Prince Album #12: BATMAN

I’m seriously considering taking a week off from this massive journey through Prince’s career after this album…
As enjoyable as it is, it is an exhausting endeavor. And updating my posts every day over the course of a week… yeah, it’s tiring.
I know I should probably give myself an extra day off, but I’m afraid I’m going to forget some things I want to cover. Not that any of these are going to be ground-breaking revelations like what I used to in the earlier days of this blog. Well, they were ground-breaking for me, anyway.

I woke up this Monday morning with Lovesexy (the song) in my head and I’m worrying I’m not going to be able to make a clean break and transition to this next album.
But I did give Lovesexy one final listen- a proper farewell- early in my shift. I’d been kinda not feeling “Eye No” much this past week and “Alphabet Street” was back to being kinda meh.
“Glam Slam” was where everything came alive and pretty much stayed that way the rest of the ride. That song just makes me come alive and it felt like nirvana. So good.
Then I spent the afternoon on Depeche Mode to get myself completely away from this album.
Also ended the day with two B-sides- Scarlet Pussy (yeah, wrong album, but Prince’s voice is buried) and Feel U Up (which made me SO GLAD I saved it for last cuz I wasn’t going to be able to keep working much longer afterwards- the rhythm freaking kills me, man).

I’ll be up front about this- even if it wasn’t following Lovesexy (especially after this amazing trip I’d had with it last week), Prince’s Batman album is not one I’m going to have a tremendous amount of praise for.
Considering that June 25th (the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death- alongside 2 other Prince-related milestones) was yesterday- it seems kinda appropriate to mention this.
I bought this album the same day I bought “Thriller.”
Yeah… while people were running around buying Michael Jackson music, I was whining that I couldn’t find “Thriller” for the first week or so. I mean, it’s such a groundbreaking album, I thought EVERYONE freaking had it already.
(and just to finish the Michael Jackson discussion- I wouldn’t call myself a bandwagoner. I just got this album and “Bad”… and I actually prefer Bad so much more over Thriller. I like him more than I originally did, but I’m still not the biggest fan in the world. Certainly not the same fangirl level I am with Prince and my other favorite artists).

I got Batman because I hadn’t gotten a new Prince album in a while 😛 that’s basically why. There was no song from it that I really wanted. I was familiar with Partyman and Batdance from the music videos, but I wasn’t a huge fan of either.

With Batdance, I had a freak occurrence happen while watching the video- I avoided it up until the point I got the album. More on that later…

It was another short chapter in Matt Thorne’s book. He gave a little background to this time in Prince’s career that I really had no idea about.
I heard that he recruited Al Magnoli to direct music videos for him, but I didn’t know that he’d fired his management team and he became his sole manager. And was considered a fatal mistake that killed his career (okay, that’s just harsh…) because both of them were artists and in disputes over creative decisions, someone needed to be a tie-breaker.
Then he mentioned how the band he brought to the “Electric Chair” SNL performance seemed under rehearsed. [All I saw was awesomeness].

But he did make some comments on the songs themselves that offered interesting insight. There was talk of the B-sides and songs meant for the album, but Prince thought maybe they were too dark. (Or maybe that was just “Dance with the Devil” which I plan to listen to tomorrow).
So many fans have bashed “Arms of Orion” and he was another of them.
“Lemon Crush” got a sentence or two and it was kinda funny (multiple types of funny). Apparently he’s an English professor who “sees innuendo in everything”… he interpreted “lemon” as a part of the female anatomy and the “crush” as it in action as well as the physical result of said action.

…when you think of it that way (and I’m not going to spell it out because I’m not comfortable with doing so beyond the previous sentence)… the song makes a lot more sense than it ever did to me before. In fact, it might have turned a corner for me.

