2017 Worlds [Figure Skating]

I have a gut feeling that I hadn’t seen Worlds live since 2014…
but that doesn’t mean I’m any less pissed about another missed opportunity. Especially this year to possibly see history happen.
Not just a new world record or record for the competition, or the first time an American man has won with who had multiple quads. (Well, more than a couple toe loops anyway).

So as I tend to do this time every year (man, no matter how much I miss from the next Olympics, it’s going to kill me… Sochi spoiled me so much, but on the other hand, the state of my life at that point is nothing to look by on fondly, so I try to live in the present when I can)…. I’m going to make up a list of the people I want to see and I’ll go and YouTube them.

And considering how nervous I was about the grand prix final this year (which I completely missed because I was away), I may have to watch Yuzuru and Nathan Chen first because I get to anyone else. They’re my favorites to win this.
Of course, I’d be happy if Boyang Jin and Shoma did also. Or Javier Fernandez… per the usual, anyone but Patrick Chan unless he skated perfectly clean and everyone else fell at least twice.

But first the junior men… they skated over a week ago and I already tripped across the results. I mean, I am happy Vincent Zhou won this for the US. But I would’ve liked to see it as it happened so it’s even more epic.
I also wished that Dmitri finishing on the podium helped Russia get more seats on the Olympic team, but sadly, that will depend on Maxim Kovtun and… I don’t even know who else is going. Alexander Samarin and Mikhail Kolyada, I think, were the top 3 in Russian Nationals, but I think only 2 men can come to worlds.

The trick is finding these programs on YouTube- most likely, unless it’s the top three, it’s going to be near impossible.

Yeah, I have lists of competitors I wanted to see for 2015 and 2016… so yeah, I haven’t seen Worlds live since 2014. I think Yulia Lipnitskaya and Yuzuru won their respected disciples.

For the junior men, I’d like to see the following:

Vincent Zhou, Dmitri Aliev, Alexander Samarin, Jun Hwan Cha, Alexander Petrov, Kevin Aymoz, Alexei Krasnozhon, Roman Sadovsky, Yaroslav Paniot, Koshiro Shimada, Daniel Samohin (despite the fact I heard he had an epic failure in this competition, which is sad for a last year’s junior world champion), and Sondre Oddvall Boe.

If I can get to see those first 4, that’s fine too.

Okay, so I found a video- only one video… that has an hour or so of footage, but I won’t be watching all of the skaters.
There are 11 and 7 are on my list.
All things considered, those are really good odds. But I feel bad about all the skater I won’t get to see. Roman, Yaroslav, Koshiro and Sondre all have great moments in their performances, but they’re not always consistent (well, Koshiro is maybe the best of those 5).

Jun Hwan Cha is up first, followed by Alexei Krasnozhon
Someone questioned Vincent’s placing and according to the reply comment, quads aren’t allowed in the short program… well… I don’t really know how to feel about that. I know not all juniors can do quads, but still… I kinda want them not to be banned, at least not from the short program.

yeah, Jun Hwan Cha is pretty spectacular to watch. I keep thinking to myself how he’s such a prodigy, how he could be the next Nathan Chen and possibly push the sport even further. And possibly he might be of age to compete at the Olympics next year (wow, can’t believe it’s only next year). the choreography and transitions leaves something to be desired, but otherwise, it looked flawless, him doing all the elements.
82.34- yeah, a massive gap between the two marks. Technical is 8 points higher- but 45 is really good for a junior.

wow, Alexei’s only 16- he seems so much older to me, but then he’s in the junior ranks, so I don’t know what I thought his age was. I hadn’t seen him in a long time, or really any of these guys. Vincent is the most recent one. So much talent.
His jumps didn’t look as crisp or strong as I know he can make them, but he was on his feet and never stepped out. The technique just isn’t there to get +’s on grades of execution. But his skating is still one of my favorites to watch. I just hope he gets that moment to really break through. He got that this season when he got 2nd once and won once to get to the final, which was a great achievement in itself. But then he wound up in 5th place with one too many mistakes.
I love seeing him when he celebrates- love that energy.
76.50- which currently puts him in 2nd. Not as strong as the skater before him, but definitely a step in the right direction.

Ok, Vincent is next.
I completely forgot he skated to “Writing’s on the wall”… based on that comment, he had to have done really well.
I didn’t get as rapt up in it as I usually do. It wasn’t as clean and sharp as I’d seen him skate this program. It has been spectacular and jaw-droppingly amazing. I can see why he only got 5th at this point in the competition.
78.87- yeah, that’s still a good score. Just doesn’t put him in 1st place.

Let’s see… I know he got outranked by the two Russians and Brian Orser’s little Korean prodigy. Maybe Alexander Petrov also outranked him in this round… I’ll soon find out.
He’s up next.

He was very strong. Had one jump where he had to move his hands about a bit to make sure he stayed on his feet. The music sounds very familiar- it’s called “Ritual Dance of Fire”- I think it was the music Mao Asada used for her short and long programs this year, but had two different costumes and sets of choreography.
And I forgot he was one of his Mishin’s students… then I remembered how I really hadn’t watched Plushenko perform since I published my latest YouTube montage (should probably check how many views I’m up to- I think I left it with 33). It’s probably a good thing. Don’t want to have him in mind too much while watching these other skaters.
81.29- which puts him in first currently… that’s really good. Not as strong technically as Jun Hwan Cha, but he got a bit more for his components score. That’s the benefit of working with Alexei Mishin, I think.

