza Spalding, I doubted he’d have found about her on “The Voice”… but I can’t help but hope that he saw what I did. That she was uber talented and she went home way too soon (top 8- as much as I loved Cassadee Pope that season, Judith deserved to make it to the finale and/or win).
And “20 Feet from Stardom” I figured he was more likely to see her in (and I just found so I’ll have finished it by the time anyone reads this post).

Prince has so many personas, both in his music and in real life, it’s hard to know which one is real. But I couldn’t help but think about his appearance on “New Girl” where Jess said “I think Prince is magic” after she knew all the words to their duet “FallInLove2Night”…
I wondered to him if he loved all of his albums or if he regretted any of them [which I sincerely hoped he didn’t, especially since there’s the chance he could regret one I personally love].
But the “magic” happened when I tweeted something he was willing to answer- like he compelled me to ask the right question, something he was interested in.
And if there’s one thing I know about Prince, he loves promoting his protégés and currently he is very avid about Judith Hill with her album “Back in Time” just coming out.

The unfortunate thing is that so many of Prince’s protégés have vanished over the years… I mean, what happened to Tamar? He was very into promoting her back in 2006- to the point he had her do one of her songs on GMA.
Judith Hill is too good to fall by the wayside just because Prince loses interest in promoting her anymore.

But seriously, after Prince answered me on Twitter… it wasn’t like it’s been with other Twitter notifications I’ve gotten from people I admire. There was no fangirling. I felt like my mind imploded because I could not think for a good half hour afterwards… and I just felt so lucky and blessed to be among those people he interacted with.

Even if he treats Twitter like SnapChat and he deleted all his tweets within seconds of posting them… I have my own proof that it happened. And it’s visual proof that I’m only sharing with a handful of people. Out of respect.
Plus, if I posted it here on the blog I began because of him, I don’t want his people to approach me and demand I take it down or, worse, take down my blog altogether. All 8 years of it- with 100’s of entries dedicated to him and his music.

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