I guess I’ll just go into the tracks and initial reaction:

The Future- either I’m going to feel it or I’m not. The Clare Fischer strings (which were lifted from a past collaboration that never fully materialized) give it that atmosphere, but it might be the best part of it.
Electric Chair- I cannot help but dance to this song. As well as think about that SNL appearance.
Arms of Orion- okay, as of this time, I don’t mind the song. In fact, I kinda like it. Some of the lyrics are super cheesy (apparently Sheena Easton wrote them and sent them to Prince and he set them to music) but he was going for this type of song and succeeded. I know it might seem “beneath him”– but it made me wish he did more songs like this. Hitting that sweet spot in the middle of his vocal range. (yeah, that makes it sound like I’m so bored with his exquisite falsetto, doesn’t it? :P)
Partyman- another super fan track I love quoting. It’s so super quotable. That attitude is so… I guess awesome?

Vicki Waiting was one of those standout moments that bared mentioning today and couldn’t wait. [I just realized I wrote that- so I gotta add “pun not intended”]
Supposedly, it was called “Anna Waiting” and was repurposed for the movie and the title changed. [I found this out initially from Peach & Black].
Prince changed the lyrics to fit the movie… but I really don’t care for them that much. I know this soundtrack is Prince’s interpretation of the movie, but much of it just goes way over my head. Even if I watched the movie 100 times, his idea of it was never going to make complete sense.
I think I would have preferred this song in its original form and in its own album. No mention of Batman at all. Because it has the potential to be awesome and the lyrics hold it back.

Trust- I pretty much checked out. And didn’t care much for. I don’t know why, but the song just never worked for me.
Lemon Crush… I dismissed this song as most skippable ages ago… now, I don’t think it’s going to become my favorite on the whole disc, but my stance is softening. Even without thinking about the revelation from the book… there was a bit of the percussion that I was recalling on a previous track and I’m wondering to myself “what song is this form”… and then I got to it and I’m like “really?” It might be too early to say this, but I think I just had a “Rockhard in a Funky Place” moment- where I’m recalling the song out of nowhere and when I listen to it, I’m oddly on board with it.

Scandalous… this is going to be a tough track to go into. First I need to hear the Sex Suite (all 19 minutes of it) a couple nights from now when I can really be alone to experience it. If I had listened to it, it’s been a VERY LONG TIME.
But this song… it’s tough because it’s so beloved in the Prince community. But Prince’s vocal (can’t believe I’m saying this) ruins it for me. Everything about the music is so romantic and beautiful. But his voice in the first couple minutes of the song, it gets gravely and grainy. I know it’s probably emotion he can’t hold back, but for me, it gets in the way of a clear beautiful falsetto like he’d done on many of his great ballads.
But today- the vocals still grated, but I was mesmerized none the less. I check the time as it’s fading out and it was 6 minutes or so. The fact I hadn’t checked the time the whole time… that’s a testament to Prince’s power as an artist.

Batdance… so the story with this song… there’s a line when he talks about putting a “7 inch in the computer”… I didn’t hear “Ducky”… I heard him say my name [that also ends with an “ie” or “y” sound] and him saying “what are you still doing at the computer?”

I still remember it clear as day. I was alone in my college room. I forget the time of day, but it was my 2nd day of binging on Prince music videos. And I’m sure I was in a dark room.
Needless to say, I stopped after this one cuz even Prince thought I needed to get out and away from him for a while 😛

The song as a whole… more on that tomorrow…
these are just some early snippets. Maybe I dismissed this album too quickly or maybe it’s just the honeymoon phase. I’ll know for sure after giving it a listen tomorrow along with some other remixes.

Day 2

“Dance with the Devil” really was dark and I can understand why Prince decided not to use it for the movie. The piano part reminds me of the theme music used for the opening credits of “House” and some of the added voices and effects were just creepy.

The set I got from one .org user had a folder full of stuff from this era, so I just put that whole folder on my iPod.
There are three remixes called “Batman”… I listened to one- it’s freaking Batdance. And I only heard maybe one or two small differences between it and the official release.
I didn’t steer away fast enough and went right into the Purple Party Mix of “partyman”- where only a few of the original lyrics were mentioned. It started with a bunch of random soundbites from other Prince songs- and it was pretty cool. Having that familiarity.
Then I heard a really heavy bass come in and I think it might be the one from a YouTube video that so many people had seen. Prince is in the studio recording the bassline for a mix of “Partyman”… and it was so cool seeing the magic happen.

And the video still exists 😉 a couple people uploaded it apparently since Prince’s death. But anyway… gotta watch it again cuz it has been some time.
Still killer.

