My Favorite Pokémon and Beating Crystal with Eeveelutions

While everyone has been catching the bug known as “Pokémon Go,” I still prefer playing the games the old fashioned way… although to be fair, I haven’t played them on a GameBoy anything in at least a decade.
Funny story: someone from sent me a link to demand an emulator on my computer, so I can play all the games up until FireRed and LeafGreen. He offered this to me so we could battle across the Internet.
Regrettably, I never took him up on that offer.

After their videos had been filling my “recommended” section on my YouTube homepage, I started binging on top 10 and top 5 lists relating to this series of games. Favorite types of Pokémon, legendaries, as well as what the best starters were for each game.
It gets addicting after a while.

But I started thinking about putting together a list of my personal favorites. Over the three generations I’m familiar with, I managed to compile a list of 23.
And nearly all of them are Pokémon I’ve used for my games 😛 go figure.

It’s just like what Karen from the Elite Four says:
“Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites.”

I didn’t realize until after beating a 2nd time in my latest game of Crystal how true that fits me.
Every now and then, I try to stretch myself and use Pokémon I don’t usually use.
but of course I’ll always have my personal favorites.
Most of which are thanks to the animated series. That’s where I encountered many of these guys for the first time.

What I should do is a list of my favorites and later I’ll do a list of my favorites by typing, which also will include legendaries.

But first I’ll go into my latest game of Crystal. In hindsight, I wish I had taken notes as I played the way I did when I played Sapphire with an all-water team.
Misty may be my least favorite protagonist, but she might be onto something with her specialty of water types. If you work with dual-typing, you can assemble a team that can take on anything.
Although the true test of this theory- playing through Emerald and beating super boss Steven (who was the original Champion in Ruby & Sapphire).

But after discovering that certain trainers will give you elemental stones if you trade phone numbers with them, I realized that I could easily have all the Eevee evolutions (hence “Eeveelutions”) on one team. I assembled them once long after I’d beaten the game.

This time, I had that plan from the beginning… and I most likely will never try it again because it is taxing to assemble this team.
In fact you’re wondering, I had all 5 evolved forms on my team alongside my starter Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium. (I always use my starter and that was the only conceivable choice- Cyndaquil and Totodile would soon be demoted by Flareon and Vaporeon).

This plan officially went into motion after getting to Ecruteak city. Once you hit the Pokémon center and meet Bill, go to his house in Goldenrod City where he gives you an Eevee.
I realized in my first ever-game of Silver, I would need to breed this Eevee with a Ditto to get an Egg, which hatches into a Level 5 Eevee.
There is no way I can evolve an Eevee by happiness in 16 levels (you get it from Bill at level 20 and it learns Psybeam at level 36).
Meanwhile, I swapped phone numbers with Schoolboy Alan, Lass Dana and Fisherman Tully, who dig up fire, thunder and water stones.
I got 4 eggs, put two in the PC and hatched two right away. Those two would become Flareon and Jolteon (I named them Blaze and Volts).
I made a bit of a mistake by having a bunch of friendship evolutions on my team, so I needed to get them evolved before I took on my final two eggs. [In this game, I had a Togepi, Cleffa that hatched from the Daycare man’s egg, and a Zubat I wanted to be a Crobat… haha, I nicknamed it BruceWayne. Which would have been really cool if it didn’t not learn wing attack until level 30].

Once that was done, I hatched my last two Eevee eggs and raised them little by little until they evolved. Both were ready at level 28, but because I wanted them to learn Bite, I didn’t let them evolve into Espeon and Umbreon until level 30. Funny thing was all my Eevees that hatched were male until the very last one. She became an Espeon. I decided early on to nickname them Yin & Yang… just because, c’mon 😛 I couldn’t resist.

And finally, the original Eevee I got from Bill- Hale became a Vaporeon. I feel a little bad that I left him with the daycare people until nearly level 30.
But in the end, he wound up becoming the MVP of my team. More on that later.

By the time I assembled my Eeveeultion team, I had everyone around level 30 and it was time to face Chuck. I’d gotten through the Olivine City lighthouse, but I wanted to have everyone leveled up to prepare for this next gym battle.
With my emulator, I found out while figuring whether I wanted the sound or to have it on mute that if I choose “off” for my sound- the game actually speeds up. I’d done this to treat faster to prepare for the Elite Four. (When I did this in my latest walkthrough of LeafGreen, my emulator froze and I had to close out of it entirely and re-enter so I could regain the function of my keys- so I really didn’t want to push my luck).
My overall gametime by the time I beat the Elite Four was around 43 hours- most of that was training in the routes between Ecruteak and Olivine City 😛

Once I had my whole team together, it was pretty much smooth sailing.