Yeah, Dmitri is next 😀 I think the first time I saw him, I didn’t quite get the hype or really hook onto his artistry. But I know that his 2nd grand prix assignment in 2015 was a game-changer- I gotta revisit “Notre Dame de Paris” one of these days. I just gotta remember which city the competition was in. I think, maybe Riga… that year had a lot of former Soviet states in it- Bratislava, Slovokia; Riga, Lativa;.. yeah, I gotta look…
yeah, it was Linz, Austria. I remember that for sure. I know Dmitri just misses getting first in this current event, so I might follow that up with “Notre Dame de Paris” to really embrace that amazing moment all over again.
Going over my old posts, I said that I had no memory of his short program, but he had that Russian greatness in his free skate. He just needed to work on performance and feeling the music… boy has that improved…
now enough delay…
his second jumping pass is a little suspect, not completely clean. But breathtaking artistry and feeling that music. the surefootedness when he nails his jumps.
yeah, he’s amazing.
83.48- his scores are the closest of anyone else’s- only a 6 point difference. really strong. and it’s nice to see him crack a smile when he sees his high score. he’s so serious when he performs, so it’s nice to see him be human and more importantly be 17. The Russians especially are very mature as skaters that personality doesn’t often come out (if they’re not firecrackers on the ice, that is) until they see they’ve scored well.

Up next, let’s see… oh man, three Russians in a row… Alexander Samarin.
I hope next year his short program has this much energy. So much fun to watch, especially when skated well.
at the end of the season, I should revisit his exhibition of a SP performance in Saransk, Russia.
He looks a bit disappointed with that. He started so strong with his first jump. But after some spins and choreography, he had to fight to hold onto his 2nd jump and his combination was a little rough on the 2nd jump- had to fight again. But he really embraced the audience and tried to get them involved, which is great. I hope he continues to work on that aspect, the crowd-interaction because that really makes the performance better.
And it makes him look like the future star he is 😉
I think he’ll be a little behind Dmitri in his scores.
82.23- whoa, he’s in 3rd… just a tad below Jun Hwan Cha. If his jumps were sharper, he’d be in 2nd or 1st.
I really hope “Maybe I Maybe You” is a great performance. The last time at the final was off and it made me sad. Just because his performance of it where he… Oh man, I don’t even know if it was the first or second performance of it that really got me excited. More or less saying that he took that music from Plushenko (who used it for only one exhibition ever) and made it his own and I’m going to forever think of him first when I play it on my iPod.
It was the 2nd performance in Slovenia.

Only two more to go after him… which is good for me because I need to put my attention back on The Voice 😛

ok, Daniel Samohin
I don’t know what is up with him lately… he was such a rock star last season. but this season, his jumps have been awry. He’ll get really high in the air (amazing air he gets), but his feet don’t come down cleanly on the blade. Like he’s forgotten how to land these jumps or just lots of nerves. particularly since he’s starting to do senior competitions now. definitely will get good marks for his performance to the music, but otherwise…
67 even… yeah, he’s gotten 70’s and 80’s before. definitely has done better.

Which just leaves me with Kevin Aymoz, who I hadn’t seen for a really long time.
he’s so small, but he’s the oldest here- 19
I hope he does well. I think he could be the next big star in France’s men’s skating.
OMG… I don’t remember him skating to “Radioactive”… just checked, he did “Halleujah” the last time.
I wonder who does his choreography because it worked so well to this music. The jumps hit right at the right moments in the lyrics… he spun so fast in the step sequences.
Definitely going to be one of those memorable performances for me.
Dang, he’s emotional when he wins and loses. Wiping away some happy tears while coming off the ice. He’s a great artistic skater, but this hip-hop type choreography worked really well for him too. I don’t care how well he winds up doing for the whole competition- give this kid some senior grand prix assignments!
77.24… boo-hiss, that was an 80 point performance! but he’s happy with that as a season’s best. Currently in 6th.

So… let’s see… the rankings for everyone I watched so far.
1. Dmitri Aliev
2. Jun Hwan Cha
3. Alexander Samarin
4. Alexander Petrov
5. Vincent Zhou
6. Kevin Aymoz
8. Alexei Krasnozhon
…and that’s all the video gave me.

I’ll save the free skate video for tomorrow. And everyone is listed except Alexei… and the video of his free skate is nowhere to be found on YouTube 😦 that makes me sad…

anyway, all this for tomorrow.

…it’s tomorrow…
time for the free skates for the junior men.

unfortunately this part of the post will be opening with the epic failure of Daniel Samohin. He’s so much better than he’s shown this season, I swear…

ok, I feel like an idiot… I’m sorry, I heard he didn’t do all that great in this competition. That was a little more epic than fail, but it wasn’t perfect. Very strong on the first sets of jumps, including his high flying quadruple toe loop combination.
But some jumps were sloppy, had swingy landings and he had one fall.
But at the end, the crowd cheered so much for him and in the kiss and cry, he said thank you for supporting me and next season will be better… I certainly hope so.
Final score was 232.63 with a whopping 90 points for his technical score. the components needs a lot of work, but that’s definitely a step in the right direction.
Currently in 1st.

oh man, Dmitri is going last in this group… that might explain why he doesn’t win. the extra nerves.

Vincent Zhou is up first. This should be good.
skating to music from Casablanca
I kept thinking in my head how I really don’t like the choreography, how it’s kinda meh, a lot of skating from one element to the next. But the jumps were strong, nearly all of them. there were some that he had to fight to save. But that final was everything. He struck the final pose at just the first time and he just broke down, face in his hands. He was so happy and it made me so happy for him.
Can’t believe his technical score is over 100. How many freaking quads did he have? 😛
although that three jump combination, I think the Rippon lutz with the two hands over the head, half loop, triple salchow had a lot to do with it too.
That reaction with the scores was even better. Can’t believe this was a new season’s best when he did so well at Nationals.
258.11, with a 104.66 technical score… the components score is 74.58 and needs a lot of work. But with the right music and program, that’ll come easily.
Just wow…

Kevin Aymoz
it’s nice to see him come off the ice happy with his performance. especially a free skate.
his technical score doesn’t match up with the guys before him because I don’t think he has any quads yet. but I love the sound of his triple axel. the room is just silent (even with the music playing) except for that take-off and solid landing.
He mispicked a jump and had some pops and under rotations afterwards, but he fought back and hit the rest of his jumps. And that emotion, again, is what really pulls me into the performances he gives. And he hit the final pose so strongly, it had me in awe
sadly it’s not the best score at the end
218.63- 67 technical, 73 components. Both marks need work, but he definitely needs all the confidence and good feedback he can get.
I gotta see if he has a Twitter account…

then the two Alexanders are up next

Alexander Petrov
Now that’s what I call a feel-good performance. The technique on the jumps could improve a bit, not as sharp as they could be. But that was just fun to watch. He skated to something by Frank Sinatra, I think.
243.27- 86 technical, 75 components. That’s really good. Too bad the guys doing quads (although he have had one) will grant better scores. But definitely the best I’d seen him, I think.

