The Magic in Courchevel [Plushenko skates again]

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June 20 2016
-98 days after surgery

This certainly wouldn’t be the first time Evgeni has distracted me during the summer months- where my mind should be anywhere but the ice rink.
But today is the FIRST OFFICIAL day of summer.
Первый дне лета!

But yeah, I had been waiting for this day to come for some time. And by the time I actually stopped counting the days, I’d been active in my own life that I had been in a long time.
I have somewhat of a bad habit of “living through” other people. Although in Plushenko’s case, I was not happy in my own life, so I gave all my focus to him. Especially since he was in the midst of a difficult time. Why be so down on myself and be negative when I can focus on my energy on something positive?

Anyway, this is amazing news. I’d say it was an unexpected pleasure, but I’d been following his recovery closely on Twitter so I knew this day was coming.

Just a side-note, though. I thought the doctor said no jumps until July- which is technically still 10 days away.
Yet he is- not just doing a single triple toe loop as he did 2 years ago around this time.
But a triple-triple combination… and he makes it look SO easy. No other skater in the world can bounce back the way he can.

No doubt, this is God-given talent and this is what he’s meant to be doing.

Whether or not he’ll compete is up in the air. Even though he wasn’t ready to skate for months, that didn’t stop him from booking dozens of shows. Shows that will conflict with major competitions.
Cup of Russia is HIGHLY doubtful at this point, although after Adelina was entered late for last season, I don’t want to rule out the possibility.

Russian Nationals on the other hand he would need to be at in order to compete at Europeans and Worlds. Just because he is the legendary Evgeni Plushenko doesn’t mean he would be automatically allowed to usurp other skaters who actually competed and put the work in 😛
I know of 2-3 male Russian skaters that are worthy of the opportunity- Mikhail Kolyada (4th place in worlds), Adian Pitkeev (2nd place in Cup of Russia) and Sergei Voronov (ok, I don’t know off the top of my head if he placed well in any major competitions in the last two years… but he has all the skill and artistry Russia needs).

But really, anyone but Maxim Kovtun will do, I’m sorry to say. He’s barely consistent with quads and his artistry is severely lacking.
He needs to work with someone like Stefane Lambiel or Misha Ge… and better soon rather than later.

Side-note: maybe I know a little too much about the male Russian skaters… I don’t have this much knowledge about the guys in my own country. Ok, I do, but I’m not as quick to retrieve that knowledge from my brain 😛
I hope at least that Joshua Farris is able to make a comeback. He has everything I want in a skater, but he missed last season completely because of a concussion he sustained in practice.
Max Aaron, I’m excited to see more of. Jeremy Abbott, I don’t know whether or not he’s coming back at all, but I’m ready for it if he is. Jason Brown, one of the best artists in the skating world, but his inability to do quads (he has attempted but his body has sustained injuries that may be suggesting it’s best if he doesn’t if he wants to stay healthy).
Then of course there’s Nathan Chen, who I really hope will be able to come back from yet another injury and show the American skating federation that he deserves just as much support as the veteran skaters.

Ok, that’s all for now 😛 I’d been away from the skating world for a long time. Since mid-April.
But it seems that my knowledge of my favorite athletes in the sport hasn’t.

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