2016 Cup of China

[Written entirely on my iPhone]

Courtney Hicks had mixed results on her jumps. Had an under rotation on a combination. And her 2nd pass was double footed. But I felt her presentation with her maleficent program was better than last I saw her.


Kaetlyn Osmond- not as strong as in skate Canada with her last jump a little off. But I still enjoy watching her. She blew Courtney away easily in the technical side


Li Zijun from China

I still don’t feel a lot of connection with her. She’s nice to watch and has good elements but she lacks that something extra that would make her more memorable


They got her on some under rotations

Ashley Wagner

Going off something she tweeted I knew it wouldn’t be perfect. It wasn’t bad it just didn’t feel as dynamic and powerful as the last time. She missed her triple combination and had to add a double toe loop on her 2nd jump. Also interesting to hear the commentators talk about skaters finding their identities to set themselves apart and how Ashley knows that. That’s why she’s one of my favorites. Interesting also that it was choreographed by Jeffrey Buttle who did Yuzuru’s lets go crazy program


8 points behind the lead but she is capable of making that up

Rika Hongo

I didn’t feel a connection to her until after her last jump and she just opened up on her performance. Her Carmina Burana performance wasn’t as striking as it could’ve been but I’m showing my bias again ( then again I didn’t like the last time Plushenko did it because it was a couple months after surgery and it missed that dynamic strength that drew into the program in the first place)


Elena Radionova in the next group and Elizaveta as well.

Elizaveta did well but maybe not good enough to make the podium. The combination was uneasy on the 2nd jump. The commentators said she was thinking through the program so I could see why there was a bit of a disconnect.

64.88- wow she’s ahead of Ashley so she still might have a shot

But then there’s Elena Radionova

I don’t like her costume. All black really doesn’t do her justice with her artistry. Not much ride out with her jumps but she still nailed them

70.75- now she’s in 2nd place

I don’t think I’ve seen any falls today. That’s kinda remarkable.

Mai Miahara

That was so pretty to watch. Artistically and performance wise she has a while to go. But great quality of movement. She’s going to be great when she gets older and her style matures

68.48- 3rd place

This should be interesting in the free skate. The scores are so close and of course I believe Ashley can make up the deficit. Elizaveta… We’ll see. A lot of mixed results

Good field for the men. Boyang Jin and Han Yan from China. Patrick Chan Max Aaron and Sergei Voronov and Daniel Samohin

Patrick Chan is going first.

He had a rough start. His combination had an error on the second jump and his triple axel was more off. Then his lutz doubled.


I don’t think that’s where his score should be. Component was 44 to make up for his lack of technical.

Ross Miner

I missed most of his skate while typing and with other distractions but it looked stronger than last time i saw him for sure.


Good technical mark but lacking in the other mark

Sergei Voronov


So close! He fell out of a triple loop, his only mistake. His reaction to that afterwards was kind of funny. Putting his finger at his head. In any language you know what he was thinking. It’s good he can have a sense of humor about it. Hopefully his free skate is as strong as it was at his last competition.

Daniel Samohin

Two quad attempts with some mixed results but lots of great skating

83.47- now in 1st place but only by hundredths.

I hope he can hang on and nail his quads in the free. He certainly has that over Patrick Chan.

Now for the Chinese skaters

Han Yan

Oh man… He was doing so well and then he mispicked on his lutz and lost the jump entirely. The commentators were praising him just as he messed up


They gave him a little extra on components

Boyang Jin

The crowd has their spider man stuff ready to go

Wow! I could nitpick on the landing of one or two jumps but that’s the best short program he’s had. That’s what home ice will do for you. He got so into the music and was shimmying and smiling so much. He gets better every time i see him. Ups his components score all the time. His future is so bright right now it’s blinding.



Wow! His components really should be higher

And Max Aaron has to follow that. Yikes

But he rose to the occasion, no nerves at all. The landing of his final jump was a little shaky but otherwise was a very strong skate. I hated to see it end actually.

81.67- 5th place at the moment behind Sergei

Michal Brezina

Some mixed results but a good performance overall. Skating to Frank Sinatra. He trains with Ashley and Adam Rippon’s coach and his choreography also by Jeffrey Buttle.

75.86-7th place

Apparently the theme is nailing the big jumps and making mistakes on the small jumps.

