6 weeks since we lost Prince… now we know why… I think

I thought about this a couple times this week and almost said it out loud…
It’s like the news world stopped caring about Prince. There’d been no developments about his estate or the vault or what happened to him in weeks. So I’ve had moments of cynicism and I’ve had moments of blatant ignorance.

After weeks of speculation, I finally stopped watching the news and the entertainment follow-ups. And I thought maybe I missed the autopsy results along the way. And maybe I was better off not knowing.

It finally came out today. Per the Associated Press, it was “opioid overdose.”
[And after TMZ became the first news source to break the news of his passing, I’m literally questioning the legitimacy of every single news source… but I have good reason to believe this is legit].

I’d had some time to sit with the speculation and all the conversations and such and it’s taken time to sink in. There are some days I wake and still feel that he never left. Then I come back down to Earth and it sucks. I’d never even been in the same state as Prince at any given time and he had been off my radar for weeks before the “emergency landing” story broke. But there are days where I think to myself that I really don’t want to live in a world without Prince. So I cope by having his music in my car or I rush to grab my iPod. He’s always nearby.

But anyway on this particular news item… I can’t be mad at Prince. When I go back into his music and see pictures of him on my Facebook newsfeed, I still adore him and I recognize that I was legitimately in love with him.

However I am mad at all the media outlets and all the people that are doing Michael Jackson comparisons or writing him off before anything concrete came forward. As if they all decided it was death by drugs because that’s what happens to EVERY rock star that dies before their time.
I’m not saying I’m an expert on Prince- far from it. But I know more about him than the people doing the speculating.
There was no indication of drug use. He did all these appearances and concerts and never missed a beat.

Then there’s the fact that whatever drugs they found… they were prescribed. Perhaps over-prescribed.
But my view remains that this was the foregone conclusion if this hip injury really was as debilitating as it sounds. Either he used prescription meds to treat it or he disavowed himself of his religion [Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot accept blood transfusions] and finally got the necessary surgery to fix it.
He’d always been serious about religion and his spirituality. But it got ultra serious after he lost his son with Mayte. After that, he sought out spiritual guidance, which led him to bond with Larry Graham from Sly & the Family Stone, which led him to become a Jehovah’s Witness, which led to where we are now.
I can’t fault him for this.
But I can fault the people spouting negativity, acting as if an overdose makes him a bad guy, that it erases all the good he’s done in his life.

In the end, I can still make sense of all this and I can live with it. The negativity I can tune out and I can focus on the positives.
My attitude is the only one that matters here.

And in the grand scheme of things, what more could Prince have done to make a difference in this world? Of course I’d miss the anticipation of running out to the store to buy his new album and I will miss the fact I never saw him perform in person. [It’s a big reason I’m going to see Hall & Oates in a couple weeks- I’m not missing another opportunity to see someone in concert that I really like listening to and those guys are in their 60’s].
But it seems as if the world’s completely moved on without him and only crazy fanboys and fangirls like me care about what he’d do next. God has a plan and, even though it’s incomprehensible at times, I can understand why now he decided to take Prince back home with him.

I just hope his legacy only shines brighter and it isn’t brought down by adversity.

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2 Responses to 6 weeks since we lost Prince… now we know why… I think

  1. He wasn’t of the same pathetic ilk as Michael or Whitney, that’s why this blows… 💔😢

    • Jackie says:

      Agreed… I had my own theories about what happened to him [it was anything BUT this] and I wasn’t going to believe anything until the official reports came out. As much as I can make peace with it, it still hurts and probably will for a long time.

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