I did one other little thing before breeding my first Eevee- I taught it the Headbutt TM so all my Eevees would start with a move set of Tackle, Tail Whip and Headbutt.
Headbutt has a power of 70 with a chance of flinching. Couple that with the STAB (same type attack bonus), this was a huge plus for Yin and Yang before they evolved.

Pretty everyone had a moveset of Tackle, Headbutt, Quick Attack and some kind of special move to start.
Flareon and Jolteon of course learn their first special attacks at level 16. I also got my Fire and Thunder stones rather early, so I had those guys evolved almost as soon as I hatched them. I trained them level 25 before shelving them to take care of the remainder of my friendship evolutions.
Vaporeon I didn’t get for a little while- Tully the Fisherman was taking a while to find the water stone (and towards the end of the after game, he fished up a second that I could use to evolve my Poliwhirl that I used for the early part of the game).

The fact Flareon and Jolteon don’t learn their strongest moves until level 52 is a bit of a setback. Although I did okay against the Elite Four with just Ember and Thundershock.

So between level 30 and 36 everyone had the moveset of Bite (except Jolteon, who learns Double-Kick), Quick Attack, Headbutt and (insert special move).

Espeon had Swift (which I still have) and Umbreon had Confuse Ray (which had a good share of success). And Vaporeon had the Surf HM working for it.

When the first new Eevelutions were revealed, I loved Espeon’s design more and it always did really well on my team. A really great special attacker. I especially loved using it against other Psychic types with Bite.
Years ago, I bought a Gameshark and played around with finding random Pokémon you wouldn’t originally find in the wild. I got an Espeon and realized that it doesn’t learn Bite on its own. It can only learn it as an Eevee [in said experiment, I found wild Chikoritas, Mew, Celebi and Lugia at level 2… I never went anywhere with any of these. In fact, at one point, all my GSC cartridges lost battery life and are no longer able to save new games].

This time around, Espeon didn’t shine quite as much compared to some of the others. That isn’t to say it was bad. Others were just better.
Umbreon was amazing at taking damage, physical and special. And I loved using Confuse Ray whenever I was in a tight spot. (It was particularly helpful at Mt. Silver with the final boss fight against Snorlax). But it wasn’t as good at dealing damage. I have Bite and Faint Attack equipped because I couldn’t decide which attack dealt more damage. Both have the same power stat of 60, but they have different effects. One makes the foe flinch and the other has 100% accuracy. As the Pokétubers like to say, Umbreon is more of a wall.
I’m the kind of trainer who likes to hit first and hit strong. But I don’t mess around with Effort Values or breeding to get the best stats. I take whatever I get.

Jolteon and Flareon did really well at Pryce’s gym.

Amazingly, Flareon and Vaporeon took care of all of Jasmine’s Pokémon in one hit when they were only level 30. That was the easiest time I’d ever had with her.
I don’t know if I had a really strong Eevee or if Bill’s Eevee is already naturally strong or if the daycare people help a lot with stats… or Vaporeon is quite possibly one of the best Pokémon ever. It had amazing stats. Surf was really powerful, Aurora Beam combined with the NeverMeltIce did really well against Lance and it took a lot of hits.

But I also felt really guilty for relying so heavily on Vaporeon in that final battle. I kept using Hyper Potions when it got into the red. I didn’t have a back-up plan if it fainted 😛
That’s one of the big negatives of that generation- no Ice Beam TM. and no Thunderbolt TM. Jolteon could be tutored to learn Thunderbolt, but you need 4000 Game Corner coins to pay a move tutor and you can’t access it until AFTER the Elite Four in Crystal. Not exactly helpful.

And I felt guilty that Meganium didn’t get as much training as my Eeveeultions. They’re just so much fun to use. I barely used it during the Elite Four.