Alexander Samarin
he’s probably thinking about all the things he could have done better in that performance… I love how he just gives so much of himself to this. If I didn’t already love the music enough, that adds to that.
So he nailed all his jumps, but he had some sketchy landings he had to hold onto. Otherwise, very strong. If Vincent and Dmitri weren’t at the level they’re at here, he could have won this.
245.53- 88/75… yeah, pretty strong marks. Not sure what more he could do for components because with him and this program, they’re at a high level in my opinion.

Ok, two left. And we have to bring up the streak of Russians with Jun Hwan Cha.
I think he and Dmitri are skating to Josh Groban in the free.
Aside from the fall, that was amazing to watch. His skating has just the right touch to match the music. It made the time pass by so fast.
242.45… yeah, it was a strong skate, really well done. But there is work to be done overall. It was great, but not that super high level.
Brian Orser is talking about a spin, it sounds like maybe he lost levels on a spin and that contributed to the lower score.

Dmitri Aliev 😀
he slipped off the edge on his opening quad… that’s the one thing that’s making the difference between him winning or not.
I mean, whenever he skates well like this, I want so badly for him to win. I feel that way about a handful of skaters- Yuzuru is definitely among them. But yeah… I’ll have to go back and see if he also got second place last year in worlds.
his coach looked so pumped that he got second place and both were so happy.
247.31- 84/79
yeah, Dmitri had the best components score of anyone, but he needs to hone his technique on the jumps some more. today, they didn’t quite hit as they usually do.

But yeah… he’s amazing. I really hope he’s the future of Russian men’s skating. Him and Alexander Samarin deserve that recognition. And Russia could use some new blood in the senior game.

Oh wow… I just looked at the results of last year’s junior worlds.
Dmitri was in 6th place, Vincent 5th and Alexander Samarin 4th… no wonder Dmitri was so happy with silver. I mean, nothing was like his face when he won gold at the grand prix final. That had to have been his proudest moment in his career so far.

But yeah, times have changed quite a bit.
Interesting discussion in the comments… I know I said I should avoid comments, but I got curious. People asked why Jun Hwan Cha got 5th. To a lesser extent, why Dmitri got 2nd over him with a fall on his only quad when Jun Hwan Cha had 2 where he only fell on one. I think age and experience have a little to do with that.
Plus Dmitri feels his music and other skaters need to hone that more.
Kevin Aymoz is the best at that, I think, but he doesn’t have the technical merit to support that.

Just wanted to add- love how Dmitri is so appreciative of his audience and how supportive of him they are. That makes it all worth it in the end.

Nice little interview with Vincent at the end of the video.
It’s nice learning a little more about my favorite skaters.
He said how he was in shock still about winning and how he loves the food at Taipei (when asked about his impressions of the city) and that his parents put him in sports because they couldn’t “contain” him at home 😛 and he developed a personal connection with skating in particular.

At the end of the day, this sport is the best when I have my favorites and I can be just as happy with any one of them winning because I support them that much.

So… tomorrow, I’ll go to work and when I come home, I’ll try to find the uploads of the ladies’ short programs at Worlds… they air here around noon and I’m still at work.
I may be home to see the free skates on Saturday, which will be nice.


Evgenia Medvedeva was the first video to appear on my “recommended” section on my YouTube page, so I had to start with her.
Another perfect performance I really can’t make any additional comment on 😛 except her first combination was extra stunning this time because her second jump in the combination had both hands over her head to up the difficulty.
And she most likely will be in the lead going into the free skate. With her technique and strategy, nobody can top her unless they’re perfect with a triple axel or she makes a mistake. Which I’ve only seen happen maybe twice ever.
79.01- yeah, it kinda boggles my mind that she didn’t get yet another season’s best. I can’t detract anything 😛

Next in the right hand column is Ashley, so I gotta go to her next. I have 10 people I want to get around to seeing today. Tomorrow will be a little more difficult cuz I have 18 guys I have my eye on.

From my eyes, Ashley nailed it. If you zoomed in on certain jumps, they could possibly be under rotated. Or they simply won’t get pluses on grades of execution. But for the components score, she has to fetch a good enough score to make up for that. At least to keep her in the running for the podium.
69.04… ok, I am PISSED. That was worth at least 70 something points.
she’s currently in 5th place which worries me even more.
Seriously, what more could she have done?! I don’t understand.

I’d go to the comments to see if anyone agrees with me, but people will likely be talking about the order everyone came in and I don’t want to find that out until the end.
I’m hoping she’s one of the last ones that went and that the scores are close together.

Maria Sotskava
she nailed all the jumps and moved well with the music. I just felt no spark. Or any sense of identity on the ice. Ashley and Evgenia know who they are and are good at performing as a result. To me, this felt flat and uninteresting. Beautiful, but forgettable.
69.76- so yeah, these scores are close together. She won out on technical, but Ashley edged her on components.

Gabrielle Daleman
[makes sense- the next girl on the list I’m following is her fellow Canadian Kaetlyn Osmond]

I don’t think I’d seen her in a short program- if I had, it’s been a long time.
Either way, that was amazing. The jumps were big and strong and the skating skills early in the program were cool to watch [kinda trying to find the right adjective and “cool” was the only one that really work].
She’s a contender for sure. Looking ahead, I hope she’s one of the girls Canada sends to the Olympics because I’ve seen sparks of brilliance in her. [Ok, this is only maybe the 2nd spark of brilliance cuz I’d seen her once or twice before].
and Brian Orser’s her coach 😛 I should’ve known that, that technique.
72.19- whoa! she’s in 3rd place… that means someone else scored in the 70’s… and I’m hoping that’s Anna Pogorilaya… but yeah, really well deserved. 39 is a really impressive technical score

Kaetlyn Osmond
yeah, judging from the scoring in the left hand corner, she’s the one in second…
it’s kinda hard to really get behind that after Gabrielle kinda blew me away. that was a well done program, sharp technique on the jumps. But I didn’t like the program choreography and performance as much.
75.98- whoa, that’s high… then I look at Evgenia’s score and she still has a 3 point advantage. Solid technique on the jumps like I said- 41 technical score, but her components are maybe a point or so ahead of Ashley… which again, I don’t understand.

