I just had this crazy dream about Ed Sheeran…

I’ve heard rumors as of late that he returned to social media, put up a new picture on Twitter and it’s rumored to be his next album.
But for sure it’s happening… I checked out my Twitter account as soon as I got my computer running (and through my inbox)… this is almost scary, but he’s releasing new music Friday.

He wasn’t even the thing closest in my mind.
If anything, I was trying out to figure out what I was going to listen to tomorrow. And continuing onward, what I was going to do to kill this month if I’m not going to be listening to Prince music.
It’s crazy to think about how hard it’s going to be to deliberately avoid him. I’ve done it without really meaning to in the past.
But the last time I didn’t listen to him at all… like I was sick of him… I didn’t last a week.
It’s only temporary anyway… until the first week in February.

Now back to Ed Sheeran…

The dream started with what looked like the show “Mobbed” where Howie Mandel works with NappyTab (choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon from SYTYCD) to help organize a flash mob for a marriage proposal or something.
But at some point, I begin to suspect that I’m the person that is being proposed to. And Ed Sheeran is the one proposing.
I don’t know how the heck I became part of the situation 😛 I think I was one of the dancers cast in this thing. And I don’t know how I come to the conclusion that it might be me. Maybe because various hints are dropping. Maybe because I talked to a couple people and they all have dancing experience except for me.

In the end, I’m in this room full of camera people, the girls are dressed in pink tutus (not elaborate ones) like they’re in a ballet and they’re just doing basic movement. I imagine a song is playing, but I can’t hear it. Maybe because I’m so nervous that my ears are buzzing.
He appears, dressed in a nice tux and he begins talking- as if he’s broadcasting to a wider audience at one of the stadiums he sold out, but it wasn’t shouting either. very jovial. I get turned around and he starts talking to me. A couple dancers do pirouettes and dance away from us. There are still a couple people behind me, so I’m half thinking one of them might be the real person this is set up for.
He says a lot of things and eventually pulls out a ring.
I stop him before he can even start to kneel on one knee. Suspecting this might be coming for a while, I thought about why but also why not even about why I should say no. I don’t know him 😛 it makes no sense to marry someone you don’t know, someone you’ve never really met. But I thought how I don’t want to be alone my whole life, so it’d be stupid not to consider this, just in case no one else asks.

For a second, with the narrative going on, I worry that I imagined this whole thing and he was really proposing to someone else. But then he started talking to me and I don’t say yes right away. I ask him “why me? we’ve never met before this. I’m the girl at the party who hangs in the back of the room.”
I forget exactly what he says, but he says that I’m the one he wants. I see in my head flashes of me writing my blog entries on movies and maybe flashes in the movie itself (if the two of us are in a movie in this scenario) where he’s sitting in his room on his laptop, wearing glasses and reading the same posts thoughtfully. All of them were Christmas movies.

Eventually, he does get down on his knee, I say yes and we have a warm embrace with some kissing.

The next part of the dream seems like something out of an action-thriller like “Taken.”

Then I’m escorted into another room by one tall guy with a short hair-cut, but a ponytail hanging to the bottom of his neck. I’m thinking to myself how this can’t be real, all this dizzying emotion. But then I wake up from for a second when I have this chilling suspicion. I see the guy closing the door behind him, then locking it. My suspicions are confirmed and I immediately spring into action. He flashes me an evil leer and goes to swallow the key. I grab his hand and wrestle the key out of his hand. It drops to the floor, I grab it, shove him to the ground, unlock the door, shutting it and locking it behind me and run to find Ed Sheeran.

I do so and he seems to know what’s going on, who wants to keep me from marrying him and we break into a run, going all throughout the building to lose the bad guy’s henchmen. At one point, we get to a hallway where they have whipped cream pies on racks that heading out to bake or cool. There’s a firey, busy kitchen on the other side, behind a closed door. I say to him that nobody would look where the food is being prepared and he believes me. We go through the kitchen area, on the side where the expeditor usually stands and gives the orders. We run through that until we find out way outside.

We spot a couple henchmen of the bad guy starting to make their way outside. They don’t see us yet, so we try to lay low while we try to figure a plan. He says he has his car just around the corner and we try to lay low and sneak towards it before we can be spotted. The henchmen (one is a woman and one of the two guys is fat in his face- maybe like “Agent Smith” from “Deadpool”) are having discussions of their own that have nothing to do with us. The “Deadpool” guy sounds like he’s talking about something to do with music trivia, like how someone didn’t do a certain song and another argues that they did. They go so far as to Google it on their phones. They bet money on it and the “Deadpool” guy loses the bet. Then he spots us and they all get their act together.

But by this point, we’d already gotten to his car and we’re making our getaway.
The details are blurry after that, but I imagine that were a chase scene that involved the henchmen crashing their vehicles, we get away and the lead bad guy gets arrested.

Fast-forward and I’m in a dressing room getting ready for the wedding. There’s a lot of focus on the lacy white gloves I’m wearing. They’re bright white with black lace, but they’re so old fashioned looking. Hard to believe that they’re still so white if they were this old.
I then go to his dressing room. I know there’s that whole superstition that the bride and groom can’t see each other before the wedding, so I fold up a scarf to blindfold him and we have a conversation about everything that happened and also possible honeymoon plans.

Later on, I’m in what appears to be my family’s kitchen where we have an island in the middle of the area. I’m at one end. But there’s a door further down the way (which isn’t there in real life- the kitchen ends where there are windows), opened a crack and Ed Sheeran is talking to someone about touring. And it sounds like he’s going to have to start touring after the wedding, meaning there’s no honeymoon and we won’t get to spend any time together.

But since this is his life, I decide to accept what he has to do and I’ll try to meet up with him whenever I can at the varying cities where he’s touring.

…yeah, a pretty shit crazy dream. Don’t know how any of this comes about or what it all means.
What was with the “Taken” plot that almost happens? Is it because I’m a commoner (aka: not famous or rich)? Is it organized by a jealous ex girlfriend (I could go out on a limb with this and generate from his song “Nina” a back story for this old girlfriend, someone he grew up with)?
I’d been considering the possibility of online dating also. It’d be amazing for someone to read a profile of me or read blog posts and feel for me what Ed Sheeran did and want to get to know me beyond that.

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