What I love about this particular generation- the Pokémon are great and I kinda like how Johto has more of an old style Japanese feel to it. Like it’s more historic. Whereas Kanto just feels more accessible since it’s the original region. (And to continue on, Hoen feels like an adventure to a far-off land. the Pokémon look so exotic and different there).
But I like that the Elite Four are the easiest of any game. I usually go to them with level 40 Pokémon and as long as I have type coverage, I do really well. Nothing to really sweat about. (With Kanto and Hoen, there’s more pressure involved- especially in Kanto. I lost BAD to Gary in my first-ever playthrough and the only reason I won the first time was thanks to the MissingNo rare candy cheat my friends uncovered… but I also level up my Pokémon really high before I go.
The last time around, I had the easiest I’d had since that first game with the cheat. Except my guys were level 55.
Anyone who’s curious, I had Charizard, Beedrill (a surprise MVP in the Elite Four), Wigglytuff, Gyarados, Kadabra and Primeape (the only one I didn’t think a name for- I still feel bad about that).)

As always, the fight against Red isn’t the easiest fight, but it certainly doable. I did well enough to beat him twice.
Snorlax took the longest time to take down and luckily both times he didn’t use Rest. Mostly relied on Body Slam and that didn’t go over well with Meganium. Mainly, I used Yin’s Confuse Ray, Meganium’s poisonpower and tried to whittle it down the best I could.
The second time around Blastoise was a little tough. It used Surf and beat Jolteon in one shot. Vaporeon would have been KO-d in two hits if I hadn’t used a potion. Bite was the only attack that could really do well, but I managed.
For Pikachu, I specifically taught Meganium Earthquake to take it out in 2 hits.
It’s good knowing that this is the only Pokémon he’ll use a Potion on. Otherwise the battle would have lasted longer.

Overall, it was a very fun walkthrough and I might still go back to this game and battle with my Eevees. Even if it means just beating the Elite Four, Lance and Red multiple times in a row.

Now to the point where I deal with my favorites…

23 was the number of Pokémon I wound up with for my favorites.
A great number are due to the roles they played in the show 😛 that’s where I met a lot of these guys for the first time.

I only know three generations, so that’s why there were so few that I became super attached to.

The funny thing is that whenever I play through the games, if I don’t have some kind of agenda in mind, I always play around with the same types of Pokémon.

my original team in my Blue game was Pikachu, Venusaur, Vaporeon, Articuno, Ninetales and Butterfree.
And up until Seafoam Island, I had a Pidgey that evolved into a Pidgeot.
So yeah… I also named my character Ash if anyone was wondering.
With the exception of Pokémon Yellow, I never modeled my team completely after his. But of course he was the one I had to go by. Misty and Brock had their specialties and Jessie and James just had Ekans, Koffing and Meowth.
Seeing them work in the TV series gave me a feel for how these Pokémon operated.

It’s kinda unfortunate, though, that Pikachu is kind of useless in the later portions of the game. Not just the last couple of gyms, but the Elite Four.
I could use it against Lorelei, but it couldn’t even stand up to Dewgong.
The only way I was able to use Pikachu for that fight was to evolve it. And the past few times I played through the game, I have evolved it. And I always kinda regret it.
I like Pikachu the way it looks at present. Nothing against Raichu. It’s more powerful, yes, but it’s hard to have the same feeling about it.

Butterfree was always one of my MVP’s for my team. I’d use it against Brock’s Geodude, but Bulbasaur usually went through both of them with no problem. A little move called Vine Whip.
I never understood why Vine Whip only has 10 PP. And why is Razor Leaf, the more powerful move, 25 PP? Where’s the logic in that?
I mean, we have Ember and Thundershock with 25 PP. Then Thunderbolt and Flamethrower have 15 PP. And Thunder has 10 and Fire Blast has 5.
But Butterfree was always handy between Sleep Powder and Confusion.
In my original game, I was so attached to Butterfree that I never put it in my PC. When I was trading with a friend, I refused to put it in my PC. All because Ash released his Butterfree 😛 sorry, I get attached.

Bulbasaur is great all around. I thought it was easily the best to start with because of type advantages. I grew to appreciate later on its dual typing. It takes normal damage against Poison and doesn’t get poisoned. But that also gives it more weakness to ground moves. When I found out few people liked Bulbasaur and preferred Charmander and Squirtle, my jaw dropped.
How can you not like Bulbasaur? Sure, it’s not as nice to look at in the later stages (not as sharp of Wartortle or Charizard… Charmeleon even), but it’s a strong typing with great attacks.

You could say that my first episode of the series ever was with Cassidy and Butch’s fake daycare center and Misty gave them her Psyduck to wipe off the doopy look on its face. But I stumbled across it.
An interesting story arc, particularly since Todd (aka- the protagonist of Pokémon Snap) was there.