Moving on…
I hadn’t heard “200 balloons” before and given the history of it and how it’s beloved as a B-side… well, why not…
so the music was EXTREMELY familiar… it’s all over Batdance, where all these songs from the album and (I assume) his Vault from this time period, that were considered for the movie or the album.
And I wanna say right now- I like the song so much more than Batdance. But it’s more centralized and focused.
Geesh… why the hell was this not used for that parade scene in the movie? It’s way better than “Trust”…
and if 200 balloons was used for that scene, Trust either wouldn’t have been made or it would be still stuck in the Vault, never to be released cuz it wasn’t good enough.

I turned my iPod on some time later to play Edvin Marton’s version of “Kissed by Rose” (which had played on the radio moments ago)- but another song started playing. This happens when I stop my iPod and turn it off when a song hits the tail end and it’s ready to roll over into the next one.
“I Love U in Me”- I don’t think I’d heard before, so it felt like… a bit like “Power Fantastic”… unmining a gem. The layered vocals Prince did reminded me of an outtake way back when called “Down a Long Lonely Road.” It’s a very short track, but that vocal stood out in my memory.
It’s hard to describe how I felt with that song. I wasn’t 100% in love, but I liked it a lot. Another great Prince love ballad.
Just one tiny detail: the lyric goes that she’s saying “love u in me”…

This is another conversation onto itself and probably would be something I would never post publicly on this blog. I’d spent all this time with Prince and his music and it goes without saying that my mind can wander when I listen to these types of ballads.
Anyway- even if I was lucky to land someone with Prince’s sexual prowess or whatever that x-factor is, I would never say those exact words. That’s just a little too on the nose for my personal tastes.

So I get to the album on the way home and I have the perfect amount of time to go through the whole thing. But I think I also have been strategically hanging behind cars or trucks going 60 miles an hour (opposed to the speed limit of 65) to give myself more time.

The Future
It’s hard to imagine this song without thinking of the dank streets of Gotham City. Not because of where the song is placed in the movie (which is barely audibly in a car passing by early in the movie), but that’s the vibe I get from the lyrics. While they’re a bit odd and kinda weak, they do paint a picture along with the foreboding synth line and those Clare Fischer strings.
It’s his idea of the Future. Batman’s idea of The Future sung by Prince.
It’s an interesting concept, but maybe not the strongest song he’d written.
It’s good as an opening track because it gives you a taste of what’s to come. But it’s not as memorable or pop-driven as his previous album openers.

…it’s a bit ironic, but I enjoy the “Joker” tracks a lot more than the Batman/Bruce Wayne tracks. Apparently being bad feels really good.

It’s becoming clearer to me that Prince really wasn’t all that great with lyrics in this period. There’s the usual flashes of brilliance, but they’re hidden more among the cheese. It’s clear he was having a lot of fun during this period. He wouldn’t have gone through the trouble to do all these songs for the movie if he wasn’t super inspired.
Probably the best example… Scandalous has brilliant lyrics.
Vicki Waiting- I love that first verse and then whatever greatness it has kinda disintegrates. And comes back a bit in the “talk of children still frightens me” verse.

But songs like Electric Chair and Partyman where that’s part of the character, I can forgive that.

Electric Chair
…to me, this sounds like Prince with reckless abandon, with complete free reign, and having the time of his life. In that respect, it reminds me a bit of Bambi.
The electric guitar, without question, one of his sickest instances of this instrument on a track in his career.
I listen to this song and I just want to embody the whole vibe of it. It’s contagious.

Arms of Orion
yeah, a cheesy ballad… but I kinda like it. It’s about two star-crossed lovers that could be held together by Orion no matter how far apart they are.
Can’t deny that the musical part is really good. The drums bring the right amount of weight. I find it very whimsical, but it’s also not memorable when you take into account all of Prince’s great ballads.
If it’s remembered, it’s often for the wrong reasons.

this is practically The Joker’s theme song cuz it was used to that effect in the movie during the museum scene. It’s just a fun listen.
The only negative is that it’s too damn short. It’s just over 3 minutes long.
The party barely has time to get off the ground.