Yeah, the free skate is going to suck… I’m going to be hope for so many girls to fall so Ashley to get a freaking medal. Dammit, she deserves it. Nobody in the US is as good as her. At least not this year.

Anna Pogorilaya
the last two jumps are questionable. She had to fight to land the first and the second… something just looked off.
But that was GREAT. She was so composed and really embraced the music and the crowd was clapping along with her step sequence (then I remember how close Finland is to Russia… maybe homefield advantage…)
That’s gotta fetch a strong score. On components in particular.
at least 75 points. If not, something’s wrong.
71.52- BOO!! this puts her in 4th place… I mean, she can still medal if she has help. The Canadians are both wild cards- not sure how they’ll do in the free skate, I don’t know them well enough to make any predictions.

yeah… better go onto the next skater before I flip out too much more.

Rika Hongo
I accidentally scrolled past some comments while searching for the next video to watch and someone said something like “31 pcs, you gotta be kidding me”…
yeah, she’s had some brilliant performances, but is almost always underscored. This time, she had some issues with her jumps. A bunch of under rotations or something, they didn’t look clean.
Also was a little distracted by the music. “Carmina Burana” is a great piece I know well. But her version of it sounded like a mess. It was a combination of Enya-type vocals with operatic vocals just all over the place. Just took away from a bit for me.
So yeah- 62.55 is pretty low in this given field (plus at the time of skating she was 11th with this).

Karen Chen
she looked as good as she did at Nationals- wow- that was so nice to watch.
I’m sure there’ll be some comments complaining about Tatiana Tarasova talking through most of her program. I’ve seen it before- she’s quiet for the Russians, but talks during other performances. Actually, this is the most I’d heard her in anyone’s performance.
I don’t know much of what she’s saying, but the tone sounds critical or just disapproving.
69.98- she got a really good technical score of 38… but it’s like “even SHE got higher than Ashley”… although her jumps were sharper and smoother.

I had to do a search to find Carolina Kostner.
She had a hiccup going into her final spin, but had a very solid program. Really great jumps and energy on the ice. The kind of energy in Alexei Mishin’s most experienced students 😉
I couldn’t read the score on the video cuz it was shot from a phone. But it looks like 68 or 69.33.
Ouch, 66.33- she was so much better than that.
Mariah Bell is 13th overall, which explains why there’s no video of her performance on YouTube.

So I have my eye on the top 8 here.
Unfortunately, Gabrielle Daleman is in 3rd and with 72.19 as her score, she’s the one Ashley Wagner and Karen Chen have standing between them and a medal.

Anna Pogorilaya, I think has the technique and overall skill level to maybe get second place if she’s at her absolute best. And possibly Kaetlyn Osmond has an epic failure of a performance like she had at Four Continents. I was afraid then she was injured because the falls kept adding up.

Everyone I saw today was so good- the worst they got were under rotations. Nobody really fell.

So I guess it’s just waiting for the guys- and I hope the members of the Quad Revolution bring the goods.

Up first… Javier Fernandez…
not quite a member of the Quad Revolution- his most advanced quad is the salchow (which technically is advanced because Plushenko couldn’t master it- that jump and quad lutz led or at least accelerated his back issues)- and the first year I really paid attention to figure skating (i.e. 2014-2015 season), it was the quad everyone was adding to their programs.

But it’s the lutz, flip and loop that make the Quad Revolution what they are.

Javi first.
…dammit, blocked for copyright…

I’m not waiting all night to watch these, so I’m sinking to the low of DailyMotion.com.
All those damn ads slow the videos down- it makes watching figure skating particularly annoying and difficult.
But from what I could see, he had possibly a personal best in addition to a season’s best.
109.05- that’s a point away from Yuzuru’s personal best, I think.
60.79/48.26- yeah, that’s really good. The jumps I had to scroll back over to see properly.

That’s great.
Makes me wonder how everyone else did. He was chasing down a technical 59 something, I think.

If I can get the site to come up again, Yuzuru was the one up next.
and cuz I’m going through Prince’s music chronologically, I can afford to turn the sound off and not listen. That’s something that’ll make the experience a little easier- but he’s the only skater I can do this with.

even without the music- that felt like pulling out teeth, so painful to watch with the video running SO SLOW…
Anyway… from what I could see, Yuzuru nailed everything but the middle jumping pass. It looked like an under rotation (that’s what it’d be classified as, I guess) on his quad salchow and his triple afterwards (with the two hands over the head- that was something different- it looked suspiciously similar to Evgenia’s- I know the two of them are friends). But everything else that I could make out was good.
Anyway… it’s so weird seeing Yuzuru not make 100 points 😛 because he almost always does.
But it’s pretty damn high for that miss on the quad.
98.39- 52.04/47.35

Ok, that’s kinda nuts… Javi got a higher components score… but then again, I couldn’t really see enough of these videos to judge properly.
God, I hope the rest of this post isn’t like this.

And whatever reason, Patrick Chan is the only person (ok, him and Kevin Reynolds), they’re the only ones with videos uploaded.
What the hell is taking everyone else so long?!

And there’s no way Patrick Chan scored over 100 points and is currently leading.
Not with him having… let’s see… I think he had a quad toe-triple combination, triple axel and a solo quad toe loop. Unless he recently made that one a salchow instead.
Either way, he doesn’t have the technical merit to get him over the top.

yeah, just to cool down a bit, I’ll start with Kevin Reynolds.
I swear he is good, but never gets the high scores to compete with the top skaters. Seems like unfair bias to me.
Yeah, it looked like he had two quads he was attempting, but the second (which was solo- the combination was fantastic!) he didn’t get enough air for, so he had to make it a triple jump and his triple axel solid.
I couldn’t help but think he is a transitional skater- he began the quad revolution before it was cool, but his choreography and style is very old school. Like how Americans before Jason Brown skated.
84.44- 48.48/35.96
yeah, that would’ve been great 10 years ago 😛 as I like to often say when someone scores a really good 80 point program.

there’s a video in the corner asking if Patrick Chan’s style can still win…

NO!!! I’m sorry, but not with skaters doing all this bad-ass shiny new quads.
His style is nailing the jumps he loses and relying on components scores- and to me, components scores are buffed by the judges to favor certain skaters.