But my first ever official episode- “Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village”…
There I got to meet all the main characters. Plus I saw Pikachu and Pidgeotto for the first time. Then there’s Bulbasaur. I didn’t have any idea that it was a starter Pokémon and seeing it in the wild was rare.
Right afterwards, they had “Charmander- the stray Pokémon”… we had to leave for something, so I stopped just before finding out what Charmander said to Pikachu. I also remember Ash saying “when I went to Professor Oak to get my first Pokémon, I was disappointed because I couldn’t get a Charmander. now I can catch my own”

For whatever reason, I’m not as fond of the water starters. Mudkip is the exception. But I didn’t really like Squirtle or Totodile outside of the TV series. They were cute, but in the game, I always preferred the others. Particularly Chikorita and Bulbasaur. I also like Cynadquil a lot, but I’m not as fond of the look of its final form, Typhlosion.

Not that the look of Venuaur deterred me from getting Bulbasaur.
Asethetically, Charmander wins that lottery. It’s so cute to start out, Charmeleon looks cool, and Charizard… yeah, wow.
but I think for the longest time I really didn’t like Charizard because it was such a pain in the TV series.
I’ll never get over the fact Ash lost to Richie all because Charizard refused to battle. That’s a stupid disqualification rule. In the game, the foe would just attack you until you die. To hell with whether the Pokémon obeys or not.

Vulpix, I loved from the TV series. So that was also part of why I got Blue as my first game. Vulpix was available in that edition. And of course Blue is my favorite color 😛
A great fire type. And when it evolves into Ninetales, it becomes even more powerful. Loved how strong Flamethrower was when I used it in my original game. I think in the special split, it got more special defense than offense. and I usually like having more offense.
I don’t get how in the show they said Fire Spin was its strongest attack.
Not even close… all Fire Spin does is hold you for a couple of turns and do continuous damage. And there’s the whole gen 1 issue where, like Wrap, if you got Wrapped up, you couldn’t move at all. I COMPLETELY forgot about that when some Pokétubers were complaining about it.

Honestly, I think I picked Vaporeon because I needed a water type. I just realized I needed a water type in my game and that was one of the best options. Visually very appealing.
And I loved giving it the Ice Beam TM in my game, even though I had another ice move user.
I don’t think I ever appreciated Vaporeon more than I did in my last game of Crystal. It came through for me so many times.

Articuno… I loved its design and I also needed an ice type for Lance of the Elite Four.
It was always frustrating to catch, of course, but it was always worth it.
The moveset isn’t great to start, but I’m usually okay with just Fly, Ice Beam, Blizzard and Peck. Ice beam is all I need really.
My favorite of the legendary birds until Lugia came along.

The reason I got Silver instead of Gold… Lugia- plain and simple.
I’d heard of Lugia from a friend, how it was the next great legendary.
Then I finally saw it for the first time in the movie 2000. First, I was thrown by the pronunciation of its name. The soft “g”. But that lasted all of a few seconds.
Then later it came back and started speaking.
Dan Green is an awesome voice actor, I tell you 😎 [and I keep forgetting… he didn’t voice Lugia. That was this guy Eric Rath who has very few credits to his name, voice acting and IRL]
that’s easily my favorite of the movies- I own the first 5 on DVD. Plus Mewtwo Returns, but on VHS. Not the best copy either.
Not just the storyline (Ash getting to be the real hero of the story), but also Lugia and its song and how strong and powerful he was. Just amazing.

The point of this rant- I had to use Lugia on my team. And I don’t think I’d ever caught it in anything but the master ball.
My first game of Silver, I think I caught it in the Master Ball right away. I didn’t want to fight it. I just wanted to have it on my team.
The only negative about Lugia- at least in the early games- it’s a Psychic/flying type that learns NO PSYCHIC ATTACKS. How can it be a Psychic type without learning any of those naturally?
I think it learns Extrasensory or something in SoulSilver, that generation.
But I always have the moveset Fly Psychic (from the TM) Recover and Aeroblast (because it used that attack in the movie- admittedly in its last moments before being defeated by that damn collector dude).

Even before I knew what it looked like, I just knew it was a flying type… I wrote it having a pivotal role in my fanfiction series. Which admittedly is just a fantasy.

Lugia’s still my favorite legendary, if only on nostalgia alone.

