2016 Junior & Senior Grand Prix Final in Marsielle

Here’s the deal.

Per the usual, I’ll be updating this blog as I watch the events.
But I’ll cover the men’s competitions first because that’s what I have access to.
I’ll be away during the weekend, so I’ll miss seeing the women’s short program “live” (this was skated hours ago- YouTube says the junior circuit streamed 9 hours ago).

But the men’s competition is really where the most excitement is. It’s pretty obvious that Evgenia Medveveda is going to win regardless of how everyone else skates. As for whether it’ll be a Russian sweep is uncertain. But with Anna Pogorilaya skating as amazing as she has lately, she’s a contender for the top spot, but will lose it on the fact she doesn’t have all her jumps in the 2nd half of her short program.
Really hate that gimmick- it’s an unfair advantage.

With the guys, it’s anyone’s game. Adam Rippon could skate (literally) into a podium position- 3rd place most likely if he skates perfectly and someone like Shoma (God forbid!) or Patrick Chan falters.
But for top spot, it’s down to Yuzuru and Javier Fernandez. I’m fairly confident about that.

The junior grand prix- if I remember right, there were four Russians, Alexei Krasnozhon and Jun Hwan Cha. Alexander Samarin and Dmitri Aliev are big contenders for top spot, but if Jun Hwan Cha stays flawless as he has for the most part… well, let’s just say it’s his to lose.

Ok, here we go: the video should be about ready to go (I’m watching the full-length video of the junior competition now)

it’s pretty incredible to watch the warm-up because it’s only these 6 guys competing. it helps gauge how they’re feeling and what’s going through their minds. This is such a strong group. I’m so excited to see how it all plays out.
Ilia Skirda is the 2nd youngest, I think. I think that was Yulia’s old coach and Evgenia’s current coach that is coaching him.
it sounds like Dmitiri has a lot of fans here, judging from the cheers in the crowd. just enough to make an impact. he looks strong now. I hope he can hold onto that strength because he doesn’t always have a clean competition all the way through.

It looks like Roman Savosin is going first.
He looked like he had trouble with his combination jump. His triple flip (ok, it was a lutz) looked a little off, but he held on to do another jump after it.
Otherwise, this was a strong skate. I really liked how his choreography fit with the music- especially at the end where it picked up the pace and he went into his spins.
Of these six, he’s my least favorite, but I’m still open to be impressed by him. At least until my favorites come up and I’ll want them to win medals more than him on principle.
72.98- 39/33… a good start. Definitely a strong score for the junior ranks.

Ilia Skirda- oh wow, he’s 14 also. I know Jun Hwan Cha is that age as well.
Good choreography in time with the music again… this has to be this coach’s gimmick because he had all the jumps in the 2nd half of his program. they were flawless, somehow. he needs to develop himself as a performer a bit more. he looked a little tired towards the end, but still was strong. Loved his Biellmann spins. Especially the 2nd one, which he did with one hand.
68.31- 35/32. Even though his jumps were in the 2nd half, I guess they weren’t technically as strong as Roman who went before him.

Dmitri Aliev πŸ˜€
okay, I had to wait until after his score came out to write about him.
I didn’t really feel the music or choreography so much, but he makes it work for his particular style.
Interestingly, he had the same jumps as Roman Savosin, but maybe had three of them set for the 2nd half of. A lot of beautiful movement in his body overall.
81.37- which is a season’s best- 43/37. Definitely beat the other two with the technical side and with his maturity he has a strong component. Ted Barton kinda gushed a bit about his shape and form in the spins and the jumps and that probably helped as well.
I think he’s the one I most want to become the new star of Russian men’s figure skating. He has the talent in the jumps and the sensitivity to the music. And I adore him whenever he’s competing (and I get torn up when he doesn’t do as well as he’s capable).