Vicki Waiting
There are shades of brilliance in this song overall. But it doesn’t fully come together for me. It’s hard to say why that is. I’ve made complaints about certain lyrics and how they felt thrown in just to connect it with the movie. [I was thinking about the album being completely separate from the movie and certain elements worked better in my head as a result].
Again, the music is great. I love the use of the guitar in this where it’s not a guitar-heavy track, but it lights it up in the final moments of the song.

The lyrics and vocal delivery in this song make it catchy. Prince has such a great energy that he can sell me on almost anything. Some of the lyrics, I’ve committed to memory and sing along to. And I enjoy his performance of it.
I think the music is a little too hectic where there’s nowhere I can get a foothold and fully connect.
Two days in a row, I have this song on in my car and I start into it strong and then I just lose interest. I can’t explain why.

Lemon Crush
the percussion is a standout because Prince hadn’t done anything quite like it before. I don’t even know how he accomplished.
this is another of those songs with cheesy and also weak lyrics. I know he’s trying to embody the character of Vicki Vale, but even she didn’t talk the way he does trying to be her. The two concepts just don’t connect for me.
The vocals always irked me a bit. Other than not understanding what the hell he was talking about (now I kinda do), that was the one thing about the song I really hated for the longest time. I still kinda do.

this song was credited to Prince and his father. I think I might have an idea of which part his father influenced or contributed to. The first array of notes that the synths play and they play that line and similar ones throughout. The arrangement is a little more complex than Prince’s style.
I looked at the timing and at 1:27, where he says “I just can’t, I just can’t”… that’s the start of the issues I have with his vocal. The graveliness of it just grates on my nerves and takes away from the overall beauty of the track. Also the chorus where he says “anything you’ve ever dreamed of, I’m willing to be”… his voice goes so high on the “I’m”… I don’t know, it bugs me.
I want so badly to like this song because there’s so much good stuff here. Not just the music, but the lyrics paint a beautiful picture. And the vocals take me out of it. Or at least keep me from fully engaging.

Prince was probably the first person to do anything like this song, where he sampled all these movie quotes in perfect rhythm with the music. Of course, it’s very chaotic and nuts. It’s a great homage to the movie and the characers.
The best part of it for me is the guitar solo halfway through. Also like hearing bits from other songs from the album featured.
But beyond that… I just don’t like it that much. Even without that “7 inch” lyric and that odd situation that happened when I misheard it… even if it wasn’t in there, I don’t think my feelings would be any different.

I guess what the overall picture is– there are highlights in the album but most of them are early on. In that regard, it’s kinda like how I used to see Dirty Mind and Controversy- both starting strong, but finishing not as well.

going into the Peach & Black podcast…

honestly, it got off to a slow start for me. I’m not excited about The Future, MC wasn’t excited about The Future… so it didn’t really pick up for me until “Electric Chair.”
So good…
Toejam was the first to bring up the “trippy picture shoo” lyric… maybe not the best lyric, this album isn’t full of good lyrics or gems of lyrics. But I’m willing to forgive that with this song, which is all kinds of nuts.

Arms of Orion came up. MC trashed the hell out of it. Then Captain said he doesn’t mind it and kinda likes it.
The room went quiet and MC got all confused.
It wasn’t the level of insanity as it was during the “Morning After” moment on the Lotusflow3r review. But it’s like nobody stops the podcast in its tracks the way Captain does when he says he likes a song that’s almost universally hated.

In this case, though, he defends himself saying that he knows it’s not a good song.
So I guess it’s something of a guilty pleasure.
I’m definitely with him on this (something that rarely happens- the songs I’m really passionate about are ones he’s not… the only other time we really agreed on something was how much he liked Temptation and of course the love for “When You were Mine”… geesh, the fact I remembered that his birthday was June 27th from listening to the Purple Rain podcast-I remember way too much about him. But from this podcast, I found out that Toejam and MC are around the same age cuz they were between 5-7 when the Batman soundtrack came out. and it sounds like Player might be older than them cuz he and Captain both said they weren’t in that age range when that album came out… either way, all these guys are older than me, but only by 4-7 years).