Looking at the three starters, Chikorita was the cutest and I didn’t care that it had the type disadvantage. I wanted to use it. And I loved how it learned Razor leaf at level 8. That’s such a strong move to learn so early.
The TV series only added to that love. Although I didn’t like the storyline of it being jealous of Pikachu- great that they were able to resolve that at one point, but I wanted to side with Pikachu. But looking at it from Nurse Joy’s perspective, I can understand why it felt as it did. Ash is so close with Pikachu that it seems like it doesn’t matter as much to him.
It’s a little surprising that it still liked him despite him putting it in gym battles where it had a clear type disadvantage. Faulkner and Bugsy. Just didn’t make sense. Not that I’m judging.
I also like that it learns Body Slam- a great physical move with chance of paralysis.

I don’t know if I saw Mareep first in the show or in the game. Either way, I wanted it from the first moment I saw it. So cute.
I nicknamed mine Fluffy- I think because the girl Mary named her Mareep Fluffy, but there’s always the fact… well, LOOK AT IT 😛 why not use that name?
That’s why in my original Silver game where I eventually trained everyone to level 100 (because I could), I never evolved it into Ampharos. The nickname loses all meaning after that. And it was never meant to be ironic the way Curly from the 3 stooges is.
Not the fastest Pokémon and it only learns Thundershock and Thunder. Although in a later run-through of Silver, I taught it Thunderpunch when it became a Flaafy.

I brought Vulpix back for my Silver team… but I never chose to evolve it into Ninetales. It did just as well on its own without the evolution. And it was always really handy in the Elite Four. Especially Koga.

Lapras was another water-type situation. I also needed and Ice type user. So I went to Union Cave on a Friday and got a Lapras. Maybe the strongest member of my team.

then there’s Espeon. Nothing against Umbreon. I just liked the look of Espeon better. And in my Silver game, it was such a great team member. I loved how strong it was with Psybeam.

Houndour was another I liked straight from the series. That was such a great episode.
I love when Ash goes out of his way to help a wild Pokémon- but of course I still wish he had captured one or one decided to join him the way Charmander and Squirtle had.
[I felt the same way about May and that Swablu- they developed such a bond yet she didn’t catch it? Why?]

Suicune I liked the moment I saw and I loved how it had a role to play in the movie with Celebi.
I never used it on my team- although I should in Crystal next time I play because it’s a guaranteed encounter.
Those roaming legendaries are a real pain.

Gen 3 aka the Hoen region- I have mixed feelings about.
I don’t have as much attachment to that generation and it doesn’t give me the same feel-good feeling as Kanto and Johto.
Maybe it has to do with the fact the show started to have some changes around that time. And I’m not talking about Misty leaving the series. I’d been dying for a new female traveling companion since, I don’t know, she became a character I just didn’t like. Maybe I am a little unfair in that. I mean, my one reason for disliking her was every time she was mean to Ash.
I realize some of it is for comic relief and yeah anyone would be frustrated with some of the mistakes he makes. But it’s all a learning experience. Oddly enough, his personality never changed. He still makes mistakes, but remains determined, happy-go-lucky and confident.
I don’t know why I had such a problem with Misty yet I was always on Helga’s side despite how mean she is to Arnold. Maybe because her hiding her feelings was part of her reasoning.
I just know I went crazy when I heard rumors of Misty liking Ash.

Hoen region…
the Pokémon designs have less nostalgia attached to them for me, but they were more creative and even more impressive looking.
Not so much the legendaries. I didn’t really care for the Regitrio. Heck, most of the time, I don’t bother going around catching them. They’re no legendary birds. Kyrogue was kinda cool. Groudon and Rayquaza, they’re strong, but I never used them. People say they don’t like to use legendaries on run-throughs. I like to do that sometimes, but just never felt up for in this generation. Kyrogue, I had used a couple times, but I don’t think in the Elite Four challenge… except for when I had my all-water team run-through.

Now back to the positives.

Based on design alone, I liked Torchic of the three starters. I started with it and found out that it evolved into a part fighting type. Which was interesting. This was the first time in a game where the starters changed typing when they evolved.
It’s hard to deny how cool Blaziken was. The whole design of it. And of course Harrison used it in the Pokémon league at Johto and kinda inspired Ash to take a trip out there. Its power was insane.
I guess it’s like the Charmander of this generation. It’s the cutest starter but becomes SO bad-ass when it fully evolves. Except Charmander had a great middle-stage in Charmeleon. Really cool design. But Combusken (almost forgot what it was called)- it’s ok. Not as crazy about its design.

