Vanity 6/peach and black review

So yeah, I’m writing this on my phone on my lunch break on a Friday. It’s been a long week. But thanks to all these guys (and girls) this Friday hasn’t been so bad aside from the fact it’s raining.

So I’ll start in saying that I’d heard this album three times this week and this is my second time listening to the podcast.

Work is busy but it’s gotten so monotonous lately I need this just for my sanity. I don’t always have days like this either.

And it may be surprising for me to say I’m not sick of the music yet. It’s thanks to my fellow purple knight I have this music. I expressed interest in it and he sent me mp3s. But it wasn’t because it was just another Prince project. The whole vanity/apollonia 6 thing plus the movie Sucker Punch inspired a story I’m writing about girls who dance at a bar- more like hot sizzling Latin dances to songs by female artists. And it’s set in a poor neighborhood where some have to sell themselves to pay rent and such. It’s all very complex and I don’t have the time to go into it all. But lots of music by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga and one Nelly Furtado album inspired much of it. And I actually had the epiphany for this story while listening to “sex shooter.” I guess there’s also a lot of Purple Rain influence too. Particularly the club setting and how they use the songs and the rivalry aspect.

Now I’m way off track…

I wanted this music for inspirational reasons but it’s all about the vibe and mindset. Nothing specific will come into my story.

Anyway I listened to this music a lot in the first month or so I had it. And then I gave it up for a month along with all my Prince music in January.

Just saying it’s kinda weird I get sick of Prince’s album (I know, god forbid right?) after maybe the 3rd listen in the span of this week but this hasn’t gotten old.

Maybe I’ll figure it out.

I also thought I’d write this to do something positive. My post on the figure skating world championships isn’t going well… I had issues with YouTube not uploading videos fast enough plus the results aren’t exactly in my personal interest.

Anyway great podcast by peach and black yet again. I knew it’d be a good time and everyone would be tripping over lyrics and laughing until they couldn’t breathe. There was a time that captain actually questioned himself “what’s going on in my brain?”
I think it’s become so addled cuz his head isn’t blowing off and with everyone laughing their heads off, all that energy is just backing up and weird shit happens.
It was another classic peach and black moment. (That comment is during “makeup”- a track I actually like but nearly everyone except Toejam is hard on- something about putting on clown makeup to go kill people… like what? I’m at work listening to this in my earbuds and I cover my mouth so tight to keep anything from coming out. Some people here already think I’m kinda weird cuz I don’t say much. I feel self conscious about that but Prince was cool being the silent type- wtf is my problem?)

Another long random rant- my apologies.

There was a crazy moment at the end over the last song.

MC had another “Annie Christian” moment where he said the track was good and they went crazy and everyone cried foul. (Ok maybe not the same thing)

I listened to it today for the first time since the first time- I still don’t like it.

Mostly cuz it bothers me so much that it sounds like the melody from “kiss me deadly” by Lita Ford even though that second song came years later. And the one part of the chorus I can pick out besides the title goes something like “fall for the mailman’s tricks”… what the hell is that supposed to mean? Is it a precursor of that Pop Life lyric “is the mailman jerking you around? Did he put your million dollar check in someone else’s box?”… I don’t know. It’s just meh lyrics.

Captain read off another of his famous rants that he prepared before hearing the song for the first time in years. Saying stuff like “the obligatory sleepy ballad” and “can’t we end the show on a more positive note?”

Then he turned around and said he had trouble getting the melody out of his head and the song did its job to make it memorable- kinda like all those annoying jingles.

It was funny how the guys kept saying the music on some tracks sounded like cheesy 80s game show music or sitcom stuff.

Like “he’s so dull” toejam said something like that would come on when the main character enters a room and this could be the backdrop for a show where vanity is the wife married to some nerdy guy. Captain added to that saying “that’s how all 80s tv shows start- someone walks through a door” and how he wanted toejam’s idea to be real so he could watch it.

Well I know for a fact that captain loves that show “the goldbergs”- I mentioned it on twitter once or twice and he replied to me which is cool. It makes sense now. Plus him liking this album cuz it’s poppy and he loved pop.

Then they got to “(if a girl answers) don’t hang up” and he said it was his favorite on the album, the comedy is even better than the “super-pop”

Yeah that song had a fun discussion. It got kinda controversial when toejam said what I thought all along- that Prince was playing the gay guy lover. Then player and mc challenged him saying how they thought Prince was playing a female role.

When Brenda calls the character “you one ugly cow”- I can see that. But I still picture gay guy. I think in the live concert footage I saw on YouTube Morris day played that part. I gotta watch it again after all this.

They said how it’s good once but the joke stops being funny after several times. Me I still find it funny but I still have to look up the lyrics cuz one or two words are lost to me during the “Brenda intervention” segment.

Toejam also revealed the origin of his name and funny enough it connects to something in this song. The phone that rings in this song- it reminds him of an old video game Toejam and Earl where the phone rings and you have to find the next part of the map.

No joke- I type toejam into google and “toejam and earl” is the first result.