I think Sheena Easton only recently came out in saying that she wrote the lyrics for the song, sent them to Prince and he set them to music. The guys were asking why the heck Prince would agree to do this song for the movie- a song deemed lame by so many die-hard fans.

Anyway- I know the song isn’t the best, but so far, I’m kinda liking it.

I think I got through all the other extra tracks I put on my iPod- aside from the Scandalous Sex Suite.

Pink Cashmere- I remembered the chorus, but not much else. But as the song goes on during the last couple minutes, I was starting to drift away on Cloud 9. It was a really nice feeling.
The remix of Partyman- it runs for 6 minutes or so. This is the version with the bass line in that video. Maybe it’s because I’m hearing the album on my car stereo, but the bass line really isn’t audible in the album version. It is killer! (I keep saying that, but I don’t care. It’s the truth). This is how the song should be- it’s just too damn short on the album.

The other two remixes of Batdance were different- from the album version and each other.
Remix 2 used the music from the Vicki Vale section and continued to the end with that same music. A little different.
Remix 3 was completely different. I think it had the techno thing that set the basis for the Future remix (somewhat of an improvement, but not by much). And he kept saying “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic”… probably from the original version of the song… the vocal was so much cleaner than what the hell happened on the 1999 release.

Electric Chair, for me, is all about that guitar.
But this other version focused a lot on the bass line. It reminded me of the bass line from Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” so it all worked in a cool different way.

There was also two songs Prince worked on with Madonna for her “Like a Prayer” album.
One was “love song” which is a duet where they’re telling each other that they don’t want this to be a love song- like there’s love lost between them.

Then there was “act of contrition”- which was a very short track about 2 minutes. It’s all about the choral voices in the background and she’s randomly talking through it. I have a vague recollection of it and it wasn’t a pleasant one.
I was listening to this in the middle of the night- I might have had it on my iPod and I was in bed. I’m nodding off around this point. Then all of a sudden, she yells something out of nowhere and completely freaked me out. I thought I’d imagined it, so I listened again the next day. Nope- didn’t imagine it. I’m kinda surprised with myself that I never deleted it- the way I had a handful of other tracks I got from people that I didn’t care about. Heck, the original “Feel U Up” from 1982- I was so offended by the lyrics that I never gave it another chance.

So this song’s monologue was about her going to a fancy restaurant and getting a table. She’s talking to the hostess, mentioning this. Then she screams at the end “what do you mean my name isn’t in the computer?!”
It might be complete coincidence, but two moments from two songs that freaked me out had to do with computers. So weird…

…a couple days later…

I’m ready to finally go through these songs, score them and all that analysis crap 😛

So I finished the podcast and it was a good one, once it finally got going.
MC joked with Captain, saying how notorious he’s going to be because he likes “Trust,” “Arms of Orion” and “The Morning After”… he’s never letting that one go 😛 and I’m also never forgetting how the podcast came to a standstill for what feels like 20 minutes.

Captain called “Trust” his favorite song on the album and he’d love to hear it brought back live.
I agree that’d be an interesting take on the song.

“Lemon Crush” got trashed, but Captain said he didn’t mind it. It’s growing on me, I’ll admit, but it’s never going to make my top, not even my top 200 Prince songs, I don’t think.
“Scandalous”- nothing but love. MC had also not heard the Sex Suite. I just listened to it last night… and kinda nodded off halfway through. I don’t know how Kim Basinger couldn’t have been turned on by all that pillow talk. I was feeling it for sure. What I didn’t like so much was the song being looped in and out around it. Like the vocal part, it felt like it didn’t work with the music and the dialogue. Not for me anyway because it feels like an intrusion- it wasn’t recorded fresh for this, it was recorded separately and it’s inserted here.
Or that part was ripped from this and put on the album. I don’t know. I’m sure it’d be amazing live. Heck, if Prince sang it to me in person, I’d be like “I’m Yours” and there’d be no going back.

Of course, before Peanut (the Jeff Dunham puppet) was saying “once you go purple, you never go back”… Prince made that a thing without having to bloody say it. [I’m not British or Australian, but it was worth that expletive.