Mudkip I didn’t get to like until I tried using it for the first time. The moment I found out IN GAME that it involved into part ground type… it quickly became one of my favorites.
I wasn’t aware of the “I liked Mudkips before they were cool” movement. I just had to try it out. So after that, I pretty much tried all the starters at some point. Ironically, I’m not as crazy about using Squirtle or Totodile. But it’s worth trying both out again at some point.

First time playing through Sapphire, I wanted to catch Poochyena just after seeing it in the series. And Mightyena has always been a strong member for my team.
Ralts I liked the moment I saw it. I almost said it was my first time using a Psychic type, but Espeon was Psychic.
I guess I thought of it as the new Abra-Alazkazam but without the pain of trading it.

I’m not sure where I saw it, but I heard that Satoshi, the creator of the games, intently designed two versions so people were forced to socialize… I’m sorry, but I hated that part :/ It was fun playing with my friends even though I probably really sucked at competitive battling. But I hated having to have friends to trade in order to complete my Pokédex.
I was able to do that I think once for each generation because of them and also my sister and I both had GameBoys.
Okay, maybe just all the Hoen Pokémon and all 250 or whatever for the first two games. Beyond that, I was never able to and I just no longer had priority for that.
I’d like to try using a Gengar, Slowking or Alakazam, but I never got the chance because of the whole trading gimmick.

Ralts evolves into such a great Psychic type. Great special attack. and the fact Wally also caught one wasn’t a deterrent. Heck, I have no ill will towards Wally. I like him. And he had a great character arc. Being a sickly kid and having a Pokémon made him stronger.
Now that I think about it- it’s much like how Prince used to have seizures as a kid, but when he was 7 he said he wouldn’t have them anymore because “an angel told me so” and that might have been around the time he discovered music. And Evgeni Plushenko had health issues until he took up figure skating. [Re-reading part of his biography now, I stumbled across a passage saying he was hospitalized with double pneumonia for 3 months and that’s why his family moved to Volvograd- and that’s where his mom was gifted skates from a mom whose daughter didn’t like skating anymore… )… so crazy how fate intervenes.

Manetric is one I started to like as I used it more in the games. Electrike is a pain to battle because of the Static ability, so I liked being able to use that. And it’s a good strong electric type, which are hard to come by.
Rosalia I always kinda liked and I Used it in my first walk-through. Although admittedly not among my favorite grass types.
Flygon I used once to use a dragon type instead of an ice type (of which there are only two in this generation). The results were great and worth the pain of raising it up from a Trapinch.

Zangoose is easily one of my favorites from this generation. It is so powerful. I like using Swords Dance to up its attack and attacks like Slash on top of that. So much fun.
One time when I was naming all my team after characters from Bleach, I named my Zangoose Kenpachi because Kenpachi likes to fight and battle until he drops. He is so powerful that he wears an ear patch to hold back his energy.

Absol was another I came around to like after using it once and also seeing it in the show. It was being blamed for disasters because it’s the “catastrophe Pokémon” but it wasn’t as bad as people thought it was.
It’s a toss-up for me which I like better- Absol or Mightyena. I just know I didn’t think I’d have a lot of use for a Dark type until this generation.
But they also weren’t readily available in Gen 2- not until getting into Kanto during the aftergame. I always kind hated that :/

It’d be hard for me to do a top 10 or top 5 list of my favorites and putting them in order. I like so many and each time I play, it changes how much I like certain ones over others.
But I should go through all the types and list ones that I personally like. And after that, this entry can end.

-Vigoroth (although I hadn’t used it, I’d been meaning to)
-Eevee (mainly because it can evolve into so many amazing Pokémon… maybe one time I should see how it does on its own)
-Wigglytuff (I used it in my last run-through. It took a while to get good, but once it hit the 20’s and later evolved, it became a valuable team member)
-Meowth/Persian (next time I play through Kanto, I want to use one)


-Tropius (one time, I’d like to try using it)

-Entei (based on the 3rd movie alone- cool character)

[it’s hard to pick just 5- so many great water types]


[I don’t use a lot of fighting types… but maybe I should try to do so at some point]



-Scyther (would like to use one at one point)

-Arbok (plan on using it in my next FireRed run-through)

[I put these two types together because I’m not a big fan of either. Ground type is more convenient than overly helpful in my opinion]

-Latias [too bad it’s not available until after the Elite Four- but I’d like to use one at some point]

-other than Skarmory, I hadn’t used a lot of steel types


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