Apollonia 6- the album and the podcast

Yeah, I’m not planning on doing anything major with this post.

Just wanted to write down some random thoughts about the group’s one album and the Peach and Black podcast discussing it.
Considering I’d only heard this music twice before… well, now a 3rd time- my memory of it isn’t great, so it was kinda like a new album.
Listened to the album on the way home from work. All 24 or so minutes of it.

The music of “Happy Birthday Mr. Christian” made me want to get up and dance. It is so much fun to listen to. The lyrics… yeah, this is going to be the theme for this post… great music, passable lyrics…
My issue with this song- I believe it’s a 7-minute jam. To me, it felt like it was ran 2-3 minutes too long for no real reason.

“Sex Shooter” came next and I got way more excited than I should be 😛
this is a pretty crude edit of it- but I’ve also been spoiled by a 7 minute version (don’t judge- those 7 minutes actually go somewhere and the music keeps me interested the whole time) that it doesn’t do it justice. Plus, after being so used to it in Purple Rain, it’s jarring that to go from the “come and play with my affections” to the 2nd verse. Then it runs the full chorus and the rest kinda goes as normal, but a shorter 3-4 minute version than what I’m used to.

“Blue Limousine”- I didn’t expect to be so early in the album- especially since it’s one of the last in the promo video (go to YouTube and search for Apollonia 6 film- it should be there).
The lead line with those dreamy synths and the drumming in sequence… OMG… I wouldn’t call it an eargasm necessarily, but it gave me all kinds of feels. It’s kind of a sad synth line. It also invokes all the feel-good vibes I get when I listen to Prince in general.
If this song didn’t run 2-3 minutes too long, it’d be heaven. Maybe the best on this album… which isn’t saying a lot because it’s not exactly a masterpiece.

“A Million Miles (Love You)”- I remember hearing the unreleased version of this and not really getting it. I still don’t. Lyrically, it just feels kinda weak to me. Even with the female vocals, I’m still not a fan.

“Oo She She Wa Wa”
this was one of the other songs I remember from the promo movie. Susan singing lead and kinda flirting with the boys at the restaurant while the other two are stuck doing dishes. She’s such a great vocalist, if only for attitude alone.
I’ll have to listen to it again when I’m not half distracted because there were some spoken parts before the actual song. It reminded me of the beginning of the “Drive Me Wild” video where Vanity and Brenda whisk her away from her bedroom to a club for the night.
The actual song is too short for my liking.

“Some Kind of Lover”
a lot of great bass in the music. One of my favorites on the album. although the last part might have been putting it on a little thick.

“In a Spanish Villa”
Susan speaking Spanish for less than 2 minutes. It’s very hot and tantalizing, but I have no idea what she’s saying 😛 but musically, it feels almost like a precursor of the sound for the next few albums

I keep saying to people my commute is 40 or 45 minutes, but it might be an hour 😛 I guess I never want to find out, so when a podcast is an hour long, I play it after I get on the 2nd highway route of my trip.
The point of this mini-rant… I still have half a podcast left, practically 😛
so I might bring Purple Rain with me for the rest of the commute… or I might listen for the last 20-30 minutes of work.

But a lot of great classical moments already happened- I stopped before MC gave his assessment on “Oo She She Wa Wa”… I have a gut feeling he’s going to moan about the title cuz it is kinda in the same vein as the “hippie” bridge in “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”

First off, they spent maybe 10 minutes “setting the scene”– they only got to the track by track when Captain said “this is a great Apollonia 6 review”… I mean if anyone was going to point it out, it’s him. I’m surprised it took me until his comment to pick that out.


it started on a not-so-great note. Everyone pretty much said “Happy Birthday Mr. Christian” was a terrible opener for the album, not memorable, skippable, etc.
Toejam was the only one who had anything creditable or good to say about it. But he said what everyone was thinking– how awkward and uncomfortable (although Player was the one who said “the word you’re looking for is ‘uncomfortable'”) the lyrics and content are.

I looked up some lyrics during my lunch break to see what some of these songs are talking about.
I had a faint suspicion that the girl in the song consummated with Mr. Christian- and sure enough it was in the last lyric. “our son”… yeah, what kind of message are you trying to send with this song? Naughty little school girl gets knocked up by her teacher and because of that, he passes her with flying colors.
Can I say “ew!”

I was thinking after the fact that this music is so great (at least I think so- the guys didn’t care so much for the music… and it certainly isn’t forgettable… I was gearing up to listen to the album and it just kept coming to mind… it’s still there, in fact) that with another set of lyrics, it could be AMAZING

Sex Shooter got a lot of love, obviously.
But MC blew my mind when he said that Prince could have created this title as a pun of “six shooter”… it kinda makes you think about lyrics like “c’mon kiss the gun” a little differently… absolutely nuts!

Blue Limousine split the panel a bit and were comparing it to other Prince tracks. Pretty cool. I’m glad this got some love because it’s one of my favorites.
Captain made an observation about it that had me going “yeah, exactly!”… if you’re listening to this while you’re driving, the car horns throw you off a bit. He actually got in that situation and looked around to see who was honking at him, but of course it’s just the music.
That made me nervous, personally. I don’t even like hearing car horns play on the radio or cell phones for that matter… just makes me jump out of my skin.