Everyone in the top 5 has a shot at the podium. It’s going to come down to who has the cleanest free skate.

I really hope Boyang Jin can hold on to his lead because right now he so deserves it. The best in this competition right now.

Free skate

Starting with Elizaveta

She went back to an older program and looked stronger than the last time I saw her. Not crazy about the operatic part of it but I loved her energy. Johnny and Tara actually disagreed about her with this program and the costume. I’m team Johnny on this one. Strong jumps and a little more confidence than I’d seen from her lately. Whatever the color I just really want her to get a medal.

But she’s got a bit of competition…


Ashley Wagner


That hurts… Didn’t help to hear Johnny and Tara be hard on her as well. I know they have to be honest but I still hate it. I saw under rotations and some issues. She was just off. Reminds me a bit of how she was last season at her second Grand Prix event. Her mind just wasn’t there but she had a great second half of the season. I think she can still regroup and come back stronger

Elena Radionova

I found myself nitpicking her entire performance. Just to give my favorites a better chance at the podium. Her jumps weren’t perfect and she had to fight to land them but she was on her feet. I liked how there was elegance and a bit of an edge in her performance to give a different side of her. But then that familiar opera music came in and I just lost interest. Max Aaron just did it yesterday.


And they didn’t show Rika Hongo again?! Why? She’s ahead of Ashley too.

Kaetlyn Osmond

I love her short program so much cuz it’s so modern and new. So I don’t like how her free is so old school and passĂ©. It takes me out of it. She had her share of mistakes a fall and some bad jumps. She lost gold for sure


Yikes I hate to say it but Elizaveta needs to win bronze and Mai Miahara has to do a bad performance for that to happen.

And I might have gotten my wish. She had mistakes later in the program. Popping a jump into a single and some under rotations. I also started to think I shouldn’t be worried because she isn’t as strong artistically

190.92- 4th

Oh great- Tara reminded me that Patrick Chan came back from this kind of deficit last year. But looking at his short program I’m not sure if he can. Was a little off

Max Aaron is up first for the guys.

Johnny and Tara were way harsh with him and I hated it. I think this music fits him. He just was off his game after nailing his first sets of jumps


Yeah they’re showing Sergei. Holding my breath for him now.

His one mistake was losing out on a second quad and turning it into an invalid combination. But that was just so beautiful to watch. I’d be crying if I wasn’t so tired. I like Johnny and Tara again- saying so much good about him because he is underrated. Johnny mentioned how he’d been in Plushenko’s shadow and taking advantage and how age might be the in thing in Russian men right now. Really hoping for a good score worthy of a medal.


Boyang Jin woke up the crowd. Please nail those quads!

Most of them he did…


And they’re going right into Patrick Chan’s free. Oh boy…

Seriously I’m going to be so pissed if he wins.

I like that he’s got 3 quad attempts but not all were clean. A few weaker combinations. Some of the artistry is good but no way he is better than Plushenko was during any of the highs of his career.

I’m so conflicted about being so hell bent against someone winning but I don’t think i can ever change how I feel.


Daniel Samohin… Completely forgot about him. All this hype with the other two.

He failed miserably but I was too miserable to even care anymore. I just hope when he was holding his back afterwards that he didn’t sustain an injury.

I had to tweet I was so pissed. Patrick Chan ruins every competition he competed in because I’m so busy wanting him to lose.

And how anyone can say he’s surpassed what Plushenko had in his career- I’m sorry but they’re idiots. There’s just no way. His style is so boring in comparison. Beyond records nobody’s going to remember him.

Just pray he doesn’t win a 4th worlds. That’s the one thing Plushenko could never top. They’re currently tied at 3 a piece.

And of course can’t help but think of this competition without Yuzuru’s collision with Han Yan. I said on Yuzuru’s fan group how it was the one time I was more terrified of someone skating than Plushenko’s withdrawal at Sochi. Mainly because Yuzuru actually competed. I had moments of relief but when he fell I wanted him to stop cuz it did not look good. And look at what he did after that- setting world records!

Oh and I think Sergei got a medal. Bronze. Definitely a step in the right direction. I hope he can build on that through the season. Although not at the same level as the greatest. Not yet but I think he can get there. Just need the opportunity.

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