Acceptance- Phantoms from my past?

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, this is a play on words.
Acceptance is the name of a band. Phantoms is the name of one of their albums.

Anyone who’s visited this blog before knows how crazy I am about music. I started this blog because of Prince because I needed a place to discuss his music. When just a thread or reply on a messageboard site just wasn’t enough.
Prince was the same way with music. He was so prolific that he couldn’t just do an album a year or do one version of a song. He had multiple versions and had to write songs under pseudonyms for other artists.

Anyway… this isn’t meant to be a long entry, but we’ll see what happens.

It’s funny how so much music has left different impressions on me over the years.
When I was in my freshman year of college when I lived with the roommate I was closest with (and was never close with another since- not in that same way where I had that same comfort level), a lot of music was played in our room. I had mine that I played. The Click Five was my greatest go-to. Earlier that semester, I had the latest Backstreet Boys album and it didn’t have the best results. The new sound + homesickness wasn’t the best combination.

Anyway, my roommate’s favorite song was “Tiny Dancer” because she was a ballerina. She also played “The Promise” by When in Rome (one night, a couple of us in the dorm floor stayed up and watched Napoleon Dynamite and that played at the end before the credits rolled), “Cool” by Gwen Stefani, “Uptown Girls” and she was a huge Beatles fan.
Years later, I come back to some of these and hit huge trips of nostalgia. “Cool” especially.

I’m not sure if this album belonged to her or her boyfriend at the time. But it played A LOT. It got the point where I had to Google the lyrics to figure out who the artist was. I remember even opening the CD player when they were out to confirm.

I hadn’t thought about them in years. But recently, I got curious and listened to some of the songs on YouTube.
Most, I didn’t remember too well, but with at least 4- the crashing waves of nostalgia were so huge that the undertow pulled me under and dropped me off 10 years ago when I was in my college drama hearing this music.

“So Contagious” is the one I’m most likely going to download in some way. Not sure if I’m going to buy it on iTunes or just get it elsewhere and buy the entire album some other time.
I don’t know what it is about it… the sound of the guitar, the echoing of the vocals on the chorus… or just the chorus in general or the note the song ends on. It just hits me so hard- either in my heart or my gut. And I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad feeling. But the song lives up to its name.

“In Too Far” sounds like it’d be a hit single. The band comes together really strong. Vocally is where it shines.

“Different” I remember being one of the songs I googled. It rocks less than most of the album. A ballad of shorts, like a softer side of them.

“Take Cover” I think I remember early on in the album and it’s the opening track. It sets the tone for the album.

Going through the rest of the album, just based on iTunes previews, “The Letter,” “In the Cold” and “Over You” sound familiar. And I get tinges of nostalgia, but nothing particularly strong.

Other than “So Contagious,” I don’t know any of these songs all that well, so I can’t comment beyond music or lyrics. But at the time I was listening to it for the first time in a decade, it was around the time when I got news of Plushenko’s latest surgery.
And lyrically, it fit my feelings:

“Could this be out of line to say you’re the only one breaking me down like this?
You’re the only one I would take a shot on.
Keep me hanging so contagiously.”

First line: had me thinking how he’s the only person where I get news that something’s happened to him and it kills me and I’d give anything to take his place so he wouldn’t have to suffer that pain.
A little crazy to say about someone I’d only been following for 2 years and I feel so strongly about. And there’s nothing romantic about these feelings at all. They’re selfless- wanting health and happiness for someone else simply because I think they’re amazing in what they do and them being themselves gave me peace of mind in a difficult time.

second line: doesn’t apply quite as much. like I said, nothing romantic in mind and there wouldn’t be, considering he’s happily married. but every now and then, I do put myself out there to try to reach him and offer well wishes and words of encouragement. If I didn’t feel so strongly, I wouldn’t have dared. Even if he never replies, I like to think he has seen some of my messages and has smiled. That’s good enough.

third line: when it’s skating season, I overindulge on videos of his performances. And when he has something going on, good or bad, it’s hard to keep him off my mind. And I kinda like that more than I should.

Anyway… I’m just getting these thoughts down about these things in case I wind up getting the album in the future.
pop rock or pop punk

I’m looking at their Wikipedia page. They only have this album to their name and broke up a year after it was released. Wow, they were in operation since 1998 and it took that long to put out an album… only to break up.
They recently got back together.
I noticed that they had two former members and mostly the same. And I double-checked to be sure the ones that left didn’t include the lead vocalist πŸ˜› there’s nothing I hate more than when a lead vocalist leads a band because the vibe is never quite the same.
My Click Five post (which is still getting views 2 years after I posted it) is evidence of that.

This isn’t one of those bands I’m really hugely into, just so we’re clear. I’m just getting these notes down for my own recollection. Out of pure coincidence, they happen to occupy a small spot in the patchwork quilt that is all the music that’s been with me through my life.

their new single “Take me away” is good. It’s different, but I get some of those old vibes.
Yeah, having that same lead vocalist after all these years (his name is Jason Vena- and the band kinda broke up when he left to live a normal life, lol) helps a lot.

Listening to it again, I don’t think I can play “So Contagious” on my iPod at work (we’re actually allowed to do that. in fact, one of the people in charge suggested audio books during some of the more monotonous data entry tasks). It’s emotionally overwhelming… I just hope I don’t overplay it to the point that those feelings go away.

Haven’t made any decisions yet… but most likely whenever I get the itch and I have my laptop on, it’s straight off to YouTube.
I’d already watched this one a couple of times. [and below it in my YouTube favorites- it’s an InuYasha montage set to the song]

I was thinking maybe this is the time of year to bring this music out. Today I also listened to The Click Five old and new and helped heal more ills that I felt when I got the newer album. I should also put some older Daughtry on my iPod. I only have their “Break This Spell” album on it and there are some songs in that same vein.

Okay, I can shut up now πŸ˜›
I’ve got a bunch of albums I want to bring back out for this particular season before I get to go-to’s from my autumn album playlist

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