All I can say, he better give a better performance than at four continents.
There was no light in his eyes and his face was flat. Tara is a huge fan of his and she even said he looked scared or intimidated.

After dinner then…

they’re finally starting to upload videos, but this guy put the damn score and placing in the video description 🙄

But I’ll take care of Patrick Chan first so I can stop complaining about him and also because that video is just sitting in my Internet bar without a good video for me to click on afterwards.

[I mean, I could edit all this negativity out, but I kinda like to leave my mistakes in. If I edit anything out, it’s usually unrelated or I just go too long on something else]

and apparently Boyang Jin is in 4th place… considering that the quad revolution has 4 members… and Javier Fernandez scored over 100 and Yuzuru did not… that doesn’t sound good for somebody…

ok, enough distractions…
so… he nailed all the jumps. his best is a quadruple toe loop-triple combination. I still think 17 points for that is a bit much.
Anyway, he had a triple axel and triple lutz… at least Javi tries two quads in his short program.
And the technical score isn’t quite up there as a result.
…he broke 100… WTF… he’s never broken 100 before
just the way this is shot, though, I can’t really give a good judgement on components scores because it wasn’t close enough to see if his face was engaging with the music or not
102.13- 54.11/48.02
…I’m sorry, but he’s just so boring for me to watch… and with only quad, it’s not just exciting.
He’s in 3rd behind Javi, which means there’s someone else who broke 100.
And it’s GOTTA be Nathan Chen. Just have this gut feeling.

Which means that this is going to come down to the free skate. Yuzuru, Boyang and Nathan all have at least 4 quads in their free skates. Patrick Chan has three- he can’t beat that. There’s just no way.

Yeah… I can hear it now… I’m going to be labeled as the figure skating blogger who hates Patrick Chan 🙄 but I made this bed, so I’m sleeping in it.
My point is that the quad revolution by virtue of their added technical difficulty should have a lack on the top 4 spots. Unfortunately Boyang doesn’t that components score yet, but he keeps working on it each time I see him.

So he’ll be next… so far the only video uploaded…
[hate to say it, but Patrick Chan’s score is exactly where it should be. Hit all the jumps and all the elements seemed in place. And admittedly, I don’t care for Javi’s short program either. Especially since it’s the same as last year’s, but with a boring costume].

Boyang Jin [sometimes in my head, I think of him as Jin Boyang… not sure which is the proper way to go about it]

Figure skating really makes me appreciate all the amateur YouTubers out there recording videos on their phones and posting them.
Not always the best quality, but every now and then, they are well done.
This guy had a really good seat from high up so he could see everything. He was really into it, calling out the jumps and cheering him on.
Yeah, the score was 98.64.
Which makes sense considering everything. He started with a whopping quad lutz-triple combination with a solid triple axel, later a quad toe in the 2nd half.
The only criticism I have is his choreography has too many times where he’s running from one element to the next.
So the 4th place makes sense… I don’t like it, but I accept it for sure.

And so far he’s the only other video uploaded… this stinks… what’s taking so damn long?

and Boyang scored higher than Yuzuru… WTF?!

Yeah, this is going to be one of those competitions…
and I hate that. Wanting someone to fail so my favorites can win.

Ultimately, I guess I just don’t want Patrick Chan to win a 4th world title because Plushenko has three and he’s still better than him in every aspect [except the fact he couldn’t do a quad salchow]… I don’t care what anyone says.
Yuzuru and Javier Fernandez… even Shoma actually… are the only skaters able to put together the strong jumps and the entertainment factor the way he did. Nathan Chen and Boyang Jin are still working on that. Still need…

I wonder if Nathan Chen, possibly, was one of the last to go and maybe he’s leading right now.
Shoma could be the guy between Javi and Patrick Chan for all I know…

I don’t know! YouTube needs to upload these videos before I lose my goddam mind [although some might argue I already lost it]
my gut is that Nathan Chen is sandwiched between the non-members of the revolution… which makes me worry about Shoma. He had such a hard time at Worlds last year and I really want him to get that bit of redemption.

Mikhail Kolyada is the next video uploaded… and he’s in 7th place with 93.28
A really good score (heck, 90+ is the benchmark everyone should be trying to hit)
But then that brings me back to something I really should have been praying for alongside all the members of the Quad Revolution (and Javier Fernandez) being safe in training and not attaining any injuries…

PLEASE let the Russians finish in the top 10- or at least higher than 15 and 17 as what happened before Sochi.
They cannot risk only sending one man to the Olympics again.

Denis Ten just got uploaded, but first things first…

Mikhail did really good… quad toe-triple, triple axel and lutz… same jumps as Patrick Chan. But maybe not to that same technical degree of greatness.
But with his skating skills and performance-wise, I have a good sense of how he is with this program and I’m mildly entertained. Not super memorable, but at least memorable in a good way.

Denis Ten- 90.18… that sounds not so good for him.
and that’s all for now, it looks like, with the uploads.
He did good.
The only thing taking away from his score… two things… he missed the first combination and put it on his second jump, a lutz. Then his triple axel looked like he had to fight for the landing.
He skated to a mixture of some classical pieces, one from the Nutcracker and another I heard Vanessa Mae do a revamped version of. But instead of her take, it started to do a breakdown almost like a dance track and the crowd was clapping along and enjoying it.
Good, but not great in this particular field. He is in 9th place.

