Evgeni Plushenko’s 14th surgery [nerve hernia in neck]


It’s been a long two weeks, but I finally feel comfortable with writing this post.

I’d been away from Facebook for a while. Half because I’m sick of politics. But half because of him. I’d been worried out of my head about him since he skated at Warsaw for a “Tribute to Chopin” and there was rumor of him skating “slightly injured.” I had no idea what this injury was, I feared it was the disk in his back that caused him to postpone this last season of competition. That maybe he’ll need to have another disk replace with a plastic one and it’ll be the situation that had him withdraw from Sochi all over again.
There were also rumors of a surgery on the 27th of this month.

I’m not sure if these injuries were one in the same. On the forum, he indicated in an interview that this pain forced his postponement of competing. So I’m hoping that this will take care of that particular problem…

All the news explaining the situation finally spilled out yesterday- marking 2 years and 1 month since his withdrawal at Sochi.
And to add to the irony, Russianpod101.com sent me a link about a list of ailments in Russian.

I’d tweeted about all this plenty over the past couple weeks, but I didn’t want to write a post or go on Facebook until I had all the information. Especially I was worrying over nothing- which I tend to do- on Facebook, I said something like “my Evgeni Plushenko brand of paranoia”- which I thought I was having today when it could just have been a gut feeling that the surgery would take place today.

Reading from this link and the forum, it’s astonishing that Plushenko had felt this pain for a while and went to all these shows on painkillers. I know he had done that leading up to the Euros in Zagreb when his back was troubling him.
But I can’t say I’m too surprised. For a bunch of these event, it sounded like he really wanted to attend. Not just because they were important events for him personally (Mishin’s Jubilee ESPECIALLY), but he didn’t want to disappoint his fans. His dedication to them is so admirable.
Even though he has yet to come to America since I’d become a fan, I consider myself lucky to be in his army of fans.

I want to say I’ve made three friends on Twitter through our mutual love of him and his skating. We like/RT/reply to each other’s tweets and maybe it’s not the same as being actual friends.
But it feels good to have at least have some people to talk with about him. I don’t often get that chance in my own life. (I’m afraid my family would think I talk about him too much- he’s not the first person I’d felt this passion and adoration about, although it is a different kind of love than I’d had for the others before him).

Except for 6 videos, I cleared out my queue on YouTube of the videos I had saved up from last summer.
I had hoped I’d have watched them all before his next surgery. But once I do clear them out, I’ll probably finish up with an exhibition from 2005 he did after coming off surgery… and from there, I won’t see him skate until he steps back onto the ice for the first time.
Which won’t be until mid-June at the earliest.
His doctor advised that he not go on the ice any earlier than 3 months from now. And no jumps until 5 months afterwards.

From the last surgery, he stepped on the ice 74 days afterwards. I know because I counted. [I counted the days when Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle shooting “Iron-Man 3”- it’s easy to remember 74 because RDJ’s recovery period was 47- same number with the digits reversed].
100 days was when he did his first triple toe loop- and he did it so effortlessly. my mouth still drops to think about it.

So it’ll probably be waiting the same length of time although a little bit longer… especially if he’s going to be careful about this.

Yesterday while watching some videos and mid-morning at work today, I felt moments of weakness. Not crying, but I felt like I was ready to come apart. Feelings of sadness, dread and panic. Thinking about worst case scenarios like whether he’ll skate again. I trust his doctor absolutely, He’s taken such good care of him up to this point and that’ll continue for sure 😉

I didn’t have these thoughts about his previous back surgery, mainly because the neck is a more precious part of the body that’s more connected to the rest of the body.

So you can see why I didn’t write this for a while- there were too many questions left unanswered. And I didn’t want to overreact and have to take some things back.

The moment I had at work- It probably wasn’t at the exact time he went into surgery, but I think I was just having a gut feeling that the surgery would be today. Even though he said he could be sometime this week… I just knew he would reveal more information today.

I’m glad to hear it went well. And I’m very impressed that he went with the option of surgery when he had an option not to. One interview he said he didn’t want to do “half measures.”
I agree with him. Considering all that’s at stake, he doesn’t have that luxury.

I admit I was also getting to a point where I wanted to tweet him, urging him to take time away from the ice to get himself checked out and go through whatever procedure he needs.
But maybe this whole time he was keeping it to himself (and Yana, of course) until he knew more himself.

When he announced not competing this season, I remember so many people telling him not to risk his health and to stop. I was on the opposite side of that. I was looking forward to him competing again. Much of waiting for next season was about that.

Now, my opinion is that I’d been so scared these past few weeks that I almost want to tell him to not try for these next Olympics. I don’t know if his body will make it another couple years- certainly not at the level the leading male skaters in the world are at now.

I still will keep asking for him to come to America so I can see him skate in person…
he has to know there are people like me here that care about him just as much as his hometown fans and his Japanese fangirls. hopefully we’ll have some strong skaters come from the US so there’d be more demand for tours and someone might include him.
I hoped maybe Johnny Weir would be able to help with that, but after reading his book and learning about his difficult history with our figure skating federation, it’s HIGHLY unlikely. It’s sad how they’d treated him. One of the greatest talents to come from my country.

But all that isn’t important now. I want him to just go through this process one day at a time and not rush it.
And I trust he will 😉 he was so good about it last time.

Meanwhile my Russian reading skills have improved so I saw I can read “broken Russian”- I understand quite a few words, but others I’m able to guess correctly what they mean. At least in articles about Plushenko.
And for me, that was a big part of why I started learning Russian in the first place 😉
The next step is improving my listening skills so I can understand more of what he says when he speaks.

I started making this yesterday before I got the news I’d been waiting for. So I’ll end my post on this note.
[I’d worn this necklace every day since March 2nd, when he had his 2nd back surgery. My hands are doing the heart and I did the Russian colors, text and pink heart on MS Paint]

Plushenko tribute for Twitter

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