Evgeni Plushenko– **Officially** the End of an Era

I thought I’d be okay enough where I wouldn’t need to do a blog post. Everything’s already been said, etc.

But the news has been pouring out on Twitter all day. And Evgeni himself even confirmed it with a tweet.

As much as I’ve told myself that I’m okay with this, I’d accept whatever he decided to do with his career… I’m sad. I just can’t help myself.
…and there’s no way I can begin to explain this without making it all about me or making it sound like I’m whining about how life isn’t fair.
But Plushenko is one of those guys that are so determined, you believe that they can do anything. I prayed for him and supported him during his surgery in 2014 and he was getting better. He was doing triple axels and even a quadruple toe loop on occasion.
Then the situation in fall 2015 leading up to March 2016 happened– another surgery and another waiting period, waiting to see whether he’d be able to come back.

I never stopped hoping. Even though I could physically see he wasn’t as strong as he was, even at the Sochi Olympics before that injury happened.
It breaks my heart that that was the note his career ended on. An injury that left him unable to even do one last 3 minute short program.
And since seeing him that first time at the Sochi team event free skate, I always imagined there’d be one more time. A competition come around and he’d be in the warm-up. He’d come onto the ice and the stadium would lose its mind cheering so loud for him that nobody could hear themselves think.

I have to admit, though. He’d been slipping from my mind these past several weeks. Not just because Prince has been at the forefront of my mind, going through his albums and reliving his career (which I saw 9 years of, but never got to see him perform in person).
Deep down, I knew and accepted this wasn’t going to happen. And I didn’t want it to. Seeing the members of the Quad Revolution reaching new heights with quad lutzes, flips and loops… the mere thought of him doing those jumps terrified me and I urged him in a tweet not to even try.

It looks, though, that his goals have changed. He doesn’t want personal redemption in the form a 5th figure skating Olympic medal… although I thought his bouts with Russia’s hockey team was maybe his way of getting into the Olympics in another sport…
anyway, the idea sounded crazy in my head as soon as I thought it up a month ago.
Now- he’s finally opening his figure skating academy and perhaps following in the footsteps of beloved coach Alexei Mishin.
Wow… to see him in the kiss and cry alongside Russia’s newest prodigy skater… that’s something to look forward to. Or any time he may be in the audience watching the Cup of Russia Grand Prix competition. And of course there’s his exhibitions whenever they are uploaded to YouTube.

I’ve changed a lot in this time as well… and a lot it is thanks to him. He was the last distraction I needed to get myself through the next couple months before my current job found me.
My self-esteem has always been terrible. And come February 2014, I was at an all-time low. Then whatever happened with him, happened. And he had my heart and my mind and I got away from myself for a while.

And that brings me back to a point I mean to make… all the tweets I sent to him and the videos I posted… they weren’t about him competing again. I just wanted to make sure he was okay. Because he looked pretty bad on February 13th- not just physically, but emotionally as well. I cannot imagine that kind of disappointment. Plus the pressure his country had put on him and how many people turned against him afterwards.

On the plus side, he will be revered and remembered as one of the greatest ever. He may not be able to do all the quads being done now, but for me, he IS the greatest ever.
Nobody’s going to change that. Not even Yuzuru or the next great Russian men’s skater… which I hope they find SOON.

I really hope I said all I wanted to say… knowing me, I’m never going to miss an opportunity to do a Plushenko namedrop in my figure skating blogging. This is his world and the skating world we’re in now, he’s partially to thank for it.

It is because of Plushenko I’ve become an advocate for the Quad Revolution and a quad snob in men’s skating… saying to get a medal, you need two different quads.
The short program, for me, doesn’t need to have two quads or even three. One is fine.
But the free skate– you need 3 or 4 at minimum. You don’t have to go crazy like Nathan Chen and do 5 or 6. But have 3 or 4 to give the program balance. Yuzuru, I think, found the perfect formula for this and artistry is not sacrificed the way he does it.
It is because of Plushenko regained my love of figure skating, that I forgotten I had after all these years. The reason why the men’s event is more exciting to me than the ladies’. Especially when it comes to finding Russia’s new star man in skating.
He’s the reason I learned how to make YouTube montages.
He’s the reason I started learning Russian. I’m not great at it and I’m terribly lazy keeping up with it. But every now and then, what little I’ve learned comes back to me. And I’ll occasionally come back to learn some more.

Yeah, I owe Evgeni Plushenko for a lot… he is an amazing skater, performance and person.
And unless I have a new montage done soon, this will be my last post about him. At least him specifically. The namedropping will still happen.

He never replied to me on Twitter, whether I messaged him in English or Russian. I don’t expect him to, but part of me will never stop hoping 😉
I guess that’s the name of the game, isn’t it?
But it was never acknowledgement. This was about him– and just that he was happy with his life whatever direction it took.
And for the moment, it appears that he is doing amazing. And at the end of the day, that’s all I can ask for.

[Which reminds me… I still have a “Snow King” fanfiction and some poetry to finish… those will be posted whenever I get them done. And there’s no way of knowing when that’ll be]

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2 Responses to Evgeni Plushenko– **Officially** the End of an Era

    • Jackie says:

      Yeah, I did and if he could coach her to a spot on the Olympic team, that would be incredible. But nonetheless, I am excited to see how this new coach-student relationship pans out.

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