After taking a shower, one more showed up- Alexei Bychenko.
He got 85.28… which says to me he tried a quad and fell.
At this point, you get something in the 80’s, something’s not quite right.
…yeah, these judges suck…
ok, seriously- he started with a triple axel, then did a quadruple toe loop. later he did a (if Enrique- the guy uploading these videos- is right) he did a triple flip, toe loop combination in the 2nd half.
And he just sold the program with the footwork. Really entertaining and fun.
But yeah, his jumps aren’t world class on the landings. At least not getting +’s on grade of execution.
Man, I can’t believe how damn tight this sport is now. Your placement isn’t hitting the elements. But if you swing on the landing of a triple axel, you won’t get as much credit.
Alexei’s in 11th place.

Nathan didn’t break 100?! Then who did? Who’s left to break 100 to get in between the two non-quad revolution guys?
I’m searching my memory if Shoma ever scored over 100… I’d go nuts if he did. That’d be really impressive.
Even worse- he’s in 6th place with 97.33… just how?! These judges must be drunk. There’s no way.

…uh… he fell… ok, that’s embarrassing… for me, I mean.
I accuse the judges of being drunk, but apparently I am… I only had one glass of wine with dinner and that was hours ago.
I’m drunk on quad revolution bias. and running on anti-Patrick Chan fumes.

Shoma’s the wild card, then. I can’t think of anyone else who could break 100.
[if it was Maxim Kovtun, I’d have to do something drastic like eat my shoe… I’d be super proud of him of course, but I’d be out of my mind that he chose now to peak… highly unlikely, but of course I can dream]
It’s probably Shoma because he’s mentioned in this video with Javi and Patrick Chan for a press conference…the question is what his score will be.
somewhere between 102 and 106… I know Shoma has a quad flip. I just don’t know off the top of my head what the other two jumps are. maybe a toe loop combination and a triple axel.

Okay, Enrique just uploaded the warm-up of the final group.
And in it are most of the skaters I’d watched already.
ok, half… I need to see Shoma, Jason Brown and Maxim Kovtun

let’s see… just figuring out what the standings are.

1. Javier Fernandez
2. Shoma Uno
3. Patrick Chan
4. Boyang Jin
5. Yuzuru Hanyu
6. Nathan Chen
7. Mikhail Kolyada
9. Denis Ten
11. Alexei Bychenko

…it’d be great if Mikhail stayed in this position after the free skate. Then Russia will have a better chance at getting 2 spots for the Olympics.
Of course it depends on Maxim Kovtun. If he can finish higher than 15th, that’d be a plus. But the goal would be in 11th or higher.
If he wants another chance of being the guy Russia sends to the Olympics, he needs to really fight for it.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait a while. Yuzuru is the next that’ll be loaded and I don’t want to watch or listen to that again.
Jason and Max are the last two skaters in the group, which means the videos might not go up until after 11pm. It’s currently 9:15. 🙄 this just hasn’t been my night… or my competition for that matter.

The only plus I got out of this- other than Shoma being 2nd… I got to see half of the skaters I wanted to.
unfortunately people like Daniel Samohin and Julian Zhi Jie Vee and Deniss Vasiljevs will get lost because they aren’t in the top 10 or 15 in all likelihood.

I’m still not going to google the results. I want to see them as they come in one video at a time.
…the video of the warm-up went up almost an hour ago… I hope he didn’t get halted in the uploads because Yuzuru had Prince music on his and that immediately hits firewalls on YouTube.

oh… there’s a video under Shoma’s search results. The title’s all in Japanese, but the numbers 104.86 stand out… and that’s exactly where I expected him to be- right between the non-quad revolution guys…
I gotta find a shorter identifier for those guys.

But if the Quad Revolution is to be believed or taken seriously, the medalists need to be Yuzuru, Shoma and Nathan- just as they were at the Grand Prix Final and Four Continents… I don’t care what order as long as they’re skating at their best.

Side-note: my latest Plushenko montage is up to 35 views… I don’t know how many of those were since the last time I checked…
but I really should watch a couple of his videos after I’m done with all this.
I think I’m waiting until my taxes are done. I’d been stressing out over that so much.
I do date entry for a local tax company and tax season still makes me nervous when it comes to doing my own.

I’m convinced that working on that last montage broke me… like I haven’t really watched him since.
Actually I’d barely watched him this winter compared to the last two. But it might be a plus- getting that separation.
Doesn’t mean I still don’t think he’s the best and nobody can touch him.

Ok, so Deniss Vasiljevis got his video uploaded before anyone in the final group… interesting…
guess I’ll watch it. He was in the 18 I wanted to see.

fujitv_official is the bane of my freaking YouTube existence… every one of the videos that didn’t work for me, it’s because of them… all because they’re probably one of the sponsers scrawled on the sides of the ice rink.

I guess I’ll have to call it a night… dammit, I really wanted to see Shoma before the day turned over.
Now I’ve got more to deal with tomorrow. I might have to skip happy hour tomorrow to go through all these videos [and it has nothing to do with my “drunk” commentary earlier]…

I hope the Quad Revolution makes more of a statement in the free skates. It shouldn’t be this way…

it’s free skate day!! Saturday!

and it might be Misha’s last ever performance.

243.45- that’s what Terry said his total score was.
That has to be his best score ever. And he did it, I think, without any quads.
It was a very careful, paced performance. He made sure to hit all his jumps. Then when he hit the last, he fist pumped and let himself loose on the ice. The crowd started to really cheer then.
The emotion was clear when he finished. Hands shaking, cupped together as if to say “thank you God” and he kissed the ice rather enthusiastically.
After this is all over, I’ll have to send him a congratulatory tweet.

I’d feared spoilers so much that I haven’t Googled this competition or gone on Twitter at all.

Maxim Kovtun is up first- and he’s currently in 10th place. That’s really good for him. Even better if he gives a solid performance.
I just want Russia to finish well in this. they don’t have to necessarily win for me to be happy.
He doubled his quad toe and doubled a tripe loop. But one of the best skates I’ve seen him give easily. I mean, I read a press conference Patrick Chan gave before worlds and it made me realize that I don’t like his style, but he is true to it. He’s willing to add quads if that’s what he takes, but I have to respect what he brings to the sport.
Max isn’t great with the artistry or performance. Especially the performance- he always looks scared and out of breath out there.
Then Johnny, Tara and Terry were talking about Plushenko being the last time Russia won this competition- and saying that he’s officially retired and the sport wouldn’t be what it is without him.
Well, the Quad Revolution wouldn’t be here without him. I know that much.
But my whole body was on fire so much when they were talking about him and I was so depressed hearing that (despite the fact I probably knew that and I freaking told him to not compete with these guys anymore because it’ll be too much for his body to take)… I couldn’t focus on the rest of it.
245.84- 77.60/78.86- he’s in 1st place at the moment.