A Million Miles… ugh… I’m never going to like this song. And it just bugged me so much that it was getting rave reviews.
Then Captain saved the day by saying “this is just a song”… something he hadn’t said in a long time (at least not the last few podcasts I’d listened to).

Also- Captain mentioned the Apollonia 6 promo film. I don’t know if any of the other guys saw it. I’ll send a tweet out 😛
But he summed it up pretty well.
Kinda funny Toejam went deep into the first track (MC made a funny comment at the end of Toejam’s review, saying that if anyone on the panel was to be a doctor, might as well be Toejam… Yeah, a purple physiatrist, I can see it now). He mentioned the final lyric and Captain was like “that wasn’t in the film”… but that would have made things just weird. And the girls can’t have their fun if there’s a baby there also.

Oo She She Wa Wa- I think this was splitting the panel by the time I stopped listening. I’m sure that MC is going to hate it.
Toejam said it was a rip-off of Makeup.
Player liked it for the most part… I had to come to a stop sign on my street so I could replay this part… he said he liked one part of the song and in the background you hear Captain exclaiming “Yes! Yes!”… but 2 seconds later, Player said the song was forgettable and Captain just as soon had a meltdown “No… No…”… I was laughing so hard.
Captain said it was the 2nd best song on the album. And he liked the rap part that Susan did halfway through because it came out of nowhere and nobody was expecting. He was so obviously smiling.
He was saying that Susan was the best vocalist of the girls. I totally agree– and I oddly like her tracks the best of the Vanity/Apollonia 6 stuff.

Forgot to mention this was this mind-blowing moment in Blue Limousine. I forgot who said it, but someone said the little red corvette and the blue limousine crashed– and I think MC said “and you got purple rain”…
I just noticed that NOW after they said it… everything makes sense.

The guys didn’t care much for “Some Kind of Lover”- I think Player said that it sounded similar to “Pop Life” and I think Captain looked it up and said they were recorded exactly a month apart and in early 1984… that’s even more mind-blowing. He wrote/recorded Pop Life before the movie was even released.
…Prince really never stopped, did he?
I was thinking as I was listening to it again “Wendy and Lisa had to have been involved” because it reminded me of their stuff on the next two albums. This was all Prince, so it might have been influenced by working with them. Either way, I love it. One of my favorites on the album- if only for the music alone.

And it sounds like Apollonia was the vocalist on the final track… I thought it sounded like Susan personally.
Anyway- they were talking about how odd it was that Apollonia got fewer lead vocals than Brenda who had 4 on this album… kind of odd…

So I’m finishing up all the purple rain stuff (and this blog post) tonight- Friday night- I’ve had enough purple stuff to last me a while.
Listened to Purple Rain on the way home- and sat in the parking lot by our mailboxes to finish the album. I turned off the windshield wipers so I could hear the song properly. And I wasn’t hysterical, but the tears came pouring down during the guitar parts.
The rest of the album- the highlights were Darling Nikki, When Doves Cry and I would Die 4 U. That last song… I think it’s one of my personal favorites. It’s short, but it gives me so much. “Baby I’m a star”– I don’t know, it just doesn’t give me that same excitement unless I’m watching that part of the movie.

So tonight to finish…
Watched the video for “When Doves Cry” (it’s been such a long time, but I don’t think it’s been a whole 10 years like some of these other things)
I hope I’ll find “Ice Cream Castles” (I think MC compared some music in the final Apollonia 6 track to instrumental from the “chili sauce” track… that’s it, the guys HAVE to review that album next. As kinda mediocre it is, I want to hear their thoughts)
And then I’ll end with the Apollonia 6 promo film- listen to those songs one last time and get the visuals to go with them.

wow… I don’t remember the last time I watched Ice Cream Castles… I’m sure I’d seen it once since seeing The Time in concert. They did practically every good song from their catalogue and I was SOOOO happy to hear this one.
I remember him asking someone to invite girls onto the stage and he said “I wanted a couple, not the whole damn audience”… something like that… but yeah, it was awesome.
This was the video that kinda made me “fall in love” with Morris Day for a brief time. Looking at it now, he kinda has an angry look on his face the whole time. But there’s just this hot mojo coming off him that I just get suckered into.
It’s the reason I looked into the albums I have.

I checked my archives- I saw this video first… then I tripped across “The Walk” and “Gigalos Get Lonely Too” on Emancipation Radio… the same day, they also played For You to mark its 30th anniversary. The first time I heard all those songs.
I’d always kinda wondered whether the radio or the video came first in the saga that led to me not just writing a short fanfiction to help me deal with some anxiety about the future (and also to get some separation from Prince), but seeing The Time in concert at an R&B fest where I think I might have been the only white girl in the whole audience. But I had fun all on my own, so that was no big deal.

Now to finish with Apollonia 6…
yeah, that film is so cheesy and so bad, but I almost wish there was more of it 😛
it’s been a long day, I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

As much as I love the Purple Rain era and really got into all the music, I’m ready to move on and go into the next few albums. Do one a week the way I had before this… but I can make an exception for Purple Rain. It was a pretty big deal…

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