Jun Hwan Cha… this just keeps getting better. If anyone can beat Dmitri, it’s him. (oh ok, he’s 15)

whoa, what happened? πŸ˜› he messed up on his first jump and that may have taken him out of the running (although he does have the quads and personality to make up for it in the free skate). He skated to “A Chorus Line” and he brought so much personality to this performance (I wonder if he learned any of that from Javi, since they both have Brian Orser as a coach)- I was having fun. But I felt kinda bad about the mistake (and he also didn’t have a combination jump anywhere, so that’s going to be a problem).
He’ll probably beat Dmitri in the components with the extra personality and those really fast spins
71.85- 3rd place at present with 2 very strong skaters yet to come.
35/36. So Dmitri just bested him with the components score

This just got interesting… okay, next is Alexander Samarin.
I actually thought that was better than Dmitri and he only got 2nd… wow, the fight for the podium is going to be intense and it’s going to be awesome.
81.08 overall… 43/37… I have to go back and compare that with Dmitri’s marks down to the hundredths
Alexander’s jumps were so high and so strong. The height is what really catches my attention and is how he seems better than Dmitri. But it’s comparing a fast, high jumping skater to one that has greater sensitivity to the music. But the personality profiles will swap in the free skate. Dmitri will have more strength and Alexander, more sensitivity.

let’s see
Alexander- 43.76/37.32
Dmitri- 43.90/37.47… Dmitri is ahead by 0.29… phew… that makes it even more intense.

I honestly don’t know how they made the decision one way or another- they are really close. But Alexander just seemed stronger overall. Maybe he wasn’t as connected with his music- I mean he isn’t doing this in Russia where he was practically doing an exhibition. Not as much personality coming out here.

I hope after all this gushing and fangirling that Alexei does a great job so he isn’t completely out of the race.
Only one mistake- and it was kinda falling out of his triple axel. Otherwise, it was a good skate. I’m sure his components score is going to help him to stay on the podium.
71.48- 37/34… that’s crap- he’s way better than 5th place.
he’s only ahead of Ilia Skirda… I guess because he didn’t have a triple axel… I don’t understand that.
and he’s 0.37 behind Jun Hwan Cha… I mean, looking at the energy he had, that’s not too surprising… but still!

I would have ranked it like this:
Alexander- Dmitri- Alexei- Roman- Jun – Ilia
just a personal feeling and going by what who did what…

it’s a tight race, though. Especially between those top two Russians. And I know Jun Hwan Cha and Alexei have quads, so they can easily make up ground in the free skate.
But I would like to see the top two stay as they are πŸ˜› And Alexei to sneak onto the podium with a completed quad loop.

Why did nobody do any quads? I know the Russians have them… are they not allowed? Or are they just playing it safe to start out?

:sigh: who knows… but I hope that the field of the senior men perform this well. Even with issues on triple axels, this is a really good competition so far where there’s been a lot of clean skating. That’s nice. It makes the final results a little less contestable.

…however many hours later…

:sigh: I am royally PISSED right now.
Universal’s scheduling got all screwed up and they’re showing Pairs skating when it was supposed to be the men’s. And in trying to find out what happened, I already know 3 results.

I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just Yuzuru being ahead.
But hearing that Patrick Chan is in second- IN THIS FIELD- something’s gone wrong with everyone else.
Shoma fell, I know that much, and it sounded from the one tweet I saw that it was a hard fall.

But where does that leave the others?
Adam Rippon probably will be last because he might not have a quad. If anything, it’s a toe loop that he didn’t fully rotate and/or fell on.
Nathan Chen probably had a fall or two. Plus the judges don’t seem like him nearly as much as a senior. Like he’s not mature enough in his artistry to get any respect no matter how many quads he has.

Which means Javi has had issues with his short program again… he’s so good at making it up in the free skate because he is the complete skater. Quads, entertaining and artistry. You need all three.

Patrick Chan sorta has the quads. He needs more than one, that’s for sure. He has artistry… I guess… I don’t see it personally. But he doesn’t entertain.
I don’t know why that’s so hard for me with him. I mean, Yuzuru is more of a quiet confident skater, but he doesn’t reach out to the audience always when he performs. Well, his “Let’s go crazy” program might actually be, but that’s not the norm.

I just go insane whenever Patrick Chan has a fall on a big jump and he has this humungous components score. To me, it looks like his score got padded so he could be in top scoring position. In other words, it looks fishy.

So I’m hoping that Yuzuru scored 110 and Patrick Chan got something like 90-95.
And that Javi is at 3rd position and he’s at least 85-90.

So based on what I know, here’s my guess about the positions overall:
Yuzuru- Patrick Chan- Javi – Shoma – Adam Rippon – Nathan Chen

At least for now, the network seems to be holding up its bargain.

Already getting excited for this- it feels like the slate has been wiped clean and I’m just going to judge by who does what when they perform.
Javi seems to be the “hometown” favorite- they’ve been focusing on a bunch of signs for him.