Alexei Bychenko is skating- but there’s too much discussion around me for really focus.
It sounds like Anna Pogorilaya- if my parents’ descriptions were right- had a complete meltdown… that’s going to freaking kill me to watch if it really is her.
But anyway- he had two quads to start- he stepped out of the first and just tacked a single on top of it. Then a solid second. From what I saw, through all the discussion, he was good all-around.

And Terry said that to earn three spots on the Olympic team, the total rankings must be 13 or less.

Yeah, I’d like Mikhail Kolyada to skate well and challenge for a 3rd place podium position- although highly likely at this point… but my goal for Russia is for them to earn 2 spots for the Olympics.

245.96- 84.26/76.42… sounds like he scores 2 spots for Israel at the Olympics with that.
he’s in the top 10 it sounds like… which means Max is in 11th. Way better than 15th or 17th for sure.

Kevin Reynolds
yeah- the guys in the booth were talking about him being the first to do two quads in the short program and quote “he’s responsible for all this”
…well, ok, Plushenko said that an Olympic champion must have a quad and pushed for more quads in the sport- or at least for them to be commonplace and you’re rewarded for attempting them and not penalizing as much for missing them.
But Kevin Reynolds was the first to physically trigger the Quad Revolution.

and speaking for that, I think he hit 3 quads. Maybe had a 4th in the second half. He had scratchy landings on some jumps, so he might get penalizing for that. His components score won’t be as high as Patrick Chan for sure. but it’s good to see his reaction at the end- doing a celebratory uppercut.
253.84- 91.06/78.34
yeah, he did really well. Best I’d seen him maybe ever.

Mikhail Kolyada- the crowd’s prime for him- maybe because Russia is so close to Finland.
Just do a clean skate is all I ask.
It was a very up and down rollercoaster of a program. he tried a quad lutz and fell after three rotations and popped a triple axel into a single. And he hit a chip on the ice during a step sequence that broke it up a bit. He looked nervous.
And Johnny, Tara and Terry were just doing another Plushenko love-fest commentary. Saying how everyone’s trying to live up to that legacy, trying to find that star male skater, the junior men doing well at worlds, etc.

This just makes me wish Plushenko was here in the audience and the camera could cut to him. But I really should find time to just watch him again- it’s been ages.

And also interesting to hear how Mikhail is still with the same coach from back when he skated with a group- whereas most skaters move on to Alexei Mishin or Tatiana Tarasova
257.47- 82.49/82.70- currently 1st… they’re saying how he may possibly earn 3 spots for Russia depending on everyone else.

Jason Brown
His quad was just short of being fully rotated, but a good attempt in my view.
It was a nice skate overall. Very smooth edges and such. I just find that music so boring that I can’t fully get excited about it.
269.57- 88.27/89.20- I think that put him in 1st.
If anyone can reach a 100 point components score, he’s one of them. It’s just a matter of when.

Denis Ten
that was up and down… and Johnny was talking about how his living situation has contributed to that. He’s lived on both coasts of the US, worked with different coaches, so he’s not in a place long enough to really get comfortable.
He’s skating to Tosca- which I completely forgot about- and by the end of it, they were saying how he looks lost and is skating to a style that isn’t his.
I mean, I am pretty critical of anyone when they skate to Tosca, especially when they don’t live up to the majesty of it.
It’s a great arrangement for a free skate- I just didn’t like the middle where the tenor starts singing. If I had my way
231.31- 65.79/80.34- he’s in 10th place
kinda sad… I know he’s better than this. He had two feet on his first quad and had a couple falls and another two foot landing.

Nathan Chen apparently has been having boot issues… maybe that’s why he fell on that triple axel- who knows…

But as it is…
I think Mikhail is currently in 2nd and Maxim Kovtun is 5th…
as it is, the worst combined total possible in this is 8+11= 18… which I think will earn 2 spots for Russia’s men.

It’s hard to judge from the warm-up how well everyone is. Yuzuru had what looked like a bad fall on a triple axel, but I hope that’s just nerves.

Oh god, he’s up first…
HE NAILED EVERY JUMP- 4 quads- loop, salchow (solo and in combination) and toe loop. triple axel with a maybe a double loop, triple axel, half loop and triple salchow, and two other.
very solid all around- as Johnny might say on another day “not an eyelash was out of place”
his technical score was over 125… I was floored, I couldn’t believe it.
And this is going to REALLY put pressure on the skaters to follow.
I know Nathan Chen is pretty good with the nerves- he beat Yuzuru last competition with 6 quads.
Yuzuru has to freaking win this, without question. Nobody should be able to beat that. Not just from points, but for anyone else to win wouldn’t just be fair.
126.12/97.08- 321.59- I think his world record was over 330… but yeah…

Nathan Chen was feeling the pressure… plus the boot issues was clearly weighing on his mind
290.72- 110.61/84.78- he’s in 2nd

yeah, my brain is still fried after what Yuzuru did.

Anyway, Nathan fell twice and had a mixed bag of quads. He had 6, but not all of them were good. It was hard to watch, but he also didn’t let himself get down about it. He just went over through it. But his components side definitely suffered from that inconsistency. He just doesn’t quite hate that yet. Johnny said he’s taken ballet, so he has the artistry, but it doesn’t always come out.

Boyang Jin
and the Quad Revolution is back on track… he nailed all his quad and his jumps were all good. And he gave a good performance. But I couldn’t really get into it because my mind is burning so much for Yuzuru to win
118.94/86- 204.94- 2nd place…

Patrick Chan… ok, here we go… he needs, I think, 20 points over his personal best to be in the lead.
and after falling on his 3rd quad (a toe loop in the 2nd half) and putting a hand down on one jump… yeah, he’s not going to win.
Overall, it was good, though and he moved well to his music- which is an original composition by a pairs skater, I think they said.
Nothing buffed your program quite like skating to an original composition 😉
at this point, his technical score is 103… I think he needed to get a 100 point components score to get in the lead.
295.16- 98.11/94.92- he’s currently in 3rd.