Toejam liked the album and was very nostalgic for it so he gave it 8. Player and Captain were in the same ballpark. Then MC dropped the bomb using his iTunes system where he rated the songs out of 5 stars and averaged and all that and got 4.666

So my overall feel for it… I listened to some songs separately today and really enjoyed them. But I also did listen to some ones I really like.
However, I’m starting to get tired of Partyman, so that’s a sign I should be moving on sooner rather than later. [The other day, I listened to “Feel U Up” and was actually over it after the first 3 minutes. “Scarlet Pussy” I still like a fair bit, but it’s just a matter of time].

My thoughts as of this point– it starts better than it ends. Time to get my chart in order [where I’d been doing the calculations for all my rankings. That way, I’ll have an easy go-to later when I compile my list of favorites]

As an introduction to the movie, it isn’t bad. It gives you a taste of Gotham City, the crime and questionable characters that plague the streets. As a song and album opener, it’s thematically on point, cold and robotic with some Clare Fischer strings [taken from Crystal Ball, according to Peach & Black].
But as a Prince song…
Technical Merit- 3 [I’ll be honest- the only thing I gave a solid score was vocals because while they’re kinda meh at points, there are moments I gravitate to. Everything has redeemable qualities to them, but I’m not 100% on board. The music- honestly the best part is the string sample and some of the organ work. The lyrics- lots of great lyrics that paint a great picture, but I can’t get over the chorus “don’t go out like a jerk”… that’s just lazy songwriting to me, which I really can’t say about any Prince song, but I’m sorry- it’s lame and not much of a hook. Also, it gets repetitive and runs a little too long.]
Components score- 2.5 [among songs I feel this score about, it probably ranks a little higher. But there are more moments in this song where I’m disengaged than engaged with it].
Total score- 5.5

Don’t worry, it gets better…

This is Prince uninhibited, wild and rebellious. He rocks out on electric guitar, killer vocals and is just having the time of his life. Being bad feels REALLY good.
Technical Merit- 5 [I could fault it for the lyrics being a little hard to hear- I had to look them up for the 2nd verse, but for me, it never took away from the song as a whole. I could not know what the lyrics are or what they mean and still get everything out of it that Prince intended]
Components score- 4.5 [I feel good about this score. I need to have this cranked up on my stereo. I need to be alone so I can totally let go and rock out to it with headbanging and funk face and everything that comes with it. There are times I don’t entirely feel it, but when the conditions are right, look out]
Total score- 9.5

If you take this song without trying to make it about Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale, it works a little bit better. It’s about a long-distance relationship, but with some really cheesy lyrics Sheena Easton wrote and Prince set music to.
Technical Merit- 2.5 [I was really mean with this one… I thought about giving a little more for lyrics, but I just couldn’t. Everything but the music, I gave half a point because there are redeemable moments in those elements, but they’re not strong enough to warrant full points… I don’t think I’d ever given a song such a low score on this half of the points… not since the 70’s albums]
Components score- 3.5 [there are moments I kinda like and I don’t rush for the skip button either. It’s not great, but I don’t mind it that much… come to think of it, I don’t think I skip any songs on these first several Prince albums. That doesn’t happen until the 90’s- and they are legit songs, not the segues]
Total score- 6

here’s another fun one… I swear, the Joker is so much more fun to hang with than Bruce Wayne or Batman. There’s something wrong with that picture :p
Anyway- it’s a fun funky jam. Prince puts on a great character as Gemini with semi-Camille type vocals. Catchy lyrics. The only negative is that it’s not long enough… and maybe I could complain personally that the bass isn’t as forward as it is in the remixes.
Technical merit- 4.5 [also- only Prince could pull off a song like this, which earns it a pretty high score. 3 minutes and change just isn’t long enough]
Components score- 4
Total score- 8.5

should be an interesting one… this song has grown on me a bit over the last week. If I don’t think of it as a song for this movie and more like it’s original intent- Anna Waiting- then it’s great. That second verse has some lyrics that takes me out of it.
Technical score- 3.5 [Music’s good. It has a little bit of that Prince x-factor, but it’s not as if he’s the only person who could put together a song like this. And maybe runs a little long towards the end]
Components score- 3.5 [I like it just enough, but I’m not super in love with it. Starts off really well and the first and third verse have some interesting moments and topics of discussion, but I’m not entirely satisfied with it]
Total score- 7