Javi’s 25? wow… Age is just so relative these days. I know he has a girlfriend but I’m just thinking “damn, I’m 5 years older than him”

that was a rougher skate than I thought it’d be. He had two falls. The quad salchow has been his Achille’s heel this year because it hasn’t been there for him. But the triple axel just got away from it… very awkward. And I just hope he didn’t hurt himself during that
I still bet he’ll get 85 anyway because he fully rotated his jumps
91.76… 47/45… wow, that’s better than my guess. On technical merit alone, he’s always going to be a contender. Unless he pops his jumps or misses them entirely

This is such a strong field- it almost feels like it’s better than the world championships because this is the best out of 6 competitions. And the field is really stacked with only 6 people competing.

I also liked the approach of opening the competition. Every person takes center ice in a line and they’re introduced. Almost like a curtain call pre-show.

okay, Patrick Chan, impress the hell out of me!
99.76… 52/47… well, based on the way Javi just skated, I can’t be mad about that, really. It makes sense.
Gotta do my write-up after Shoma skates.

let’s see… so far, Patrick Chan has set the standard. He was perfection. But the whole time, I just couldn’t connect with him on the same level as I do with other skaters I love. But I can at least appreciate him nailing the jumps and doing great spins

as for Shoma
86.82… 44/43
yeah, that was kind rough. He needs to nail both quads to be even in the conversation. He fell on an intended combination and got no combination in this program at all.
at least with Patrick Chan, he skated clean, so I can’t complain about his components score.
Maybe Shoma being 18 is the reason he doesn’t get the highest of scores in a field like this.

So far, the results are shaking out the way they should. Although I feel bad about Javi and I hope he’ll nail his free skate.

They showed a flashback to 2009- the last time two or more American guys qualified for a grand prix final.

Jeremy Abbott was 4th, Johnny Weir was 3rd (wow! loved seeing him skate again) and Evan Lysachek was 1st and none of them had quads

Nathan Chen is the first of the two.
he had a fall on his 2nd quad and it didn’t get fully rotated. but a strong skate otherwise. Great skating skills for sure.
I think he’s strong enough now to push Shoma to 4th place at least.
85.30- 45/40… nope, he’s in 4th.
so far my prediction is holding up and I’m not happy about it.
if he only could up his components score more, he’d definitely be a bigger part of the conversation. but it seems like he’s not going to make that impact unless he’s in a field without Javi, Yuzuru or Patrick Chan.

gee, can you tell which skaters are my favorites? πŸ˜›
the ones I refer to by one name is a big hint.
except I still call Yuzuru by his full name- his fans calls him “Yuzu” but I like the way Yuzuru rolls off my tongue. I’ve been doing that ever since seeing him at Sochi, because I’ve watched a lot of animΓ© series with Japanese named characters.

Adam Rippon
for a moment I was thinking… this feels like an exhibition, not a competition. He has so much confidence and the jumps all showed that. although technically, he might be off a little bit, slightly under rotated.
but he’s at a disadvantage without a quad for sure.
Really great job, but I didn’t quite connect- mainly because I love his free skate so much more
83.93- 41/42… yeah, not quite enough…

okay, I’m wrong about one of my predictions, then. I thought Nathan Chen would get dead last because of his 2nd mark. But his technical score kept him from being dead last.

yeah, not much more to say until Yuzuru skates. Except I hope it’s a complete clean program that scores over 100 points.
ok, his quad loop and triple axel weren’t completely perfect, but everything else was good.
106.53- 59/47
I was right about one thing- he had to be stronger than in his skate in Japan 2 weeks ago.
my prediction (although I knew 2 of the results already- :groan: ) was right except I had the two guys from my country flipped around.

so at this point- if Yuzuru skates perfectly, he’ll win without question.
I’m sure Javi can make it up in the free skate and get 2nd. Patrick Chan is a major contender for 3rd unless he royally screw up. and being as strong as he is now, I don’t see that happening.
But if mistakes are made, I’ll abide by whatever happens with the results.

I just hope all the guys (senior and junior) bring clean performances for the free skate…

Junior Men Free Skate

as I’m starting to write this, they’re uploading the videos to the JGP channel on YouTube. Dmitri was the last one that went up and it was a minute ago.