Shoma Uno- I didn’t get to see his short program, so I hope this is good enough for a podium position… I’d love a Quad Revolution top three 😉
woof… his technical score currently is more than 120
His components score will take a few hits from a silly mistake on a triple lutz and one or two jumps where he had to fight for the landing. But he gave a performance overall he can be proud of and clearly is.
He has a 6 point advantage over Yuzuru going into this… I think this will give him 2nd place.
I imagine he’ll get an 89 point components score… I think he’ll bring 300 at least with this.
319.31- 120.03/94.42- he joined the 300 club 😛 good job, Shoma!

Javier Fernandez- sorry, Javi, I need you to make a couple mistakes 😛
he needs to score 212, 10 points over his personal best to win
…I’m so sorry, Javi- I said a couple, but that was more than few mistakes. He had a fall or two, a few under rotations and silly mistakes.
And really, I tuned out a bit after a while. He didn’t convince me that he deserved to win.
Terry gave a sick burn-
301.19- 98.62/94.52… ouch, he fell all the way down to 4th place.

They interviewed Nathan Chen afterwards and he said he was in his zone and since he was talking about it being a long season, maybe he just ran out of steam.
I would have liked to see Yuzuru interviewed or at least his reaction when he found out he won… maybe YouTube will have something for me…

but yay! I got my Quad Revolution podium finish
Yuzuru, Shoma and Jin Boyang

Even better, Russia got 2 Olympic spots (YAY!!!) along with Israel, Spain, and Canada. I think because of the 6th and 7th place finishes for the US, they got three spots for the men, which is great.

I got my wish, which makes this even better…

and now a break until the women’s free skate tonight.

It’s tonight.

And Ashley’s up first…. oh man, I hope she does good.
193.54- 56.33/68.17- she’s in 2nd place at the moment…
I mean, her only mistake was her triple-triple combination where she only got a single jump at the end of her triple.
Johnny and Tara were really hard on her, though. Saying how tight she was in her jumps and how she was not invested in this program.
For me, it felt very smooth. Maybe an under rotation or two. But she kept her composure for the whole of it. I liked it a lot, but I’m practically in love with Ashley. One of my favorite female skaters- maybe- my favorite to watch overall.
At the end of the day, three spots for us would be great on the women’s side. But I’d be ok if we only got 2. Anything’s better than one.
Who she’s behind, though- I have no idea…
it sounds like we’ll see the top 8 and the last of them was Carolina Kostner in 8th place.

Karen Chen is up next.
She was so solid until the final two jumps- her triple lutz and double axel… you could argue some rotations on some jumps. But definitely better than Four Continents- but Johnny and Tara were also hard on her towards the end there.
Supposedly she needs to get 5th place to secure 3 places for us for the Olympics.
Everytime I see The Olympics, I can’t believe it 😛 it’s almost here… and Plushenko won’t be there, which makes me sad, because that’s why I’d been looking so forward to the next Olympics. But it’s best that he doesn’t. I mean, he doesn’t even have a consistent quadruple toe loop anymore. And it wouldn’t be right, even for him, to win a competition skating clean against the Quad Revolution who nailed 3-5 quads in a program.
199.29- 69.98/64.33- she’s currently in 1st and we officially have 3 spots- yeah! 😀

I think they said Evgenia is up next.
I really think she should try to add a triple axel sometime. She’s talking about doing a quad salchow… but I’d like to see her try some harder jumps because I genuinely think she can do them. She’s just so good at this.
Yeah, I really can’t say or add anything about this particular program.
This is the first time I’ll be seeing a back-to-back world champion… Julia and Elizaveta both won the world title, but I hadn’t seen anyone do it back to back in the time I’d seriously been watching this since Sochi.
233.41- 78.27/76.13- she got a record free skate and total score… wow. And she’s so happy. And the first one to win back to back world championships since Irina Slutskaya (#TeamSnowKing 😉 still want to see Plushenko’s full “Snow King” show)

Gabrielle Daleman is skating to “Rhapsody in Blue” and wearing a similarly colored costume to what Evgenia had last season with a really beautiful free skate I absolutely loved.
She did so good! 😀 I’m so happy for her. Only mistake was on the last jumping pass- triple lutz, double axel where the second jump was tough on her. But overall- so strong, fluid and beautiful… she had her face in her hands afterwards, couldn’t believe she did it.
213.52- 71.73/69.60- she’s in 2nd right now- and that’s all I figured she’d get. But really well done. Can’t wait to see her at the next Olympics… hopefully

Kaetlyn Osmond
She had some small mistakes- one combination where she had to fight for the 2nd jump and she doubled a triple jump. Not perfect, but strong overall.

And the way they’re talking, it doesn’t sound like they’ll be showing Anna Pogorilaya’s meltdown… that this will be the last skater we see from the ladies’ tonight.
Just doesn’t seem fair that they’re showing the men’s event twice in the same day. I mean, it’d be great to appreciate some of the post-Yuzuru programs, but I don’t want deja vu the same day only a few hours later. What’s even the point of showing it earlier if you’re just going to repeat it later?
218.13- 70.21/71.94… ah, boo… I liked Gabrielle so much better than her… Gabrielle should have gotten silver.
first time since Michelle Kwan, Evgenia won back-to-back worlds.

Ashley got 7th. She’s being interviewed now.
She sounds so discouraged and saying Karen Chen was awesome for getting us three spots for the Olympics.
I need to send a tweet out to her to say she was awesome anyway.

And this is finally it.

It turned out to be a great competition. Not so much for Team USA, but I’m happy with the results. So happy Yuzuru got back on top and Russia got three spots for the men in the Olympics.
I just hope Nathan Chen and Ashley don’t take this too hard and they’re able to push forward for a great Olympic season in a few months…

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