R.I.P. Prince – Take 1- Live 4 Love

I couldn’t even type those first two words in sequence… I had to cut “R.I.P.” out, type his name and paste it back in.

Wow- I didn’t think I’d be doing this entry for another 10 years or so, but I thought I’d give my 2 cents on the situation before I read what everyone else had to say.
I’ll probably write Take 2 over the weekend. I have work tomorrow and I’ll give myself over to mourning when it’s all over.

I got out of work. Turned on the car. It was 3:11pm. The end of “Little Red Corvette” was playing. And I’m thinking “that’s strange” because at this time of day on this station, they play the top 3 most requested songs on their website. I don’t even think to celebrate (cuz they don’t play him very much on the radio no matter the station). I just thought that there could only be one explanation for this and I quickly checked my phone. Two of my friends had texted me their condolences. Then after the song ended, the DJ confirmed it for me and proceeded to play “1999”, a couple of sound bites from celebrities (Chaka Khan is the only one I remember right now) and did the traffic report. And I did have some traffic to contend with today, but that was fine.

Funny thing is: I brought a couple of his albums with me this morning. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to listen to, so I brought DIAMONDS & PEARLS and THE GOLD EXPERIENCE. I went with the former because “Thunder” was coming to my mind sporadically and I hadn’t heard it in a longer time.

Strange thing is: I’m not crying yet. [And I’d been crying a lot lately over stupid TV stuff- but I still had every right to be sad about “American Idol”- make no mistake about that].
I think because it hasn’t completely sunken in. It’s strangely surreal. And as is always the case with Prince and this blog he inspired me to create, there are a million thoughts in my head.
And I’m not sad about all of the things I never got to do when he was alive. I’m not sad that I never saw him in concert. I mean, I complain every once in a while that he never keeps a normal touring schedule and the last time he was anywhere near me was 2010- and I don’t think I even had a way of getting to Madison Square Garden or the Metlife stadium. It wasn’t meant to be and I accept that :shrug: There’s no use in bringing myself down about it when there’s no way to remedy it anymore.

I’m really looking forward to everyone paying tribute to him. Getting the opportunity to talk about him with people. Maybe even mentally poke fun at all the people who have LOTS of catching up to do with his music.

Scary thing is: this happened almost 7 years after Michael Jackson died. That was also a Thursday and I didn’t find out until I got out of work. It was 3:11 on the clock on the 21st day on the month. Prince has an affiliation with the #7- add the time together and take that with 21- both are divisible by 7.
And I think that’s all I have.
I realized on the way home that we just lost David Bowie- so it’s two musical geniuses in the same year. Both that I hope will be appreciated every much after their deaths. And I also realized, shockingly, that this was a few months after Vanity died.

So in addition to the flu that Prince had been dealing with, I wonder if he also died of a broken heart. He’d paid tribute to her at the first concert he did after getting the news. He’d loved many women, but I wonder if she was his first love and he never got over her. Who knows? I’d like to think it’s something like that.
And if him being a Jehovah’s Witness had any involvement- apparently it’s against that religion to have a blood transfusion. So maybe some other medical measures aren’t allowed by it either.

When they start doing the tributes on the news and such… I don’t know what I’m gonna go do. I think then I’ll start to lose it a bit…

Good thing I was already sitting down in my car- otherwise I think I would have fallen to my knees and wouldn’t have been able to get up.
My dad just left for a trip this morning- if he was still here, I think he would have called or texted me or been there to console me when I walked in the door. As far as I know, my mom has no idea and I wasn’t going to bring it up because I don’t think I could say it.

When I go back to Facebook and Twitter, I’ll reach out to all the associated artists I’m friends with or follow and say I’m sorry for their loss. No matter how they fell out of touch with Prince, I’m sure they’re hurting and missing him right now.

I wondered also if this will also affect whether or not Prince’s autobiography gets released. I think I heard he already had a lot written, like 50 pages or so, so I’m not super concerned right now that it’s never going to happen. I wonder what’ll happen to the contents of his vaults and hopefully they’ll be respected and released in some sort of fashion. More emphasis on the respected part. I don’t care too much if we never see the remastered version of the Purple Rain album. I’ll put it under the category of “It would be nice, but…”

I’d hoped when I started writing “The Word”- which is a book I’d been writing about going through his albums, discussing them and such- that I’d have finished it before this happened.
Now it’ll probably get lost in the shuffle of all the books and tell-all memoirs I’m sure will be released by people who worked with him.

But I’m sure I’ll be able to write it as I always have with this news not affecting it whatsoever.

Although I will note in the DIAMONDS AND PEARLS chapter that it was the album I had in my car- and I cranked up the volume (maybe a little too high, lol) when “Live 4 Love” came on. Firstly because it is one of my favorites on the album. But also because it has such a great message. Hence the reason that it’s in the title of this blog post.

I hope I’ll be able to make a pilgrimage to Minneapolis in the next year or two. If only to leave flowers in front of First Avenue. I have more a reason to go now. It’s just figuring out a time for it.

I had one more thought in my head, but somehow it’s escaped me…

The tributes from me- there will be plenty.
I’ll do a blog post for all the people who’re running out to catch up on his music. I’ll give a few recommendations. Or I’ll just list the albums I have and give reasons for and against them.
I’ll probably do a vlog on my YouTube channel. I don’t know yet if it’d be okay to sing one of his songs- I’ve wanted to do one for “Dark”- I love the way my voice sounds on it.

So far they hadn’t mentioned it on the news station and I don’t know the cause of death yet :shrug:
I already gave my theories.

…Prince- I hope you’re seeing the Dawn now- and I’m sure it is beautiful…


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One Response to R.I.P. Prince – Take 1- Live 4 Love

  1. Jens Lyon says:

    Prince’s music was such a huge part of my teen years. I was in 8th grade when 1999 came out. Then Purple Rain came out the summer between 9th and 10th grades. Prince was the one artist that EVERYONE in my high school liked.

    So sad… 😦

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