I’m Pulling for You, Indio [Downey]!

I’ll try to keep this short, sweet and as positive as I can.
Hopefully with emphasis on short and positive.

Trending on my Facebook page was a story that broke out.
Robert Downey Jr.’s son, Indio, got arrested for cocaine possession. Supposedly he was a passenger in a car pulled over at a traffic stop and police saw him smoking a pipe.

Of course, my gut instinct is to flip out.
And of course everyone knows that this could be writing on the wall, that addiction is genetic in the Downey family, Robert spent several years fighting his own demons, etc, etc…

When I became invested in him and his career, I got all those demons out of the way. Get the history out of the way so I can focus my own energy on the positives, namely the amazing future he has ahead of him and is able to fully embrace.

Robert’s been an inspiration to me in some difficult times I’ve had. Not with addiction, but with life in general.
So up front, I don’t think of him as a recovering addict and I know he’ll be okay because he has the best support system behind him. Particularly his wife Susan.

Addiction is tricky business and I hope and pray that Indio learns from this and doesn’t do what all the cynics and naysayers counting on.
I know he’s a good kid and I will stand behind him and his family for however long it takes for them to overcome this.

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