Okay, here we go…

Jun Hwan Cha is up first.
aside from a fall towards the end, that was flawless. makes me so excited for when he turns senior and really improves on his artistry because it’s going to be even more amazing than this was πŸ˜›
beautiful lines
they showed Brian Orser jumping in the air and cheering when he landed his quad salchow πŸ˜› loved that
225.55- 80/74… wow, 10 years ago, that’d be a great score for someone in the senior ranks. Someone only 15, this is amazing. Phew…

Alexei Krasnozhon
208.85- 72/65…
dang it! all those under rotations killed him… he had amazing jumps, great triple axels and he had a quad loop in there as well. but I was feeling tired watching him in that second half πŸ˜› around the point he fell during a step sequence of all things.
loved how Ted Barton said he liked interviewing him because he has great personality.
Can’t help but agree. So excited to see him at US Nationals- either this season or next

[and I accidentally caught the thumbnail and Alexander was in gold medal position… not surprised at all]

Ilia Skirda
comparatively, that performance leaves me a little lukewarm because there wasn’t as much personality as Alexei’s or as much technical cleanness as Jun Hwan Cha…
but a good skate overall [especially him being 14]. it just didn’t wow me… not yet anyway.
69 for both marks- 207.11 overall, putting him in third place.

but the best is yet to come…

I thought we’d have Roman next, but it’s Alexander Samarin…
that’s going to be a tough act to follow πŸ˜›

that wasn’t perfect, but I had to wait until the scores went up before I would do anything. Had to see all those jumps in the replays.
236.52- 83/73
He had a quad-double to open, put a hand down on his 2nd quad and fell on a triple axel. so I was pretty nervous for him to finish the program well and that’s how he did.
I don’t know if it’s the music or him, but I’m sure it is him. I just locked into that and felt the emotion throughout. He moved so well to the music with the timing of the movements.

I guess we’ll see with two skaters left…

Roman Savosin
technically, he wasn’t as strong as Alexander and he didn’t have the more difficult jumps. but there were a couple moments there where I started to feel a connection with him. I’m not quite there yet with him, but I’m open for anything. Especially with the Russian men.
He had an under rotated quad
212.39- 70/69- 3rd place overall… ah, poor Alexei πŸ˜› He worked so hard, but no medal here

last, there’s Dmitri and I’m hoping that he goes out and kills it
240.07- 81/78
omg!!! he won!
he had a different program today- “broken vow” by Josh Groban and I think that artistry really helped him make the impression he set out to make. maybe a few things I could nit-pick, what looked like under rotations, but the only big mistake was sliding across the ice on his knee and going into a jump- something he always did well, but he didn’t have the height to fully rotate and he fell.
The crowd really liked him a lot and I saw he was nervous about whether that’d be enough and it was… that was the best reaction, his coaches hugging him afterwards (thought I heard his coach urging him on in the 2nd half of that when he started to tire).

So I think we have a Russian sweep- Dmitri, Alexander and Roman…
nope, I was wrong πŸ˜› Jun Hwan Cha snuck in and snagged bronze… good for him

Kinda cool that someone posted the whole competition for the ladies’ short program on YouTube.
So I’ll check that out next.

I think as far as the men’s free skate goes… I’m so nervous about whether Yuzuru will win- I have to watch him first. Followed by Patrick Chan and Javier Fernandez

But for the ladies- all Russia with two others- Kaetlyn Osmond and Satoko Miyahara

it’s nice that Ashley got a mention for missing out- I’m going to miss her as well. Always one of my favorites, if not my favorite to watch in the women’s category πŸ˜‰

Satoko went first and did her usual amazing job… I mean unless she starts doing triple axels, I’m not going to have much more to say about her. Every time, it’s just beautiful and gorgeous. In this costume, she looks like a ballerina in a music box with all the perfection that goes with it
74.64- 40/33

Kaetyln Osmond
okay, Ryan Bradley needs to stop gushing πŸ˜› seriously… he’s over the moon for her, saying that nobody should be able to beat that.
it didn’t feel as seamless as Satoko’s performance, but she’ll likely get a higher components score because Satoko is undervalued
75.54- 40/34
almost a full point higher, but the components score helped a little bit. Satoko beat her technically

oh man, this field is so stacked with talent. can only imagine what’s going to happen from here… other than Evgenia winning the whole thing… Anna Pogorilaya isn’t going to make it easy, though

haha, the TV channel has on the bottom of the screen as a preview “the Russian quartet” coming next- so true