Sorry, Captain, but I’m just not on board with this.
This song is an odd one for me. I’m engaged early on, but after a while, it gets repetitive and loses its way and by the time it comes back together, I’m ready to move on. I’ll maintain what I said earlier- they should have used 200 balloons for that scene in the movie. And this song wouldn’t even make it as a B-side.
Technical merit- 3 [I gave full points to lyrics and vocals because I don’t mind them or are otherwise solid. The music, I downgraded because it’s nothing special to me. The structure is downgraded because it starts strong, but kinda falls apart for me- a little like the album. And for the Prince-factor… if I gave him 0 for this before, it’s been a long time. And if this song was in anyone else’s hands, I don’t know if it would have success or not]
Components score- 2.5
Total score- 5.5 [I put this on par with The Future for a reason- I’m not 100% on board with either of them although there are some moments I like. Just not enough of them]

This one has grown on me, but I still am not going to call it a masterpiece.
The music is kinda unique and different. The drum pattern was memorable enough to me when I was getting back to this album for the first time in a while. The vocals… there’s just too many of them sometimes and they grate. The lyrics… forget the lyrics. Repetitive and gets old after a while. This isn’t going to be pretty…
Technical Merit- 2 [I don’t think I’ve given Prince 0’s on two marks before… the lyrics and vocals. The music is the only good quality that’s solid. Everything else… not great]
Components score- 2 [I was torn between this and 2.5. But it’s pretty damn near skippable for me]
Total score- 4

If my score for “Adore” doesn’t get my membership for the purple community revoked, this will… I feel bad about this, but I’m not just 100% on board with it like everyone else. Something is just missing for me…
Technical Merit- 4.5 [the vocals are the only thing that kills this song for me. some moments just kill whatever that thing is for me that suckers me into these Prince ballads. The music and lyrics are incredibly beautiful. This would work better as an instrumental for me or heck, if Prince did it as a monologue in his speaking voice 😛 what a song that’d be, but it isn’t]
Components score- 3.5
Total score- 8 [any Prince fan with any sanity would give this a 10… The technical merit is off the charts in most of the areas, but that one thing just ruins it for me. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is]

…omg, I’m so sick of this song and all its remixes…
Production-wise, it’s something very unique that hasn’t been done before. But a song… or even a jam… it’s just not.
Technical merit- 3.5 [it’s put together pretty well, but other than the music, which isn’t exactly ground-breaking but otherwise solid… I couldn’t really give this song much of anything. Side-note: I don’t think I’d ever given a Prince album so many 0.5 points on all these areas. It’s hard to deny his prowess as songwriter, but I don’t want to give him full credit when the song suffers for it]
Components score- 1.5
Total score- 5 [I looked at the songs on this album I gave 5.5… I just can’t give this the same score. Just doesn’t work. I’ll give it for Prince being ambitious and tying the album together with samples from the movie and all the songs… it just doesn’t appeal to me the same way… Lemon Crush still scored lower despite that- LOL]

Yeah… this album went downhill pretty fast and it’s a shame.

So, time for the math. And it’s a crazy range- from 9.5 all the way down to a 4. On the same album…

Electric Chair- 9.5
Partyman- 8.5
Scandalous- 8
Vicki Waiting- 7
The Arms of Orion- 6
The Future- 5.5
Trust- 5.5
Batdance- 5
Lemon Crush- 4

Total score- 59- divided by 90 (points possible)- 6.6 out of 10

So there you have it…
It’s the 2nd lowest of the Prince albums I have so far.
Wild guess what the first one was…

Anyways… I guess I can’t say I’m surprise to see that. And it’s sad- giving a Prince album such a low score, but I can’t make up how I feel about it.
Some parts are good, but the bad parts are just too many.

Best songs to take forward:
Electric Chair
Scandalous (despite how I feel about it- it’s a musical/lyrical master]

As for my plans going forward… I’ll figure them when I reach that point.
For now, I’ll turn my attention to some other things.
Including possibly starting Mayte’s book. I just bought it the other day.

If I’m not back next week with anything Graffiti Bridge, the week after for sure.

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