Prince is writing a book!!

Well, technically a memoir…

I’m going to reserve most of my excitement until he actually releases the book and I am actually holding it in my hands… but right now I am super stoked. And considering I started this blog to talk about him and his music, it would be a missed opportunity [if not disrespectful to this blog’s point of origin].

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES was trending on Twitter yesterday, so I had to click to determine whether it was a reference to Prince. He is rarely referenced on Twitter at all, so you never know.
And for once, it had everything to do with him.

It’s funny… the book is coming out next year. That’s my 10-year fan-iversary of him and his music, so it’s kind of a big deal. I’ll probably do all kinds of crazy cool blogging to commemorate that. Revisit all the albums I own by him with fresh ears and do whatever it is that I do 😛

And a couple months after having this blog and doing my thing with it, I had a moment of agitation. There were NO books about Prince at the bookstores. I loved hearing fan stories and so on, getting advice on what albums to get, discussing the music with them because they’ve known him longer than I have.
But I love reading about people too, so I felt like the book market was terribly lacking.

“Let’s Go Crazy,” which I found last year, was a great way to tide me over for something like this. It talked about making the movie Purple Rain, but also had quotes from Prince and all these people associated with him.

There’s nothing like hearing it from the man himself. His music is out of this world, but he is fascinating and transfixing to listen to. [That’s why my fellow Purple Knight and probably many of Prince’s female following are clamoring for Prince to narrate the audiobook edition… if so I probably wouldn’t mind that either, although I could probably hear his voice in my head while I read the book myself… ]

It’s been a long time since I brought this up in this blog. But when I was groaning about the lacking book mark, I set off to write a book about Prince’s music where I would talk about stories fans have told about what inspired him to write them, and also my own interpretation.
Mainly, I was writing it for the regular music fan. Or people that just didn’t get Prince and I wanted to make him more accessible to them.

But when Prince himself is going to have a book in this market, why even bother trying, right?
Nobody does Prince better than Prince does.

Had I started writing this earlier, this could have been my Julie & Julia project. I could have gotten the albums, talked about that process and made it all into a book.
It wasn’t so much about just trying to get my name out there as a writer. I really wanted people to “get” Prince and for people to really appreciate him and give him all the credit he deserves. In the music industry, he is overlooked WAY too much. I had good intentions for this.

Honestly, Prince, if you read this, I would love to show you some of what I wrote. And you can tell me I’m reaching and it’s complete garbage what I wrote. I don’t care.

I’ve had this blog for nearly 10 years. It’s massive and it’s covered so many different things I love and care about. But it started with Prince and my love for his music. That’s never going to change.

Perhaps the most shocking thing… I’ve written in length about Prince on so many occasions.
Yet this is one of the shortest posts I’ve ever done… Prince is writing a book and it’s going to be awesome. Not much left to say after that.

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