PR deluxe Disc 2- Katrina’s Paper Dolls

Another short one and another one I feel could have fit with the Vanity/Apollonia 6 material.

This was basically Prince solo on Linn-drum doing his typical 80’s drum programming with some airy synths. The fact that the beat has a clap on the last note of the measure, I was immediately reminded of “Happy Birthday Mr. Christian.” Although that song came along long after Vanity had left the group, this song musically sounded like a precursor of that song to me.

The lyrics just repeat how Katrina makes paper dolls when her man goes away, how they all look the same and making them is what makes her world go round. Makes it sound kinda sad. But I liked the groove it had and it’s another nice little short song on this disc.

I’d have to reread that chapter of Duane Tudahl’s book where this song was recorded. I just know it was another Vanity-inspired song and Katrina is actually her middle name.

I could have a lot more fun with these last two songs and the Vanity/Apollonia 6 material if I had the individual tracks from Apollonia 6. Honestly I just downloaded the audio of a YouTube video that basically just had the whole album streaming off it.
However, I think what I could do is listen to all of Vanity 6 except for the last song (I really don’t care for 3×2=6, mainly cuz it bugs me just how much the melody sounds like a Lita Ford song)… after “Bite the Beat,” I could put “Velvet Kitty Cat” which I said sounded similar to it. Then follow with this song and it’d be a perfect segueway to “Happy Birthday Mr. Christian.”

Other than that, I don’t think I have much more to say about this song.

Crazy how I only have 2 songs left and I know one is a monster 10 minutes and one is a long-awaited recording from Purple Rain that had been since updated and overdubbed… I’d stayed to my word- I had yet to play any of these songs a second time. I wanted to do one song at a time and go through the whole disc once before I repeat anything.

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