Maria Sotskova
…ok, Ryan Bradley’s starting to annoy me… but he is right about the under rotations. The arena’s so white that I couldn’t see the snow (we call it snow, Ryan Bradley, not spray! well, me, Johnny & Tara do anyway) when she under rotate her later jumps.
The artistry is lacking for me, but she can develop that in later years. Really love her costume and how it goes with her pale skin.
65.74- 33/32
okay, so the field isn’t quite as stacked as I thought it was going to be

but the three Russians left are super strong

Anna Pogorilaya
73.29- 38/34
ouch… I mean, she had a strong opening triple-triple, but she had an extra rotation on her second jump and she was hesitant going the last jump. She also had a stumble before the program started, but considering that, she was really good.
But in this field, she kinda needs to be perfect. I hope she can make up ground in the free skate because she’s more than capable

Elena Radionova
She had some nit-picky mistakes, maybe some under rotations.
I was thinking during that a few things- I don’t really like her costume, a little too short (with her long legs, it doesn’t look as nice). But I thought about what I heard about her wanting to become an actress. and with this music “Porgy & Bess” I wonder if she likes oldie-timey movies like it. She sells it well
68.98- 35/33… wow, she’s in 4th place… that’s a little out of place for her of all people.

It seems like Satoko [oops, Kaetyln Osmond is just ahead of her] is untouchable right now, but sure enough, we have Evgenia Mevedeva going last.

Oh, I think I recognize one of Elena’s coaches- he was with Alexander Samarin earlier

79.21- 42/36
did I hear them say world record?!
wow- that’s like a score a man would get in the short program a few years ago
yeah, really can’t say much about that. pretty to watch, perfection…
she picked up a stuffed rice ball off the ice and pretended to eat it. and she must have a shelf full of Luna (cat from “Sailor Moon”) stuffies in her bedroom. she’s gotten so many

yeah, not much left to say πŸ˜›

Mens free skate…

wow- I am NERVOUS now. I was already shaking for Yuzuru to do well and he wasn’t perfect…
amazingly, he was chasing a technical score of 113 and I thought for sure it was Patrick Chan. But he and Javier Fernandez still haven’t skated.

According to the commentators it was Nathan Chen and “his performance might have gotten to him”…
he started out so well with the two quads. Then he fell on the 2nd, had a triple double in combination and popped his lutz at the end.
293.90- 96/92
he’s in first place right now
but if anyone can catch him… well, Javi for sure, even with a disadvantage going into this.

But first I’ll have to see Shoma and Nathan Chen… oh and Adam Rippon, of course

wow- go Shoma!
this feels like the best I’ve seen him in a long time, even though his Skate America performance was good.
good jumps all around (except maybe a turn-around on his 2nd quad) and he maintained that character and intensity this whole time. Great job, really
I wish he did better on his short program so he could contend to win. Not much chance now for even a medal. Not in a field this stacked.
(yikes, the british commentators say he’s got problems with different parts of his body, which would explain him being inconsistent)
282.51- 104/90… I don’t remember if he broke 100 before on the technical side, but again, wow!

even crazier that this field will have a lot of 100 technical scores, but Yuzuru won’t be one of them this time.

Adam Rippon next.
I was so sad to watch that 😦 he fell on his opening quad, which already puts him at a disadvantage. But he just had a lot of mistakes. Especially in the 2nd half- which is usually the stronger portion- where it goes into the Coldplay song.
And the video cut off before I saw the score. But definitely not in the same league with the others 😦
I hope he can shake it off, strength that one quad and come back stronger for Nationals.
Although I want Nathan Chen to win it this year because he has all those quads…

which leads me to next
why couldn’t he have done this good in the short program? He could have run away with this.
Can’t find much wrong with it. He had four quads that were amazing, great jumps overall.
The commentators can’t stop going nuts about him πŸ˜› and I thought “he made it look so easy” on the first jump and the commentator said it immediately after
282.85- 113/84… he’s still 11 points behind Yuzuru, but his short program did that.

Wow, I actually wish that both the next skaters have mistakes so Nathan Chen can get a medal. He needs to come away with something. He did so well… I’m so proud to have him with my country πŸ˜›

okay, Javier Fernandez…
that was hard to watch… I hope he’s not dealing with an injury because he’s definitely not himself. Not as good as I’m used to seeing him. I had to go to another commentatary because the British commentary video had the sound completely removed for damn copyright infringement… I hate that 😑 music is half the performance, after all
268.77- 86/91 he’s in 4th?! …wow, I just can’t believe this.

