Edvin Marton’s Prince of the Violin PBS special

Edvin posted this on his Facebook page on Monday. And considering my schedule with work and all the other shows I have to catch up on during the week [due to scheduling conflicts on Monday and Tuesday nights], I had a feeling I wouldn’t get around to watching it until the weekend.

And this was definitely worth the wait.
At the end of the video, it said copyrighted 2014. And I’m asking myself how the hell I missed this when it aired that particular year.
I mean, that was the year I found Evgeni Plushenko again and by extension, I discovered Edvin’s amazing music.
The short answer: I wasn’t looking for him on TV. I never expected it. And I follow him on Twitter- maybe I missed when he tweeted about it? I don’t know.

The point is that I found it now. It’s on his YouTube channel. Check it out.

He had a set of maybe 10 songs and it’s a 37 minute video.
[Might be out of order]

Love Story
Tosca Fantasy
Romeo & Juliet
Sky in Motion
Summer Dance

If this is the first impression anyone can have of this man, you probably couldn’t ask for better.

Probably the coolest part other than recognizing most of the songs was the fact Edvin brought guest performers for some of his songs.
For Love Story, he brought a Hungarian prima ballerina.
For Romeo & Juliet, he had a romantic pair playing the title roles.
Then for his 2nd to last number, he had two pairs of cha-cha dancers.

It gives the music an extra dimension, having the added visuals.

I had hoped that he’d have “Grandioso” somewhere. I have a lot of favorite songs from him, but that’s up there for me. It has dimension, but also a great melody. It feels like home. A baseline of what to expect from the catalog of his music. Great way to start it.

“Love Story” I’m not as crazy about. It’s just okay, nothing really special. But having the prima ballerina as accompaniment added a lot to it- adds a dimension of beauty.

“Fireworks” is one of my favorites off the album I have. Before he performed it, he said that he wrote it for a big celebration. Behind him on the screen- of course- they had fireworks.
But it sounds a little different than you would expect with that title. The violin oscillates beautifully, playing a combination of slow and fast notes to create a beautiful melody. It repeats throughout and I almost never want it to end. I find it mesmerizing like much of his music.

I played this while we were dying eggs so I went back and forth between watching and doing the eggs.

When he gave his introduction for “Tosca Fantasy,” of course I was really excited.
Excluding “The Best of Plushenko” (which is a compilation of Edvin’s arrangements for his past programs), this was my first time hearing his music. The combination of Plushenko skating to his music with him on the ice performing it with him… it was a really special moment.

I became entranced from the first notes and I literally couldn’t get up from my seat until it finished…
my only other thought was seeing the footage of Plushenko skating on the screen- I had a quick outburst of emotion and I had to pull myself back in.
I know I have the option to watch him whenever I feel like (thanks to YouTube and the videos I saved to make my montages)… but while he is unable to skate, still recovering from his latest surgery, it doesn’t feel right.
Not to mention the few times I’d seen him since [his final performance and archive footage alongside footage of him at the hospital], I’d near cried.
It’s not as if he’ll never skate again. But it’s hard… I can’t imagine how he feels, being away from his favorite place in the world.

Moving on…
when “Fanatico” started, I knew that I recognized it. I have it on my iPod. But it took me a while before it became clear. He shot a music video where he’s performing this on the Great Wall of China. Really impressive to watch. This song has three distinct parts to it. A dramatic portion, the beautiful melodic chorus, and a bridge where there’s a lot of fast violin playing.
Listening to this takes me into the stratosphere.
It was among my first iTunes purchases, so obviously I was very much in love with it. Still am.

“Romeo & Juliet” got a little extra time than it got on the album- which was nice. He dedicated it to all the lovers. It’s a beautiful classic piece and this time, he had the accompaniment of a man and woman doing a pas de deux- a ballet duet.

“Majestic” is from the new album he’s releasing. I was in the other room dying eggs, so it wasn’t quite as memorable. The background had a lot of green sparkles and lights.

“Sky in Motion” he said he wrote while looking at the night’s sky.
It’s also from his new album. And it may be my new favorite.
Edvin likes to say that when he plays, he likes to take his audience on a journey. He takes them to his world. I was definitely there during this and it was, again, I’ll use the word beautiful. A beautiful place. Of infinite possibility. I could lay under these stars forever.

“Summer Dance” was cool and fun to watch with all the Latin dancers performing with him.
And I swear the bridge sounded like the bridge from “Ibiza”- behind “Tosca Fantasy,” my favorite track from his Stradivarius album.
It had some latin flavors to it.

I thought maybe it would be last, but there was one more song. “Apocalypse” by comparison was a little disappointing.
It’s very dramatic as if it was building up to something, but that something never came. Not for me anyway.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this special.
And it was cool that my folks got to see a little of Edvin and what he can do.

I hope soon to be able to write about his Stradivarius album. I like many of the songs on it. There are at least two that I don’t like at all. But considering there are 18 tracks, that’s pretty impressive.
Listening to it in my car has been a blast, but I don’t do it often. I’m afraid if I overdo it, the magic will go away.

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