The Revolution is coming… to Atlantic City

All the pieces are in place, so now I’m comfortable with posting this exciting news.
I just need to wait two months (and I will pray that Bobby Z, Wendy and Lisa, Brown Mark and Dr. Fink stay healthy and well in this time. After what happened to Prince and hearing Bobby Z had a second heart attack late last year- nothing in this life is completely guaranteed until it for sure happens).

So- I came home from work on Friday June 2nd. I randomly check Twitter on my phone and see The Revolution post on Twitter (their handle is @stillagroup …as in the Purple Rain quote Bobby Z says to The Kid “We’re still a group, right?”) they had to add a show due to excessive demand. Another east coast show.
At Atlantic City.
Yeah, I’m freaking out and almost can’t breathe, but as soon as I get myself together, I say that we have to do this. My mom agrees to go with me so I wouldn’t going alone. I stayed up late that night until 12am Saturday morning… when the tickets officially went on sale at Ticketmaster.
10 minutes later- I got two tickets.
Maybe less than 12 hours later, I get a third. My dad (the one who had me sit through the 2nd half of Purple Rain despite my protests I didn’t want to see a movie that was already half over that I’d never seen before… who had two Purple Rain tracks on a mix CD and the album which I “adopted”) figured to ask my sister if she wanted to come with us. That way, he could just do his own thing and we could do the concert.

He’s gonna be missing out big time. That’s all I can say.

So yeah- August 11th at 9pm. I’m counting down the days already. I got that day off from work so we can make a whole evening of it.

Even more exciting was mentioning this on Twitter and commenting on a page they posted about how often it rains after Prince performs Purple Rain in concert… The Revolution not only liked, but replied to my comment… they liked the other post about me going to the show…
They’re now following me on Twitter. Them and Wendy & Lisa.

The mind boggles.
I don’t pretend to understand why. Because I don’t.

Either way, everything seems like one big golden opportunity.
I skipped out on a couple other shows The Revolution did close to me and after this news came out… I was not doing that again. I had to go.
And I will be…

Omg, is it August yet?! 😛

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