…yeah, I don’t really feel bad about wishing and hoping for Patrick Chan to have a bad performance. After a certain point, maybe, but then I just started looking at the technical score and doing the math in my head. Unless he gets an unreal components score, there’s no chance
interesting that the commentary was completely silent while he performed. The Russians must really like him
266.75- 80/90… yeah, he finished off the podium also. Having 4 deductions for falls kinda kills that. But I knew he’d get 90 for components because he always does. He did keep his composure the whole time even with the mistakes. He didn’t look shaken in his expressions with the mistakes. Which I guess I can admire

Women’s free skates

[yeah, 24 hours later, I still feel bad about how things went the other night… I mean, I wanted Yuzuru to win, but I hate that it had to come at the expense of other people screwing up. It was not a good day for a lot of skaters. But I’m always going to be Team Yuzuru if he and Patrick Chan are competing at the same venue]

I found out the results already… completely by accident.
I knew Evgenia Medvedeva had it locked up, but it’s great to see Satoko get silver and Anna Pogorilaya hold on to get bronze.
But it sure sounds like Kaetlyn Osmond had a meltdown and Elena Radionova had another bad day. Either that or she just didn’t do enough to get on the podium (something that she rarely misses out on). And I’m betting Maria Sotskava finishes last because she’s the least experienced.

First I gotta see Dmitri’s exhibition… I saw it in the search results πŸ˜›
don’t know what was wrong with the audio, but the music was cutting in and out and it was hard to really get into it.

okay- for real this time

it sounded like Elena went first and she had a rough time of it.
But Maria skated like she was a ballerina at a recital, but a little more refined. They’re saying she’s lacking the charisma of the other Russians, but everything else seems to be going well for her.
198.79- 66/66

Elena Radionova
she fell on her first combination and had a couple other issues with the stability of her jumps. I started to wonder if the pressure was starting to get to her, if she might start to fade away as Yulia Lipnitskaya has been these past couple years. But the fact Anna Pogorilaya has been having a surge of confidence this season, it’s not fair to completely rule her out yet.
188.81- 55/65 (the artistry mark is definitely earned- she has that so well)

Kaetyln Osmond
other than doubling some triples, there wasn’t a lot wrong with her performance.
I just don’t like it as much as her short program. That was to something a little more modern, so it felt fresh. This is to an old piece of music many skaters have done (La Boheme) and her costume is very close to Katerina Witt’s “Carmen” costume. It’s just “meh” to me.
212.45- 66/70

Anna Pogorilaya
wow… that’s my favorite program this entire competition for the women… It felt like watching a game-changing performance on American Idol for someone who went on to win. Could nit-pick the landings of a couple jumps and she was a little off sync with the music at the end. But I was mesmerized from start to finish. The commentators said “it was a dream”… and I agree 100%
216.47- 73/69
loved seeing the reaction in the kiss & cry with her and her coaches. What an amazing performance for a personal best for her all time.

Satoko Miyahara
okay, I have some things to talk about for a change πŸ˜›
there were a bunch of under rotations in this, so for me, it wasn’t as pleasing a performance to watch. It certainly wasn’t a dream like her short program was. Not as clean and smooth.
218.33- 73/70
I’m with the commentators… I love Satoko, but I don’t get it. I would have put Anna ahead of her easily in the standings.

Evgenia Medvedeva [not that there’s any suspense left, but just for the sake of completion…]

also, I should just not read comments sections on these videos… there’s so much negativity in both directions and I definitely don’t want to contribute.

I don’t criticize Satoko for having small jumps (I never have), but to me, this time around, she wasn’t as smooth in her skating as I’m used to seeing her.

she had a stumble on her first jump that was meant to be in combination… but she got it back like she always does. not much else to say really beyond that πŸ˜›
227.66- 74/74…
yeah, the comments section is pretty brutal… but I’m really not liking everyone hating on Russia or accusing them in doping.
Just keep that argument away from figure skating! It certainly doesn’t help with landing the jumps.

Overall, this was a great competition, but maybe slightly controversial.
I kinda regret not waiting for Johnny and Tara’s commentary because I’m sure they’d have a lot of interesting things to say about the scoring and whether some of it was deserved or not.

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