I’m still waiting to hear the origin of captain’s name. I’m betting its from the lyric “this is your captain with no name speaking”.

But it might not be Prince related. Toejam’s certainly wasn’t.

Actually I don’t think any of them has a Prince derived moniker. Mine (DreamyPopRoyalty) is inspired by Prince but not derived from any of his music or quotes.

What else… two songs had captain cringing from the title. Like the song but hate the title.

Bite the beat- the first time I listened this week I started to think about what it could mean. And it is nasty. It’s so playful and tactfully done though that it doesn’t bother me so much.

I’ve said many times how Prince more or less was my sexual education. And 50 shades added to that so now I hear some s&m stuff in his music. Whether or not he practiced bondage and all that- I don’t know. I also wonder but also afraid to say/ask on twitter somewhere if he really made those kinds of sex noises in bed like he did in “do me baby”. Like if he ever went that high in his voice… yeah the vision in my head really starts to blur when I contemplate any of that. But Prince laid so many girls in his life- he HAD to have been good in bed.

Now I’m off topic. I think my point of all that was the guys saying how Prince tested the waters with these side projects about how much he could get away with on the explicit front. It’s an interesting point I may have reached in several years on my own.

What they may have missed- nasty girl was a song along with darling Nikki that was on tipper gore’s hit list of filthy songs.

It was funny how they spent so long on the intro and maybe 15-20 minutes on the first song. It always happens.

But it’s great to have one of those dying laughing moments. Captain has the best laugh (even in the background it’s easy to pick up) but it’s also great hearing the guys crack themselves up so bad that it takes 2 minutes for them regain composure.

This was during “wet dream” and (yeah captain again) says “there’s a hooker in your bed and she’s got no head”… just came out of nowhere like that clown makeup thing.

Toejam had a great moment where he was talking about “he’s so dull” and how the lyrics are about the guy reading science magazines and “sometimes I think they’re talking about me”. Today I actually rewound that song a bit to find the lyric and I somehow got just before it. I never heard that lyric before so when they mentioned it twice in the podcast I’m like I gotta find this.

And mc had this comment that has another hilarious moment. Just the way he phrased it captain called him on it “you sound like you’re going to a commercial break”. And mc ran with it doing his best announcer voice “and after the weather…”

It’s the accent. It’s all about the accent with these guys. That’s what makes listening to them extra entertaining.

Oh and captain said “explain it all, Clarissa” when mc was going to do his discussion on 3×2=6

I didn’t watch that show much (or any non-cartoon nickelodeon shows for that matter) but I’d seen Melissa Joan hart in a couple things because of that nostalgia I never got to really experience. If I saw it all, I don’t remember much.

I guess I should do my own discussion on the album. I can’t rate this on my scale cuz it’s a protege project. But it’s kinda nuts to hear this in the context of Prince’s music. From Controversy it sounds like such a huge leap in that Purple Rain direction. It’s crazy.

Yeah I like all the songs a lot and don’t skip any. I just don’t bother with the last one. I hear nasty girl in Beverly Hills cop and can’t help moving and grooving to it. The music is so great here. I also really like the music in “drive me wild” and “makeup.” It’s that 1999 sound. In “drive me wild” I swear some of the music reminds me of the b-side “girl”- I hadn’t heard it in YEARS. Maybe 10 years actually. It was among the first bootlegs I got. I wonder how it’ll come off to me now. Now that my mind is a little dirtier and not as naive…could be interesting. And I mean that in a good way. Maybe too good that I can’t share it here but also don’t read too much into that.

When it was mentioned that “he’s so dull” was in the Vacation movie- I remember seeing it in the last year and picking it out and being excited at that surprise.

I used that phrase as Phillip Phillips’s identifier on American idol. Zero charisma and he still won. But I take comfort in the fact Colton Dixon is more successful although only in that small circle of Christian artists.

Anyway- cut out a major rant relating to my world championship entry and bringing this to a close.

I think next thing I ought to just do a section under the title “Funny Things Captain Says”…
seriously, it’s gotten to a point where I’m either coming off as an fangirl or a creep… he’s easily the most quotable of the bunch.

I already heard the podcast about The Time’s first albums on Peach and Black, but I’ll go through it again for next week when I go back to “what time is it?”
I like to play that album on the way home from work because they’re just a good way to end the day.
I still can’t believe I picked that album up by chance.
I was with a friend in my animé club and we were on our way to see the “Twilight” midnight showing with our animé club, we had to kill time and we went to Circuit City and I found the album there and bought it.
I haven’t seen this album since then… but easily one of the best purchases I made from them ever.
The second best was getting both Beverly Hills Cop movies (I know they’re three, but I only saw the first two at that point- I saw the third a few years later and it wasn’t great).

Anyway… I may not do a blog for The Time…can’t guarantee it anyway… but definitely will be back for 1999.
That’s going to be mind-blowing, coming back to that after a bunch of months, but it’ll be difficult. One of those albums I listened to after Prince died- and “Little Red Corvette” certainly didn’t make things easier- being the song that was on when I got the news about his death…

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